Mandy Moore dating Matthew Perry

November 7th, 2007 // 74 Comments

Mandy Moore has been seen getting close to Matthew Perry. The two are eleven years apart, but, eh, whatever. That never matters in these Hollywood relationships. Even the boring ones. Page Six reports:

One source said, “He was already seated and waited for her for 15 minutes until she arrived. He stood up to greet her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. They were holding hands across the table and being really close and laughing a lot the whole time.”

Could this be anymore boring? Did you see what I just did there? Remember when Chandler said that all the time on Friends? Could this be anymore something. Oh man, that show cracked me up. They were just like real people but with an impossible amount of free time to drink coffee. Hilarious! And talk about genius casting. They got that dude Courtney Cox to play a chick. Ground breaking stuff. You just don’t see shows take a chance like that anymore. Except for Reba. They actually used her real name! I still don’t believe it.

Photos: Getty Images, Splash News

  1. Isn’t that, like, child molestation?

  2. craptastic

    eeeee awwwww eeeee awwwww

  3. jeanna

    i personally love mandy moore. she’s one of someone i look up to.

    good luck to her.


  4. jeanna

    one of the celebrities* i look up to.

  5. Blase

    I thought Matthew Perry was gay? He sure as hell acts it…

  6. Roxi

    shes beautiful and classy and shes a clear example that not all young hollywood stars are too thin yet shes gorgeous, well done Mandy!

  7. kpol

    Nice work, God! Now if you want to answer my prayers, let’s redo Pic #8 with Mandy & Jess making out. Just a suggestion,


  8. Bemused

    Twenty-five years separate the age of Catherine Zeta-Jones (b. 1969) from her husband, Michael Douglas (b. 1944), and everyone seems to regard them as adorable. By comparison, the Perry/Moore coupling is semi-normal.

  9. They’re both chubby so they probably look cute together. Although he’s sort of sagging all over, so maybe she looks like the desperate chubby daughter of a desperate paunchy nervous-twitch dad. As long as he doesn’t cup her breast while they’re sitting together, it won’t look like incest. Well, that’s not fair – make it, cup her breast and play with her nipple. Still that’s pretty innocent…cup her breast, play with her nipple, and run a hand up her thigh. Dunno, lots of dads do that, as far as I know. Maybe: cup her breast, play with her nipple, run a hand up her thigh, and slip a finger under the seam of her panties. If that makes her other nipple get hard, and she partially closes her eyes and starts to breath more heavily, then it’s mostly not like father and daughter. Depends on her wetness, I guess. So, cup her breast….

  10. Duh

    Odd couple…but not nearly as FREAKY as that one Olson twin and Lance Armstrong. Good luck to them!

  11. Mike

    #9, at least this comment didn’t have to deal with homosexuality. But that sure was a whole lot of nonsense, and immature typing.

  12. Frist

    Is she a giant? How tall is Jessica Simpson?

  13. Mike

    #12, Jessica Simpson is just a tad bit shorter than Mandy.

  14. What the crap is she doing next to Jessica Simpson? And why does Mandy Moore look part Chinese? And why does Jessica look part brunette??? What is going on here? And why does Jimbo suddenly type correctly and with no misspellings although much more perverted than usual?? That’s it, I’m outta here!!!!

  15. ph7

    I love it when the midgets who people think are sexy stand next to normal size people – and you realize how ridiculous they look.

    Cameras love short people because they can capture all the good stuff in the frame – face, boobs, neck, etc. But when put to normal scale, they look liek gnomes.

  16. Mike

    #14 NO FRIST…….don’t leave……..stay for a while, things are just getting hot.

  17. Narcissist

    I wonder if she’s taller than M.Perry? She’s like five foot ten inches, I think.

  18. I never REALLY leave. Waaa haaah hahaa…I lurk.

    Creepy, isn’t it?

  19. Mike

    #18 I like sexy lurkers…..just turns me on.

  20. Cool Mike, and btw, tell #12 to get his own damn name. Didn’t even spell it right. Morons!

  21. Mike

    #12, Yeah get your shit straight before trying to be a pussy ass troll. There is only one and only one SEXY FRIST.

  22. G Man

    Manda is a HPA “HiPA” ( Hot Piece of Ass) Why is she even single are there too many idiots around her What the hell… Nice job Chandler Bing, keep Joey away from her as he may ask her “How you Doin?”

  23. sam

    who is Mandy moore?

  24. Mike

    #20 FRIST, damn Jimbo is all ass hurt with me, was just fucking around with him. Now he is ass hurt with me. Oh wait he is ass hurt because he allows objects to enter his anus. But just remember FRIST, I would still drink your douche water.

