Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams get married

March 11th, 2009 // 54 Comments

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams apparently got married yesterday in Georgia, according to People:

The couple, who got engaged just last month, tied the knot in Savannah, Ga., Moore’s rep confirms to PEOPLE.
The singer-actress, 24, and Adams, 34, applied for a marriage license on Tuesday afternoon at the Chatham County Probate office in Savannah, according to a court source, who adds that the famous couple went unrecognized.

“The famous couple went unrecognized.” I’m pretty sure that sentence just proved that they’re actually not famous. But, hey, I’m not a linguistics professor – just a Word Wizard. SHAZOOIE!


  1. p0nk


  2. p0nk


  3. D4P

    I thought it was illegal in Georgia for a gay man to get married…

  4. chango

    Why would she marry a faggot ???

  5. chango

    Why would she marry a faggot ???

  6. p0nk

    first still now?

  7. Lowlands

    That guy must have a giant dick!

  8. Darth

    #7 Dick or penis?

  9. Bubbsdaddy

    Who the fuck is Ryan Adams?

  10. Sauron

    Is there a marriage boom going on or something?

  11. p0nk

    ok if #7 and #8 are finished talking about cocks!!!! how gay are you two

  12. Darth

    Where’s my lill’ R2-D2?:)

  13. Lisa

    He is so not good looking!!!!!! Yuck!

  14. D4p

    i agree #11 what are these two sitting around “thinking” about what other guys are packing. OH now finally leave #ll

  15. Are those shoes he’s wearing moccasin or loafers. if its loafers they do look light…she a purrrty gal…

  16. Angry Face

    Yeah, who is Ryan Adams? and he looks gay in this pic, is he gay?

  17. pattylly

    Sweet couple! just heard that the first dating between them was on some tall dating place ___T a l l m i n g l e. c o m____ ,really?

  18. Darth

    I bet the girl has a giant boner in her pants,right at that moment!

  19. Deacon Jones

    Nahh. He’s French. Same difference though

  20. Lowlands

    Did Ryan Adams never tried with Nicky Hilton before?

  21. Lowlands

    Darth I bet you have a giant penis

  22. p0nk

    p0nk OUT

  23. surlywench

    I saw that “alternative country” dickhead in concert once. He was a total arrogant prick who thought it was edgy and cool to say “fuck you” to the audience repeatedly and act like he didn’t care if they were there.

    Guess what, Asshole — it’s not 1993 anymore and your act is neither edgy or cool… nor talented.

  24. Joe Blow

    I thought she was marrying a dude. So why is Mandy Moore holding hands with that girl?

  25. Ian

    She is hot, so WTF the uck is she doing with him when I am ready, willing and able to marry her?

  26. Frank N. Stein

    As we speak he is playing with those funbags and hiding the salami.

  27. Hotpocket

    Waynes world! Party time! Excellent!

    Dude looks like Garth.

  28. big teeth

    Geez.. Bryan Adams doesn’t look at all like I remember him from the 80′s… and isn’t he old enough to be her Dad??

  29. Bootylicious

    That is one fugly dude. Looks like Austin Powers.

  30. Bodiqua

    She’s pregnant.

  31. Joe Blow

    27. Hotpocket – March 11, 2009 5:14 PM

    Waynes world! Party time! Excellent!

    Dude looks like Garth.

    LOL… I thought the same thing.

  32. enoides

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  33. enoides

    he looks great!! Many young beautiful girls on
    __RichFriends.org__ wanna marry a man like him. I did see some supermodels there. Maybe U guys can have a try.

  34. Lineman7

    Either Garth or Shaggy from Scooby Doo… Either way he screams homo.

    I will start the bidding at 6 months, do I hear 6 months?

  35. vito

    Why the hell did she marry that guy? He’s got a face that looks like an ashtray.

  36. Mike

    She’s clearly pregnant, and he was the only guy willing to have a go. The conversation went like this:

    ‘I’m pregnant’
    ‘The baby is yours’
    “But we never had…”
    ‘Shut up, remember that time you feltched your load out of that guys ass and some of it dribbled on the bed?’
    ‘Well I sat in it dumbass’
    “Wow, I had no idea that were possible. We can get married then, since I’m clearly the sensitive type’

    And they lived happily ever until she meets another shemale.

  37. sin

    I don’t get it. She is an attractive, somewhat talented woman and he is one queer looking dude I have never heard of. He must be either really rich or packing a huge dick.

  38. Danklin24

    Bye bye Mandy’s viriginity definitely this time.

  39. Danklin24

    Ryan Adams is a singer dumbasses and a pretty ok one at that. Look for his cd. its not too bad.

  40. Fill in the DIVCORCE-PAPERS at the same time!!
    ………………bet, folks?

  41. trotter

    she dumped Vinny Chase for this dork?!

  42. Barry O

    Wow, he’s sporting a ratty perm, black-rimmed glasses, a Coca Cola tee in a foreign language and a gay stride…he must be so hip and creative!

    Pfffft. It’s practically a Brooklyn uniform.

  43. @41

    At least she’s consistant in dating the flamers!

  44. vendela

    4 months. tops.

  45. TheReal

    They look real cute together.

  46. sushi

    Ryan Adams is a talented musician who looks like fucking Woody Allen in this photo. I’ve seen him when he looks less douchey and he’s not that bad.

    Still a huge comedown from Andy Roddick.

  47. i call 'em as I see 'em

    I sure hope they are happy, but Mandy Moore seemed too intelligent to go for the “redneck Beck”.
    And if history has taught us anything, it’s that dating for three weeks and then getting married is a solid move in the right direction, that NEVER ends badly.

  48. Beechum

    He must have a REALLY nice personality or a REALLY big bank balance or a REALLY big….

  49. Ewwwww

    I know there is a recession, but you don’t have to be that desperate for bank, Mandy, right?

  50. Kara

    I love Ryan Adams. He’s a musical genius. And I’m sure there are other reasons she loves him. I’m happy for her. Mandy seems to have a good head on those shoulders.

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