Mandy Moore calls Fez a liar

May 16th, 2006 // 73 Comments

Mandy Moore is responding to claims by Wilmer Valderrama that she lost her virginity to him, insisting that he’s lying about the whole thing. Fez appeared on the Howard Stern radio show last month and talked about how he was the first person to sleep with Mandy Moore, as well as having done it with Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Moore maintains the claim is “utterly tacky, not even true, and it hurt my feelings because I like him.” Love Hewitt has also lashed out saying, “I was told that we had all these very steamy encounters and I was like, ‘Really! Well, I would have loved to have been there!’”

Finally the source of Wilmer Valderrama’s power has revealed itself: lying. I guess it’s pretty easy to hook up with a bunch of women if you make the whole thing up. And even easier if you slip them a roofie. Which I can only assume was his backup plan.



  1. ScriptRadar


  2. FunctionalDrunk


  3. FunctionalDrunk

    Damn you, scriptradar! Damn you!

  4. ScriptRadar

    Does Mandy look like she has stroke-face? Like one side of her face is paralyzed?

  5. isegoria

    this guy is so fucking annoying.

  6. waterranger

    I dunno, wilmer is just so geeky and kind of creepy, i never did believe he got with all those chicks. And I surely don’t believe what he said about his own ‘little fez’. He is just a big lame-o :P

  7. Mooserepellant

    I’m sorry but if somebody is going to lie about sleeping with someone, why would it be Mandy Moore? Or the girls that everyone sleeps with like Lindsay Lohan and Ashlee Simpson?

  8. It is ok to admit that you aren’t a virgin, Mandy. We all know that you aren’t and you are in fact a whore.

  9. I knew his story smelled fishy….

  10. Chrystal03

    I knew his story smelled fishy….

  11. smokeyrobinson

    Moore is so hot. I’d definitely throw it in.

  12. Populist

    Classic “he said, she said”. Frankly, I’ll bet JLH deep-throated Fez like a porn star.

  13. FunctionalDrunk

    I can’t believe that any of these girls (‘cept Lohan) has slept with Wilma. He’s a bit of an uggers. I had sex with him, sure, but I was drunk. And it was a dare. And nobody calls me a chicken. Nobody.

  14. Shelley Bonnechance

    Ewww! I wouldn’t share an elevator with that skeevy wanker, let alone a bed.

    And poor Jennifer Love Hewitt, saying she “would have loved to have been there.” The poor dear must be really desperate.

  15. BarbadoSlim

    HAHAHAHA a legend in his own mind this douchebag is, he’ll be hosting his own show on Animal Planet in no time. Just like Mario Lopez, remember him?…….exactly.

    Aaaanyway, I read this asstard goes around with an entourage WHAT DA FUCK!?!?!?

    My previous comment should not in ANYWAY be construed as a positive commentary on any of the women involved, seeing as how they were stupid enough to hang around with him in the first place.

  16. jimmycracks

    #4 – YES – I always thought so about her face!

  17. Ringo5150

    Fez needs to check himself….if he has herpes he has been in Paris too

    I would only admit JLH and Mandy….the other are skanky and would nothing for my reputation.

    JLH has this good goody two shoes look about her that I just want to corrupt.

  18. algibson

    Fez probably lied about his supposedly 8 or 9 inch dick too.

  19. kaileykat

    So this must also mean that he was also lying about the size of his dick.

    I mean, nobody thought *that* part was true in the first place, right?

    Maybe these girls don’t remember hooking up with him because it’s so small they couldn’t feel him slipping it in?

  20. ndoz

    I have no doubt Wilmer balled all those chicks. He probably did Jessica Alba too just to piss me off.

  21. Wilmer is just a useless waste of space. Maybe he is the daddy of Brit-kid #2.

  22. BigJim

    He also took that Lima chick’s virginity. Don’t forget about her.

  23. Sdvora

    I believe that Fez is a liar, but why’d it take these women so long to call him on his bullshit?

  24. gogoboots

    What can you expect from someone who rates Lindsay Lohan as a 10? Hey, she DID bring it up on Ellen, so she cares even more than Mandy Moore does…

  25. Jack

    It’s quite ironic, then, how I go around telling all my hobo friends that Valderrama lost his anal virginity to me. If they doubt this, I point out that the “rrama” part of his last name signifies that he not only likes to be rammed but really rrammed. Then they’re convinced and I’m a hero.

  26. Jack

    It’s quite ironic, then, how I go around telling all my hobo friends that Valderrama lost his anal virginity to me. If they doubt this, I point out that the “rrama” part of his last name signifies that he not only likes to be rammed but really rrammed. Then they’re convinced and I’m a hero.

