Mandy Moore: Why is Ryan Adams touching my boobs – in a comic book store?

May 13th, 2008 // 74 Comments

Folk singer Ryan Adams stole my signature move and took Mandy Moore out for a date yesterday – to the the comic book store. Now there’s two things I love more than life itself: boobs and comics. And right now Rick Moranis’ mutant love child has his hands on both. Had I known Mandy Moore was into my secret obsession, I would’ve asked her out years ago. Then I would’ve totally seduced her with old issues of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles where they all had red headbands. I’m practically Casanova over here!

Dedicated to Mike in Virginia who can finally read a post involving Ryan Adams, Mandy Moore and comics. Try not to spill your Tom Collins in a fit of dorkish joy.


  1. paul


  2. veggi

    He was trying to do 2 things: estimate how overweight she is (20lbs); and avoid touching her face zits.

  3. ph7

    If anyone ever needed proof that a guitar can get even the biggest dork laid, go no further than pic #6.

  4. Ted Mosby

    Something seems off about Mandy’s boobs. They look unhappy through that top.

  5. @4 Ted, are you the guy to make them happy again??

  6. how do you know your career is officially over?

    you are either of these idiots in a comic book store.

    oh, #1 – you are a douche.

  7. surrounded by idiots

    mutant love child of Rick Moranis and David Spade, to be exact

  8. Make up is your friend Mandy. Whatever you pay your cosmetologist is not enough.

  9. veggi

    @2 hey mia

  10. Jumpin_J

    File both of these people under “What Have You Done For Us Lately”. If they were anymore insigificant, Dean Cain would’ve been grabbing her ass. Oh yeah bitches, I went there! Boo-yah!!!!

  11. pigkeepr31

    He looks like the love child of Edward Nigma and Woody Allen.

  12. RENEE

    Good Lord what is she doing with him; whoever he is, he’s absolutely revolting; she’s way too pretty for him. She obviously has a thing for dorks.

  13. He’s going to make a superwoman out of her

  14. heavy flow day...?


  15. poot

    christ, that is an ugly man.

  16. tp

    WTF is she doing with that troll?!?!?! Sweet Jesus, he’s fugly!! Imagine what it would look like if he and Amy Winehouse bumped uglies and reproduced?? *cringe*

  17. pointandlaugh

    #16 I came in here to say exactly that. And #17 — you expanded on my sentiments quite nicely. :)

  18. Nice dye job on that freak, and I should know..

  19. Ted Mosby

    @5 Yes I am. I’ll be Jesus to her Lazarus boobies and lift them up.

  20. Guy in the next stall

    Ahhh the elusive “I’m a sensitive scruffy musician with a child like fascination of comic books. Now may I touch your tits?” Douchefucker. A rare breed, and hard to capture on film. Well done Mr. Photographer..

  21. Jodi

    Re: 10.

    Poor Dean Cain…what a handsome fellow he was. Anyway, Adams is a good musician, albeit a bit too prolific…


  22. Somebody tell me when there is a new post. Or I could just open 5 windows and hit refresh a bunch, but I’m lazy..

  23. Dude

    what a fucking douchebag!! somebody please this ryan adams nerd

    hey mandy: wtf?

  24. big teeth

    Isn’t Bryan Adams a little old for Mandy Moore?

  25. ldsqtbea

    i think shes ubber pretty !!! and not overweight at all (#2) … and who doesnt break out ??? and yeah hes not super good looking but he might be super nice and funny and awesome … you know, the stuff that actually matters … i think shes good the way she is :)

  26. veggi

    naw 14. Just sober. But thanks for asking!!

    This HAS to be for a movie… or something…right?????

    No new post FRIST!!!

  27. Dude

    somebody please shoot*

  28. siiiiiing a sooooong

    scratch that…. new post..

  29. opie

    I was gonna say something about his BC (birth control) glasses….but DAY-UM….his face is BC

  30. Grizella

    How does Ryan Adams get all these attractive actresses? He’s such a self-absorbed douchebag.

  31. nipolian

    You all have it wrong….He is the love child of Kristie Alley and Charles Martin Smith (aka Terry the Toad from American Graffiti).

  32. Skip Smith

    Sing “Summer of ’69″!

  33. There is a new Britney post FRIST

  34. Jrz

    God, it’s like………Clay Aiken and……….Philip Seymour Hoffman had a very very ugly baby together.

  35. Tapeworm

    Mandy Moooooooo.

  36. rrc

    ryan adams is a legend! so he can bang who and whatever he wants!!
    he has earned that right…. but not liking the hair.

  37. Amber

    Been stepping down ever since Andy Roddick, they get uglier and uglier as she goes on.

  38. farmer

    Ryan – no, no, no! You milk a COW at the other end.

  39. Nate

    Question is…. IS SHE SMOKING CRACK!?!? Look at her? She looks like a crack head!

    I know what was happening. Both crack heads right and the comicbook store owner prolly sales crack. They don’t have the money so he was trying to convince her to fuck the store owner for some crack. She probable would had done it too till she spotted the photog.

    Yep thats what happen. Run the story.

  40. Jane_Says

    Mr. Superficial deserves mad props for the Rick Moranis reference.

  41. Loralei

    #4 your a joy.. i like mandy though. i know many comic book writers. ironically enough many of them are hot enough and have enough intellect to get mandy or other ho. im drunk after martini hour at the local shithole bar. but yeah #4 YOUR FUNNY TED MOSBY….my text books come from mosby text books. long shot eh,….im a med student. i just laughed for the first time in months. cheers.

  42. Loralei

    mandy is average to underweight by medical standards. i know.

  43. Loralei

    your comparing her to whorebag hilton and the other broads you think are real in maxim. your a fag.

  44. Caitlin

    Uh, she’s officially let herself go. When did this happen? And who is cutting her hair? Jim Henson? She looks like a muppet.

  45. britney's weave

    god, she looks awful. what happened to her–she used to be cute.

  46. stephanie

    I actually like Ryan Adam’s music (oh no)… but why is he choosing to look like this disgusting Garth Algar wanna be? The hair’s a little too orange and um, gross.

    And Mandy? wtf. I used to have a girl crush on Mandy, but what in the world?! If anything, she makes me feel way better about myself in these pics! Wow, Mandy. Maybe she’s actually/finally doing drugs. I don’t know, but gross to both.

  47. Daniel

    I love ryan adams, but I agree that the guy needs a new look. At least (supposedly) he’s off the drugs now–the guy (looks) like he’s been through hell.

    And to all the people talking shit about Ryan, you probably only listen to top 40 radio, thus never having heard any real/good music out there.

  48. Onyx Blackman

    Dude looks like a cross between Andy Warhol and Rick Moranis, only gayer.

    • Veronica Daze

      She may have left her make-up off and went sort of scruffy so as not to be recognized. She is only 27. Look at her pics elsewhere. She isn’t a has been and has been doing a lot of stuff. Think some here are out of the loop. As for the guy, I never heard of him except in write-ups like this and could care less. She is very talented.

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