Mandy Moore Mexico bikini pictures

July 9th, 2007 // 426 Comments

It’s summer, so I hope you’re ready for two more months of celebrity bikini shots. I’m not exactly sure when these were taken, but they’re of Mandy Moore in her bikini in Mexico. And judging by these pictures she does more than just sing about candy. Like eat it! See what I did there? Because she has a song called “Candy” but then I said that she also eats it. Because she’s fat. I did it, I’m the winner!


  1. pointandlaugh

    I want to have her babies.

    oh wait….no, I want her to have my babies.


    no….that’s not it. OH…I want to tit-f*ck her. Yeah…that’s the one.

  2. edan

    So, 19, cracked out bone racks=hotness.

    Good, good. Glad I have been corrected.

  3. mp

    she is not fat at all, u are craaaazy! she’s normal, and looks much better than anyone else! what the hell, if she’s fat then i’m a whale and i wear a UK size 8!

  4. Kim

    # 21. Mandy Moore IS the in-between of FAT and SUPER SKINNY! She has just enough meat on her thighs not to be bony, but there are plenty of people bigger than her…Kelly Clarkson for example. And I wouldn’t even consider HER fat, just kind of chunky.

  5. miss oblivious

    She’s larger than I thought she was; maybe she put on some weight recently. She’s certainly not working out either. But most of all, that bikini is not becoming on her; its way too low waisted. All that being said, I think she looks very healthy and normal. She seems so down to earth and comfortable with herself. Able to enjoy life; which is probably more than we can say for all those tanaholic, anorexic waifs. And Mandy doesn’t seem like a pretentious hollywood celeb. She’s girl next door refreshingly cute & pretty. I hope more celebs take a cue from her. (And what flawless skin…I would kill for it!)

  6. norton

    She’s fucking HEALTHY not fat…. at least there’s someone in the entertainment business who’s not an alcoholic, crackwhore with anorexia.

  7. marian


  8. Patricia88310

    She is beautiful.

  9. she is NOT fat! what is wrong with you?!?!

  10. Jrzmommy

    She’s FAT-abulous!!!! Mooooooooooooo.

  11. Amy

    She looks pretty damn normal to me. Not fat, not even really “meat on her bones” (which seems like a nice way of saying someone is still sort of chunky). She’s not a skeleton but she’s not the least bit fat. I think she’s adorable.

  12. Stephanie

    Mandy is a good weight for never working out. I’m mean; celebrities go to the gym all the time and are the same size as her. I read an article on her in People magazine and she says she never weighs herself. I think that’s a really positive thing.

  13. YouRang

    Come on everyone, there must be something shitty we can say about Mandy Moore. Her music probably sucks ass or something. All these positive comments have me disoriented.

  14. emily

    she’s pretty average…definitely not fat!

  15. looks like she’s about to snack on her thumb in the main pic… CHOMP

  16. Samantha Jones

    I love this site, but you are a fucking douche. She is SO not fat.

  17. MissGreen

    Fat? Are you kidding? She is anything BUT fat. She’s just not anorexic, you mean.

  18. James

    @45 I agree. She has a little meat on her bones, but she looks good. I would rather be able to grab some butt on her than just bone on one of the Olsen twins

  19. Cass

    I can’t believe you would say she is fat. Mandy Moore is beautiful. We wonder why so many young girls have eating disorders…it’s because of people like you who say women that weigh 130lbs are fat!

  20. Quinn

    She’s got curves… and that’s HOT

  21. Kate

    Yeah, I gotta say I’m annoyed with the fat comment. If you’re turned on by 10 year old boy bodies, then that’s fine, but to call someone fat who CLEARLY isn’t is just plain wrong.

    We have such a fucked up ideal of body image, I don’t know if its American or if its a world-wide thing, but its completely irritating.

  22. FirstTimeCaller

    Mandy Moore is beautiful. She’s like a breath of fresh air after all the anorexic bleachblondes out there. Good to see a TRUE beauty here for once. People are just so afraid of being fat that they feel that the opposite extreme MUST be good (it isn’t). Mandy is gorgeous; calling her fat is like a crime against humanity.

  23. lulu

    wow I’m glad everybody else is saying something about her being “fat”. I was very offended! I don’t work out half as much as I used to and my body looks just like that! Thank God there is a celeb out there that looks normal!!!

  24. lambman

    Mandy is cute, sexy and classy. I’d much rather spend time with her at the beach that Paris, Hillary, Lindsay, Whoever that Ashley person from last week was, or any of those skeletons like Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth and Richie

  25. Thandi

    I prefer her with some flesh… And I think it works to her advantage in the types of films she’s currently starring in. Remember “Because I Said So”? She looked amazing in that movie.
    Definitely a role model for body image.

  26. I bet half of the people commenting and saying shes fat are clinically obese their damn selves and they just love that other people can feel their misery as they swim around in their tub-o-lard and rub grease in between their rolls to keep them from sticking…

    ….either that or they are dudes who dont get laid..cuz everyone knows no one wants to screw a skeletone…all those bones might puncture someone.. MANDY MOORE looks good here…
    like Kat Williams said ” a haters job is to hate, and if you need someone to hate on, HATE ON ME”

  27. farmerjoe

    SHE IS A FAT FUCKING COW. If you want to live in your fantasy induced twinky coma and think otherwise, then fine. But I don’t like all the fat people comming on here trying to spread their nazi pro overweight propoganda. Enough is enough, stop lying to yourself and loose the fucking weight instead of saying fat people are “normal”…they aren’t normal they are fucking fat for christ sake.

