Someone Should Probably Tell New Superman People Live In Buildings: A Review of ‘Man of Steel’

June 14th, 2013 // 55 Comments
Henry Cavill Superman Man of Steel

“Aw, Superman, come back. We promise we won’t stare at your penis anymore. These aliens are really strong.”

If you’re debating whether to catch Man of Steel and are on a time-crunch, let me save you a pile of nerd words and say, yes, go see it. Because even though it’s not quite the Superman movie people have been hoping for after Superman Returns, and I’m about to nitpick the hell out of it, it does start out full of promise and potential that you almost don’t completely zone out once the whole thing becomes a CGI pinball game with characters loosely resembling the ones you saw earlier played by actors. It’s also not quite the well-crafted reboot Batman Begins was, despite huge similarities thanks to sharing the same writer and Christopher Nolan producing, but it does come close before Zach Snyder basically goes, “Eh, that’s enough story. Just throw him at shit.”

Let’s get TL;DR.

A Note On Spoilers: I’m going to try and keep things relatively spoiler-free which shouldn’t be too hard considering there really aren’t any major spoilers at all. In fact, the only way there are spoilers are if you read the few hardcore nerd sites floating around rumors that not everything that generally happens in the Superman mythos happens. All bullshit. This thing is by-the-numbers for the most part, but not completely to its detriment. That said, I will address how one mythos event plays out because it’s too fucking ridiculous for me to ignore.

The Shit That Worked:

- Henry Cavill. Absolutely nailed Superman. He has the right presence and the right delivery without being burdened with aping Christopher Reeve. Although, he does look like a lot like Smallville‘s Tom Welling at points which was odd. Anyway, I see a lot of reviews calling Man of Steel “soulless” which I can kind of understand after the last hour, but you do actually get to see a Superman who gets angry, happy, conflicted, and genuinely trying to figure out what the fuck he’s supposed to do with himself and just how far his powers can go. As for dude-bro/conservative anti-British fears that this will be a “pussy Superman” because he was handcuffed in the first poster, that was the money scene for me and exactly the moment when I would’ve bent right over for Henry Cavill this movie. The movie.

- Russell Crowe. Considering the only cinematic version we’ve seen of Jor-El was a Marlon Brando who desperately wanted to be replaced by a bagel – God, that man was a legend. – it really wouldn’t be hard to show a more dynamic version of Superman’s biological father, and holy shit, was Russell Crowe that. In fact, his role was so expanded, he basically devoured Kevin Costner’s Pa Kent. And possibly even tried to literally. Who’s to say?

- Krypton. As much as I’ve bitched already about the CGI, the opening sequence with Krypton was clearly where the money went. Not only do we get to see a more complex, visually stunning version of Superman being rocketed to Earth as a baby, but I’d easily watch a whole movie about Russell Crowe’s Zor-El doing space science and fucking up Kryptonians who touch his space beakers. You won’t like him when you touch his space beakers.

- Basically everything until the Battle of Smallville. Like I mentioned before, Man of Steel really starts off great. Damn near incredible even. Between Krypton and the pitch-perfect flashbacks (save one), it was to the point where I was sitting there in the theater going, “This is it. This is the definitive comic book movie.” And then just like that, “Haha! Fooled you. Everything blows up now.” It was like somebody flipped a switch from Batman Begins to Transformers 2 and never looked back.

The Shit That Kind of Worked:

- The CGI. There are some incredible looking shots in this movie, and then there are some horrible, uncanny valley sequences that could’ve taken notes from The Avengers. A film whose action sequences I now have a greater appreciation for because so far they’ve been the best of the summer superhero schlock. Christopher Nolan used to be adamant against using CGI as little as possible, but after The Bat in The Dark Knight Rises and now this, I’ll just assume he covers his eyes with bags of money.

- Lois Lane. I’m not going to fault Amy Adams because she always does the best with what she’s got, but as much as I liked how organically this movie started off Lois and Clark’s relationship and put its own spin on it, it just felt like they were checking off boxes of things that are supposed to be in a Superman movie. Which goes with the rest of the staff of The Daily Planet who were supposed to care about at one point during the final battle but don’t at all because we’ve barely seen them. It’s a reboot, you can do whatever you want. You’ve already altered a pretty significant part of the Superman story with Lois, so why stop there? Or just make a movie out of the shitty Earth One comic. It’s your money.

