Mandy Moore calls Fez a liar


Mandy Moore is responding to claims by Wilmer Valderrama that she lost her virginity to him, insisting that he’s lying about the whole thing. Fez appeared on the Howard Stern radio show last month and talked about how he was the first person to sleep with Mandy Moore, as well as having done it with Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Moore maintains the claim is “utterly tacky, not even true, and it hurt my feelings because I like him.” Love Hewitt has also lashed out saying, “I was told that we had all these very steamy encounters and I was like, ‘Really! Well, I would have loved to have been there!'”

Finally the source of Wilmer Valderrama’s power has revealed itself: lying. I guess it’s pretty easy to hook up with a bunch of women if you make the whole thing up. And even easier if you slip them a roofie. Which I can only assume was his backup plan.