  28. Smoking Hot

    She’s 5’10″ of beauty. Nothing wrong with this girl’s body or face. To suggest something is, well, is it any wonder why eating disorders are so rampant? Pick on Posh Beckham, she is vain and fake and gross. Mandy has always been all natural and that is beautiful in itself.

  29. Rgrdgr

    I don’t think she’s fat, but she’s definitely not in great shape either. Not very attractive as it just looks like she’s not taking the best care of herself. But hey, if she’s happy and not killing herself or driving up health care costs… suck it down baby. I don’t have to look at ya!

  30. ALY

    when you pick on someone like mandy moore for being fat, you’re really just confessing that you’re a fat dumbass.

  31. ali

    this girl is NOT fat. she’s a pretty girl. damn i usually love this site but when i saw that caption i was totally confused. so lame.

  32. emma w

    before everyone freaks out, I’m pretty sure it’s called a JOKE.

  33. Brenna

    ok, so i wouldn’t have chosen the string bikini, maybe a sensible but cute boy short… she isn’t fat, but made the wrong suit choice :)

  34. JCS

    What the hell is wrong with you people? The comments make this look like a weight watchers support group. She is clearly chunky, and looking at the pictures, will certainly get chunkier.

  35. Mandy's So Sweet!

    (recent interview)
    “You know, guys suck,” she proclaimed, her sweet facial expression diluting any post-breakup bitterness. “I don’t want to make a sweeping generalization, but some guys suck! And I’ve come across a few.”

    And this is based on her extensive sampling of representative men: Zach Braff, Andy Roddick, and Wilmer Valderrama. So this fat whore slams all men based on experiences she didn’t enjoy while star-fucking. What do they all have in common? They told her she should lose weight. They were right.

  36. Aubree

    Hmmm, fat huh? Must be because she looks like a normal person? We can’t possibly be on the right site here?! We’re so used to looking at naked vaginas and “normal” chicks like Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie. They could take some lessons from Ms Moore, it’s called “eating”. This crazy thing where food goes in your mouth and digests without mixing it with a batch of coke or throwing it up. yes, it’s “eating”, it’s fabulous. I do it too….anyone else??? she’s cute and normal and smart ( “smart”-yes,another phenom along with eating) More ladies like her are needed in Hollywood, I think it might have something to do with a normal opinion of oneself and self confidence-CRAZY, I know. CRAZY, those words again “eating” and “smart”, ie: “intelligent”

  37. wanky

    #5 i dont know about meat on her bones..but she definitely put on more fat than meat…i would still tap that like a keg!!!

  38. zhez chucky monkey?
    her ztomach iz
    cute??but the top of
    thoze legz are
    like freakin fatt????

  39. Die Fatties

    Nice choice of bikini bottom – looks like the strings on 2 giant ham hocks.

  40. Anexio

    Cool, in pic 16 you can see some vag fat sticking out.

  41. Drop the Grape Soda, Now

    Just a friendly reminder: this site is for making fun of celebrities. Most of you seem to have taken detours from support group sites – just hit the “back” button on your browser.

    btw, I didn’t know they made string bikinis in that size. No wonder Mandy EatMoore can’t hold onto a guy.

  42. I’d totally hit that.

  43. CountDrunkulaXxX

    Mandy Moore is beautiful. I see nothing fat about her. Shes gorgeous. Maybe if the superfish guy pulled his head out of alessandra ambrosios anorexic ass for 2 seconds, he would see the true beauty that is Mandy Moore.

    Seriously, you people wonder why Nicole Ritchie became all anorexic. Because of assholes like you guys thinking every girl has too be rail thin to be attractive.

    Curves are a beautiful thing.

  44. CoquetteBean

    Yikes. If she’s fat, then I need to go stick my finger down my throat right now. I didn’t think being a size 6 was a crime….

  45. dawoots

    Looks like the fattties are out in full force today. Here is a good test, if you dont like mirrors you are fat! So once you’ve finally come to the cold hard reality that your fat it’s time to stop eating and start loosing that fucking weight. I’m sick of seeing fat fucking people all over this country. You ever wonder why you have families of fat people, it’s because everyone in that family tells each other they aren’t fat. Well I have a news flash, you don’t get to decide what is or isn’t fat.

  46. Barefoot & Pregnant

    She’d be pretty awesome as a late-nite bar closing time pig pickup, if you’re completely set on going home with swine rather than alone. But no way as an everyday cum receptacle, you don’t want to see that flabalanche happening every night when she strips down to her B-cup bra and XLarge panties.

  47. smithy

    asif she is fat! i’m glad everyone else has picked up on what a ridiculous human being you are for making such a stupid judgement.
    it’s not people like nicole richie we can put down to the media putting pressure on girls to be pro-annorexic, it’s scum like you who go on and on about girls figures. their is nothing wrong with mandy moore or nicole richie, they are just different in their own way. stop forcing your pathetic little views on the rest of the nation as to what the ‘perfect’ figure is.

  48. Rebecca

    I’m going to respond to your unintelligent posting about Mandy Moore being fat with an equally unintelligent, however more truthful, fact: YOU ARE A DOUCHEBAG.

  49. lula mae

    roseanne is fat. mandy moore is normal.

  50. kris

    She is not the slightest bit fat-and this website would be great with our your senseless captions that go and ruin everything. You try to be like Perez but you suck.

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