  27. Jack

    It’s quite ironic, then, how I go around telling all my hobo friends that Valderrama lost his anal virginity to me. If they doubt this, I point out that the “rrama” part of his last name signifies that he not only likes to be rammed but really rrammed. Then they’re convinced and I’m a hero.

  28. krisdylee

    I fucked Mandy Moore.

  29. Jacq

    I always thought she was cute and he was a decent guy and they were each other’s first loves but they went their separate ways. Should have had him pegged as a scumbag when he hooked with HoHan (even though I do believe his claim that she takes it in the pooper). So does that mean that Zach stole her virginity? I mean, seriously, NO ONE buys the car without test-driving it.

  30. Sheva

    All these celebrity bitches have pr teams working to get them as much good ink as possible. They ALL knew what was said by Fez and when he said it.

    Apparently, Mandy Moore’s people decided she needed to make a comment to not be associated with the Fez list after the fact.

    The comment she throws in at the end of how she “likes him” after the weak denial is a straight give away. She’s basically saying, why do you have to talk about me like this when I liked you enough to let you bang the shit out of me?”

    Too late Mandy.

  31. saltpeanuts

    I have no doubt that Fez is lying because it is I, saltpeanuts, that took Mandy’s virginity. She still has the prettiest face I’ve ever come across.

  32. shankyouverymuch

    The other characters on “That 70

  33. The thing is, Mandy Moore has this complex that she has to remain this sweet wholesome person. And we all know that is not true. She is a whore and a fake person at that. She needs to go away….

  34. shankyouverymuch

    The other characters on “That 70

  35. Mandy Moore & Fez??? Gime me a break!!!

  36. shankyouverymuch

    The other characters on “That 70

  37. Wilmer is such a dorko. GEEEZ.

  38. I prefer Mandy’s virginal hypocritical persona over Paris’s crusty herpes-ridden trying to kill the world with her vag.

  39. ellaminnowpea

    one word: FEZ

  40. prettierthanmeganharris

    exactly, Paris gives me the shudders.

  41. Binky

    Anyone who would go out with Fez has obviously never seen the show.
    And any type of ‘real’ date would probably be Punk’d. Like…Wakey Wakey.

  42. masterofpuppies


    I agree with you. I used to hate this particular brand of chick, but now I find her a refreshing change. There are too many proud skanks around already trying to prove their eligibility for a valtrax prescription.

  43. The power of the magnetic Fez’s PR Machine. Any other ladies want to be pulled into the web of the fez?

  44. Sheva

    She likes Fez meat.

  45. dirtypiratehooker

    Has anyone seen “Saved”? Mandy Moore’s character in that movie is probably about as close to her personality in reality. Whoever hasn’t seen it needs to, cause it’s hilarious.

    Anyway, yeah, I pretty much assumed that Wilmer was lying. I mean, how desperate do you have to be to go on the air and totally lie about your sexual encounters? And your manhood?!

    Although, I’m sure that he banged Lohan. I mean, who hasn’t? My dog Scruffy banged her last week. Scruffy, however, does have an 8 inch penis. He’s part donkey.

  46. Land-Man

    I have to keep my undies at 100 degrees below zero just to fit the Land-Cock in a pair of 60′ trousers, much like Mr. Freeze in “Batman”. My Land-Shot has a range of 115km and can penetrate the armor of any main battle tank. It can also shoot down aircraft.

  47. here

    #29 Jacq, perhaps not “took it in the pooper”. Seems instead that some asses are hot and there’s little way not to turn-on to them as sexual objects in their own right. I’m a boob guy, but I could appreciate hitting M. Moore front, back, top, bottom – any interesting way possible. Hucklebuck!

  48. Captain Awesome

    haha that loser is going to be Fez for the rest of his life.

    Like Artie said on Sterns show. “You’ve slept with every shitty singer in the music industry.”

  49. Fa Cube Itches

    Recently leaked document from Land-Base?

    Subj: After Action Report
    RE: Land-Cock (Mk. I) firing Land-Shot (APFSDS)

    Manual operation only. Extensive jamming problems after minimal usage. Highly sensitive trigger resulted unplanned initial firing on multiple occasions. Recommend further refinement of Land-Lube (gel) and addition of auto-loader for Land-Cock (Mk. II). Boresighting and gyrostabilization also necessary. Further recommend development of lighter chassis for Land-Cock transporter. Current model unable to pursue targets at any range.

    Heh. :)

  50. BarbadoSlim

    Here’s another:

    Subj: Official RECOMMENDATION
    RE: Land-Cock (Mk. I)

    Cost overruns unacceptabe, immediate termination ASAP. Transfer all assets to Land-gina project.

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