Mandy Moore and Zach Braff wedding registry

February 24th, 2006 // 61 Comments

moore-braff-registry.jpgIn case there was ever any doubt that Mandy Moore and Zach Braff are indeed getting married, the foxy Neva tracked down their Tiffany’s wedding registry. There’s nothing particularly interesting, but it’s worth looking at just to see their full names Amanda Moore and Zachary Braff in print. Although if you’d like to get a little something for the couple, I recommend the $260 pierced tablespoon. I’m not exactly sure why you would want holes in your spoon, but I figure it’s for those go-getters who find drinking soup just isn’t quite challenging enough on its own.

UPDATE: I think you crazy sons of bitches took down the Tiffany’s website. Give it awhile and I’m sure it’ll be up again.



  1. I’m having trouble with the link too, but like #4 said, it is probably all nonsense if they want a $260 tablespoon. *lol*

  2. LaydeeBug

    Hmmmmm, he just recently stated somewhere that he is definitely not engaged. I wonder who’s the liar. Hmmmm.

  3. SMF121490

    Their kids are going to be so ugly.

  4. inspector11

    marrying mandy moore would be like showering with your sister. It’d be awesome (YOUR sister, not mine you perverts).

  5. LoneWolf

    Only in Hollywood would someone ask for a $260 spoon with a hole in it or $25 million for a 70-year old house.

    God bless the dancing monkeys…they do amuse me so…

  6. ---nigz---

    hahaha a holey spoon.. i want one!!!

  7. manunited

    Did anyone ever get a chance to see Tori Spelling’s Tiffany registry when she got married the first time around? If not, it might still be on there so check it out.
    A $1200 sterling silver menorah… I mean… what the fuck??? she’s a waste of foreskin.

  8. radcrow

    I, for one, totally believe this – because there is absolutely no way that anyone could create a wedding registry using someone else’s names.

  9. mamacita

    Laydee Bug

    I read this article the other day on where it’s Mandy denying the rumors,19736,1161640,00.html

    They’re both lying, I guess.

  10. the beast

    ABSINTHE SPOON…those crazy kids.

  11. The Beast is right – that would be an absinthe spoon.

    Always wanted to try that stuff myself…

  12. Moon43215

    The Tiffany’s site is down, but you can still see on of their registries at Lloyd’s house of Rubber and Leather.

  13. The image you have there of Zachary reminds me of a younger, but “chubbier cheek” like John Travolta. LOL.

  14. LaydeeBug

    #13 mamacita, Mandy looks nice in that picture, but when I read the part that says….

    “She sings, she acts, and she designs

  15. LaydeeBug

    #15, Damn, I wish I still partied!

  16. BEAM

    Mandy Moore is still a dumb kid. She’s not even 23 and she’s getting married. Stupid stupid stupid.

    They’ll be seperated before her 25th birthday.

  17. HughJorganthethird

    Fuck them, they’ll get nothing and like it.

  18. tori

    BEAM, there’s nothing wrong with getting married young.

  19. Hollus

    See, guys? Girls really do like funny. That probably sounds sarcastic, but this is in all seriousness (as serious as I can be on a Friday afternoon with only a half hour of “work” left, of course). I wish those crazy kids the best.

  20. ESQ

    Ah….another Hollywood marriage down the toilet. I heard Zach was asking for on his Tiffany’s registery a glass blown dildo for himself.

    In all kidding aside he is funny as shit on “Scrubs,” I actually think this two crazy kids look good together even though she is a shiksa

  21. #20 – THANK YOU! Now I just need you to tell that to my parents.

  22. As much as I want to hate them, they are not that bad of a couple.

    Just remember the “Bennifer” days.

  23. Evangelia

    esq, when has a jewish actor NOT married a shiksa?

  24. Evangelia

    and did anyone notice that they registered for 24 pierced $260 spoons? are they planning to have absinthe parties?

  25. umm… i find this to be weird that in Zach Braff’s blog 5 days ago he says..

    “Rumor Patrol:

    I am not engaged. But I am dating a very lovely lady. (read rags for fun if you must, but please don’t believe what you read)”

    I’ll take his word for it.

  26. HollyJ

    There must be something appealing about us shiksahs since so many Jewish men marry us ! ;)

  27. Evangelia

    or there must be something appealing about jewish men since so many shiksas marry them..

  28. HollyJ

    it’s the giant, nimble schvonschtuckers

  29. sheepmonkey

    This is a nice try, but it’s completely fake. Who needs 10 cream pitchers but only 1 mug? Let’s move on to something funny.

