Mandy Moore and Zach Braff wedding registry

February 24th, 2006 // 61 Comments

moore-braff-registry.jpgIn case there was ever any doubt that Mandy Moore and Zach Braff are indeed getting married, the foxy Neva tracked down their Tiffany’s wedding registry. There’s nothing particularly interesting, but it’s worth looking at just to see their full names Amanda Moore and Zachary Braff in print. Although if you’d like to get a little something for the couple, I recommend the $260 pierced tablespoon. I’m not exactly sure why you would want holes in your spoon, but I figure it’s for those go-getters who find drinking soup just isn’t quite challenging enough on its own.

UPDATE: I think you crazy sons of bitches took down the Tiffany’s website. Give it awhile and I’m sure it’ll be up again.





  2. Tracy

    I think I’ll just send them a $25 Target gift card.

  3. Marina

    Exactly how much booze do these two plan on drinking??? They are registered for 6 decanters…SIX???!!! And like 5 million martini glasses, brandy snifters, etc. When are they going to have time to eat with their $100 spoons when they are too busy getting tanked out of Tiffany decanters? I say we chip in for a nice bottle of White Tavern vodka, the handle in the plastic. Maybe then Mandy will be able to consummate this marriage.

  4. Virginia

    Why do they need 6 cheese and cake servers. Oh, wait, why do they need anything? They can buy it their own damn selves.

  5. hafaball

    I hope this doesn’t mean when I masturbate to her from now on Braff will suddenly appear in my fantasy and ask if I’ve seen Garden State. Because I have, so stop asking! O.o

  6. ESQ

    Oh well, I guess Zach and Brandy are above using those large blue or red plastic cups for beer and insist on getting 24 beer mugs from Tiffany’s la-dee-da…after a game of beer pong with those glasses they will be wishing they just opted for the plastic cups that everyone else uses.

  7. sexybeyotch1980

    did anyone notice that their wedding date is August 23rd, 2006 — which is a Wednesday?!? This is a fake. No celebs are getting married on a Wednesday.

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