Mandy Moore And Zach Braff To Wed

February 2nd, 2006 // 54 Comments

braffmoore.jpgMandy Moore and Zach Braff are supposedly set to marry next April, after the Scrubs star discreetly asked the 21-year-old singer/actress last month:

The couple are staying tight lipped about their plans, but Braff, 30, popped the question and presented Moore – his girlfriend for the past 18 months – with a $450,000, 4-carat princess-cut diamond-and-platinum NEIL LANE engagement ring.

Way to go, Zach. If there’s one thing The Graduate taught us, it’s that when you’re an awkward-looking Jewish dweeb dating a young, beautiful girl, you’ve got to lock it down quick. Also, try to sleep with her mom while you’re at it.



  1. lysistrata11

    Wow. So you’re a married woman with two kids who talks about steaming hot koala shit. That’s almost as bad as someone who defends another’s religion or as you pointed out the obvious, one’s lineage. Oh wait a second…he was trying to say something nice about a person. Thanks for that clarification b/c apparently all non-Jews know absolutely nothing about Judaism. Why don’t you just take that nice steaming pile of koala shit and find a good use for it. The Word was only trying to tell folks that it’s not okay to call someone a Jewish dweeb. Which, it isn’t. Religion (and okay, sure, lineage) shouldn’t be a dart to throw at someone on The Superficial. So why don’t you calm down a little, step away from the keyboard, and keep the entire history of Judaism and your family to yourself sweetheart. Oh by the way, very nice of you to throw in a good old “oy vey” to try to add some credibility to your comments.

  2. The Word

    Oh HollyJ, you show such flaming wit preaching your 2nd grade knowledge of a religion that you know nothing about(despite your marriage to a Jewish man)and including such Jewish catch-phrases as “oy-vey” to punctuate your credentials.

    You make a point to emphasize that if Natalie Portman was “white”, you could refer to her as an “angry lesbian honkey”. But no, “she’s a Jew”. Here, you show your glaring ignorance. Portman was born in Israel. That is her nationality: Israeli She also happens to be Jewish, her RELIGION. No matter how you try to spin it, there IS a difference. My parents, both Polish Jew immigrants encountered such lunacy in Poland when upon discovering my parents were Jewish, they would reply “But I thought you were Polish??”. They are Polish Jews. Anybody can convert to Judaism whether they’re white, black, red, yellow, or any other color under the rainbow.

    As for your assertion that referring to someone as Jewish isn’t insulting, you’re absolutely right. As #51 eloquently put it, its not using the word Jewish that makes it an insult, it’s the manner in which it is use. The manner that suggests the Jewishness is a mitigating factor in degrading part of one’s personality. When superficial writers(usually a laugh-riot) refer to the Braff-Moore relationship as an “awkward-looking Jewish dweeb dating a young, beautiful girl”, the first sentence demeaning Braff is meant to counteract the second sentence complementing Moore. So yes, the word Jewish here is used as another drawback to Braff along with being ‘awkward looking’ and a ‘dweeb’ which is unnecessary and YES, anti-Semetic. Same with your characterization of Portman as being close to being an “angry Jewish lesbian”.

    I’m not trying to pick at all ignificant details. I’m just speaking out when I notice an improper offensive tone that is disguised as humor. Anyway, I’d rather listen to a Mandy Moore album than continue engaging in a war of words with a married woman whose comedic fantasies involve “koala shit” and G-d knows what else. I’ve made my point. And if you truly feel using one’s religion as a means of degradation of their character, then I suggest looking in the mirror, and evaluating your motives.

  3. I think I just fell in love with The Word.

  4. mandy moore, who is she?

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