- General Zod. I get that this movie, and me, wanted someone for Superman to physically fight after Returns had him stopping another real estate scam and punching Lex Luthor in the face would explode his skull, but if you’re hoping to see some sort of command performance from Michael Shannon, he pretty much just plays your standard villain. Although this does make Superman more compelling because he’s not competing against a villain whose way more interesting than he is like Heath Ledger‘s Joker. I guess it took the Olsen Twins to teach us that lesson. Thanks, heroin Muppets.

The Shit That Shat:

Basically all of these are spoiler-ish, but again, nothing Earth-shattering like Batman shows up and goes, “There a reason you didn’t feel like flying a nuke out to sea? You know what? Fuck it, I still got laid. Hi, I’m Bruce.”


- The entire last hour of the movie. So Superman attacks Zod for the first time, it makes sense, it’s organic to the story, it’s an emotional reaction showing us a rage-filled Superman, and then this is the last time anything like this happens because welcome to stuff. Stuff is just going to happen now. Things are thrown around with abandon to the point where it lacks any gravitas. Nonsensical sequences happen where Superman says something will weaken him only to to randomly get even stronger and punch it through the dick. There’s a final rag-doll-looking CGI battle with Zod through hundreds of buildings I’m pretty sure people live in, and wow, that’s one way to end that, okay. A scene gets tacked on resetting the status quo, and then the credits roll with no kicker, you sons of bitches, I had to pee since the ship with the vagina doors!

- Pa Kent’s death. Let me make sure I have this straight, a character who earlier in the movie suggested letting a school bus full of kids die suddenly risks his neck to save a dog? Not a human being, but a dog? FUCK YOU, DAVID GOYER. Also, you know what was powerful when Glenn Ford’s Pa Kent died in Dick Donner’s Superman? It was from a heart attack, something Superman with all his powers couldn’t stop. But I guess this one’s cool with just standing there going, “Sure, pa, I’ll let you die in a tornado.” He does basically abort hundreds of space-babies later on, so why not?

- Lois Lane figured out who Superman was in five minutes by going to IHOP, yet the military can’t after he tells them exactly where he lives? Entirely plausible. Except, no wait, never mind. He put glasses on. In your face, vast intelligence community!


And once again, I spent three boobless hours rambling about superheroes, so time to make like Lois is pregnant and bounce. Somewhere between Superman Returns and Man of Steel is the perfect Superman movie. Although, even with the issues with Man of Steel, I’d lean more in that direction than Returns if not for the heavier emphasis on science fiction and space opera. As for what a sequel might hold, where do you go after already having Superman save the Earth by battling the last remnants of a superior alien race without doing the same thing over again? I guess Lex Luthor, but we’ve already seen this Superman isn’t afraid to use, um, practical solutions, so that’d be over quick, or we’d be right back where we started. And Doomsday would just be the last half of this movie all over again. There’s almost nowhere else to go but straight to Justice League. Fortunately, with the more “realistic approach” DC is taking, that would mainly be a Superman movie anyway because everyone would just go, “Things kill us. You handle it.” At any rate, everything I said in the intro still stands, and the important thing is Man of Steel is nowhere near the shitshow Green Lantern was, or full of gigantic plotholes like The Dark Knight Rises, but that’s because it stopped caring about one halfway through.

4 out of 5 aborted space-babies.


  1. Cock Dr

    Thanks for the review of yet another studio serving of standard comic book summer movie fare.

  2. “Aborted Space-Babies”

    Now THAT is a movie I’d watch.

  3. Sir, you have a gift for the written word. Best review I’ve read in ages.


    1. Pa Kent – He told Clark he should have let the kids on the bus die to keep who he was a secret, not because he’s heartless. He understood the big picture of who Clark is and would eventually become. And Clark let him die because he knew how important it was to Jon that Clark keep his abilities a secret. That’s why he didn’t run out and save him. I couldn’t disagree with your analysis about this scene more.