  25. Mike, why do you like sexy lurkers? You know it makes you go limp every time you are spanking me

  26. Mike

    #25, well have a look at FRIST. And since she is a lurker, so I LOVE SEXY LURKERS.

  27. haroof

    She’s looking very hot as of late.

  28. dan

    looks like Mandy’s on her “weigh” to catching up with Matthew’s gut fluctuations

  29. kix

    Now she is actually cute– although she shouldn’t get that close to Jessica Simpson, I’d hate to see stupid skank cooties rub off on her.

  30. Keke

    Just FYI, she’s 23, he’s 38 — that’s a 15 year difference, not 11.

  31. @26 Mike, tell me how you got your wife pregnant? You went limp 6 times before you were able to dribble out that little bit of baby juice.

  32. Mike

    CAN I ASK ONE FUCKIN QUESTION? WHY THE FUCK OR HOW THE FUCK DO YOU GUYS FIGURE THIS LADY IS FAT? She has meat on her bones which is good, who the fuck wants to fuck a skinny ass boney bitch. Might as fuckin order one of those skeletons from science class and fuck that. MANDY HAS THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF MEAT, FUCKIN HOT, SIZZLING BODY. If you are women saying she is fat, you just wish you could look like her. If you are a man saying she is fat, you are just fuckin jealous you can’t get a hot babe like her, and either you are stuck with a ugly fuckin looking lady, or you have to whack off to these type of girls.

  33. Mike

    #31, whatever little baby juice came out must have done the trick. Now shut the fuck up with the immature jokes, and grow up. Close your “Mother Goose Insults” book and get back to school.

  34. s0fa

    mandy moore gained weight? what?

  35. IWONKY

    Maybe it’s just me but I swear, Reba looks just like the Dana Carvey as “the church lady”…,

  36. IWONKY

    Maybe it’s just me but I swear, Reba looks just like Dana Carvey as “the church lady”…,

  37. IWONKY

    Mandy is perfect compared to Jess.

  38. big teeth

    Mandy Moore.. niiiiiice… These pics are MUCH better than those dumpy bikini photos of her from July.

  39. lux

    Mandy is beautiful. Jessica Simpson looks like a short little troll next to her.

  40. Riotboy


    /Mandy Moore is a freak in the bedroom
    //good girls are so bad

  41. Joe Fonebone

    Bland. Bland bland bland bland bland. And plain as f*ck.

  42. DingDongDitch

    LoL, look at pic #8…Jess and Mandy’s arm length is roughly the same, their hands are at about the same place…but Mandy has like 8 inches on her!!! Many has SPIDER ARMS!!!! But she’s very pretty.

  43. Ript1&0

    Older guys are awesome and everything, but Matthew Perry???

    Wait….. what am I saying? Hmm.. yeah I’d get with him. He’d never be allowed to speak of Friends or do the Chandler voice though.

    “Yeah, why don’t you just keep that part of your life to yourself, honey?” We’re moving away from all that…

  44. He was born in ’69 and she was born in ’84, so he gets even more man points. Way to go, Perry!

  45. George Best

    Mandy Moore is marriage material. Go away with this fat stuff. She looks great. Id marry her tommorrow.

  46. bosendorfer

    she’s a peripheral-type, vanilla, fat-ass whose career runs luke-warm at its peak.

    she’s an adequate match for the pill-poppin’, stiff, fortysomething not-so-funny perry on the steep downslope.

    ALL of those FRIENDS actors/actresses should go far away and remain ecstatic about the fantastic amounts of money they made with that overrated show. what they pulled off was an amazing feat. Now their egos need to readjust to the fact that they’re obscenely overestimated.

    it’s true.

  47. sillypanda!

    i think its 15 years difference. shes…23 and hes 38. equals 15.

    it think its cute! anyways, 15 is the new 5.

  48. Kate

    Mandy looks sophisticated — Jessica looks like a complete dumbass, as usual.

    Mandy is not fat. Her and I actually have very similiar body types, and no one considers me fat, so I don’t know how anyone could say such things about her.

  49. isitin

    Kate, your fat.

  50. me

    Courtney Cox is not “manly” looking. She has gorgeous eyes, skin and hair. She has a small waist, big breasts and a nice little bubble butt. I always thought she was goregous until she became too skinny for my taste. She does have a square jaw like Demi Moore and Jessica Simpson….big deal. No one ever comments on the men who are prettier than women….pretty boys.

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