Mandy Moore calls Fez a liar

May 16th, 2006 // 73 Comments

Mandy Moore is responding to claims by Wilmer Valderrama that she lost her virginity to him, insisting that he’s lying about the whole thing. Fez appeared on the Howard Stern radio show last month and talked about how he was the first person to sleep with Mandy Moore, as well as having done it with Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Moore maintains the claim is “utterly tacky, not even true, and it hurt my feelings because I like him.” Love Hewitt has also lashed out saying, “I was told that we had all these very steamy encounters and I was like, ‘Really! Well, I would have loved to have been there!’”

Finally the source of Wilmer Valderrama’s power has revealed itself: lying. I guess it’s pretty easy to hook up with a bunch of women if you make the whole thing up. And even easier if you slip them a roofie. Which I can only assume was his backup plan.



  1. BarbadoSlim

    is this thing on..

  2. IFuckingHateYou

    Finally it comes out that Fez is a liar. I’m sure the only one that he’s been with is Ashlee Simpson, because those foreign guys really love the transexuals. Fez takes it up the ass and loves the cock almost as much as Tom Cruise.

  3. Geno

    Fez is not a stud? Fez is a lying douche? There must be a God!

  4. Land-Man

    A lighter chassis won’t help defray the immense weight of the Land-Cock. It must be transported by the Military Sealift Command, making a rapid reaction difficult. I recommend forward deployment of the Land-Balls to potential hotspots.

  5. Jacq

    #47 – So you like ‘em jigglin’ while you’re wigglin’? I can appreciate that.

  6. whats wrong with u americans.
    who the fuck is wilmer valderamma.
    the only valderamma you should know is this guy

    you always say that u dont know this british actor and that british whore but u know every fuckin moron who plays in stupid american tv series.

    thats because u spent too much time in your country.

  7. Fisher55

    Fez is hot, I believe every word. He’s way more deserving than that doof she’s marrying

  8. BarbadoSlim


  9. Mandy Moore Hung out with Jack Osbourne before he lost weight, I don’t think the girls standards are that high.

  10. IFuckingHateYou

    What’s up with my post having to be “approved”? Is the Sf going soft or something? I haven’t seen it post yet either.

  11. IFuckingHateYou

    Got censorship?

  12. lickmetwice

    Yes!!!!! 52nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. rickhatman1984

    Well, since lying about having sex with someone is the same as actually nailing them. I had sex with Lindsay Lohan and Mandy Moore in a big hot threeway, which turned into a fourway when Jennifer Love Hewitt started licking chocolate syrup off of all of us. And then Jessica Alba showed up at which point it officially became an orgy.

  14. HughJorganthethird

    Aren’t they deploying the National guard to keep goof’s like this out of the counrty?

  15. sammmmmmmmmm


  16. utxdoni

    He’s going to make a great “Ponch” in CHiPs the movie.

  17. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Does anyone else just want to lick her face? I bet it tastes like snozzberries…

  18. Odium

    i’ll bet he did fuck mandy, she’s only making a big deal because she doesnt want everyone to know that shes a slut…

  19. slinkhard

    She’s a slut for having sex with someone, 68?

  20. here

    #63. You’re right. As with most things in life besides verifiable credit, lying about sex is nearly the same as having some.

  21. 86

    They did it in the Vista Cruiser.

  22. DaNiGuRl

    Well, if he lied about it or not, he’s still really hot to me! I’m a huge “That 70′s Show” fan, so i’m a fan of his too. I think he’s adorable as Fez, but hot hot hot as himself!!! Who knows, it might be possible for it to be true and the girls could be denying it….it is Hollywood, everyone lies to either protect or boost their image. They probly just don’t want people thinking that they would randomly screw around with someone like that knowing everyone shares their STD’s in Tinsletown!!!!

  23. Truth Serum

    Uhm, remind me why I care who he’s slept with and made bleed on him? I think Wilmer’s going through that, “I don’t have a job and movies I play in suck because now that 70′s show is over Im over” phase. Don’t worry. If MC Hammer can live on, so can you, Wilm!

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