  30. jennycox

    More ammunition for the this is a fake wedding crowd: the date of the event listed on the registry is a wednesday. Who gets married on a wednesday?

  31. FallenCupid

    ok, so in the people interview, she denys being engaged. but if this registry is for real at tiffany’s, then why does she have 1 mug on her list and 10 cream pitchers listed?

  32. MeganHarris

    Can you buy them something? cause it’s letting me see the page just fine!

  33. mamacita

    Well, I finally was able to see the registry and I’ll have to agree that I think it’s fake. Not only because the amounts of things are off, but also because you know there’d have to be way more items on there. I had more stuff on my registry and I’m so far from rich that it’s pretty much like I’m the United States and rich is Laos or some damn place.

  34. Kate

    If you go to the Tiffany site and just try to search for the registry under either name, nothing comes up. This is totally bogus.

  35. ashleigh Nankivell

    i hit the link now and it totally worked. (didn’t this afternoon). and when i added a 25 dollar goblet to my “shopping bag” simply to see what happened, my “order” was magically and sudennly 8500 dollars, contained 24 place settings of some stupid 45 dollar plane china among a bunch other overpriced plane tableware i have never seen or clicked on before, which is awesome. eventhough i have the flu, i am gonna go out and get wasted with my friends now, because the fact that i was looking at their registry at midnight on a friday is so dorky it’s embarssing.

  36. ashleigh Nankivell

    on a final note, they the quantity they “still need” is still the quantity “they requested” so this might be fake. okay that’s all i am gonna say so goodnight and good drinkin

  37. another hint that it is a fake is the event date listed on the registry. i know hollywood peeps like to do things a little differently; but who gets married on a wednesday?

  38. HollyJ

    Tiffany’s website got more superficial pings today than Paris has had ass taps.

  39. rkayb44

    Okay, two things:

    1. The event date is August 23rd of 2006. Who gets married on a Wednesday?

    2. Why do they need 24 of everything?

  40. Erin61985

    I don’t really understand the need for 10 cream pitchers, yet only 1 coffee mug.

  41. I’m a little surprised that people are actually trying to buy stuff for this bunch of fucktards.

    Bless you, and all who sail in you.

  42. Gabby

    ok so also to add to # 5 People who need a $200 and some dollar spoon with holes in it, are also people who buy 10 bedroom homes for only 2 people to live in. Never makes a lot of sense but they have the money so they do it. Could you not imagine them walkking through tiffany’s and they spot that spoon. Mandy Yells” OMG zach we have to have this spoon, we have to ” …lol i crack myself up.

  43. Gabby

    ok so I just checked out that wedding regisrty and I think it is not real. If anyone saw. They asked for One coffee mug, but 10 cream… I could understand 10 coffee mugs and one cream pitcher.

  44. kurvyk

    I just logged into Tiffany’s and created a completely erroneous wedding, having all items shipped to me, so it’s clearly possible. Zach Braff is the type of guy who would make fun of someone who registers for a $260 spoon….c’mon…..

  45. gossipmonger

    HAHA, I tried to “purchase” one item too, to see what it did. And sure enough, as ashleigh Nankivell (post 40) found, it rang up many items, not just the one I picked, to a total of : $50,595.00… Yeah, I’d have to agree with the claims of this being false (aside from the obvious of not being able to find either of their names or the registry # given)

  46. Anie900

    Thats crazy $150 for a plate, why cant they just go to targrt, i mean… target!

  47. Ez-EEEE

    rich people dont go to target. rich people buy targets. and then they use them for sporting events. like painting actual targets on the customers and then going up in the rafters with a bow and arrow. hunting ala cheney they call it. cuz theyre pretentious.

  48. gogoboots

    I could access the registry actually. So it’s set for August 23, 2006? Is this for real? I read in People that they’re not getting married, according to Mandy Moore. She was like, people actually believe what the tabliods say? Maybe they should just elope, and Zach Braff does have that guy in math class look, hahah!

  49. Tracie

    Just to confirm, the registry IS bogus. I was able to “purchase” one item (got all the way through until giving my credit card #), but I had to keep zeroing out quantities and deleting items that appeared erroneously in my shopping cart.
    I also separately logged on to the Tiffany’s site and searched by their registry #, receiving the message, “Your search did not match any of our registries”.

    But now, the reality of life calls, so I’m off.

  50. The list is working for me today . . . who the hell NEEDS a $45 dinner plate nevermind that they want 24 of them!! Lifestyles of the rich and famous I guess.

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