    2. CGI – Yes, there were a few parts where I was feeling “eh” about it. However, you have members of an advanced alien race fighting and they’re very fast. Tell me how well your eyeballs process fast moving objects. Run your hand past your face. It’s a blur, right? It’s nondescript and chaotic. That’s sort of the point.

    3. The government didn’t seem to be actively searching for this guy until the end of the film. Yes Lois stumbled upon him in the ship with relative ease. I’m with you on that front. However, it seems that it was more important that they were acquainted than spending a ton of time playing the cat and mouse game seen in older films. He’s a god. She’s a human. No need for him to pussy-foot about.

    4. The practicality of how Zod is taken care of is all a part of Superman figuring out who he is and what he is capable of. This whole movie is one large test of him as a hero. Zod made it very clear that one of them had to die and he would never stop. And come on, the shock wave from the snap was incredible.

    5. The destruction during the last fighting scene: If there wasn’t any, you would be mad about it. Again; fighting aliens. Shit’s gonna get broken. People are going to get hurt. Casualties of war.

    Superman is PISSED in this film and I don’t blame him. He’s not full of misplaced rage, and he’s not a pussy or some smirking asshat like prior movie versions.

    • Devilsrain

      1. Pa Kent – He told Clark he should have let the kids on the bus die to keep who he was a secret, not because he’s heartless. He understood the big picture of who Clark is and would eventually become. And Clark let him die because he knew how important it was to Jon that Clark keep his abilities a secret.

      Which a ton of people in the end knew about, including the people on the bus. Would you let your dad die if you could save him? Huh low life?

  5. Knowing that Superman was up against a couple of Kryptonian’s, I’m a bit surprised that one didn’t expect Metropolis to go to shit in the last hour of the movie. We all want to see a good story, but going to a Superman film, we also want to see him beat the crap out of stuff, and Snyder did it remarkably well.

    Also, the only reason he was “weakening” was during the terraforming process. Which only went on for what… 5 minutes? I’m gonna guess it takes a bit longer to actually effect the atmosphere enough to entirely block Superman from the sun’s radiation.

    That’s like playing D&D and getting angry you had to fight a horde of goblins for the last half of your session.

  6. hole-exposer

    One glaring loophole you didn’t touch on: When Supe surrenders and is met by Zod and company, standing in front of the military and Lois…Zod’s secretary (forgot her name) goes down to pick him up and says they want Lois as well. Okay…well…what for? It’s never explained or commented on. She just gets that mask so she can breath, is put in a room, where she gets around to waking up Jar-El. Why did they want her?? If it was for leverage against Superman (because they somehow knew about their connection) why wasn’t there at least a throwaway line explaining it?

    • Superman's Red Underpants

      True. Good Point.

    • Manosman

      She mentioned that they went inside her mind too just like Zod did to Supes, so that was how they found out where the Kent farm was.

    • chasab

      Lois wrote a story and said she knew about him. Zod took over earths communications, saw that lois had a connection with him.

      Zod hoped that by taking lois it would prevent superman from trying anything funny. sort of like an ace up his sleeve. What zod did not know was that clark gave lois the key, and that she would use said key to upload jor-el.

  7. hole-exposer

    Oh – and re: the Pa Kent death. The thing that bothered me about it wasn’t that he went back for the dog. It was the fact that Clark, after showing scene after scene of him exposing himself to help strangers without hesitation, decides the ONE time he will not help is when it’s his father, the man he loves most in the whole world. I get that Costner was waving him off, but wtf – I think Clark would have disobeyed. After all, later in the timeline he continues to expose himself saving people in the oil rig fire, etc, so why this one time, with Dad on the line, is he like, “meh – okay, I’ll sit this one out.” Didn’t buy it.

    And re: the heavy destruction at the end – I get there has to be a lot of action and mayhem with a fight of that magnitude. My beef with it was more to do with glazing over the, oh, I’m guessing tens of thousands of people who must have been killed. I get that it’s a PG-13 movie, and you can’t show bodies lining the streets of Metropolis. But if you take the consequence out of shit like that, then the action has no weight or impact. If it doesn’t take itself seriously, neither will the audience. And that’s aside from needing to care about the characters enough to give a crap.

    All in all I thought the movie was reminiscent of 300 for me: entertaining, visually stimulating, but 2 dimensional and didn’t leave a lasting impression. Snyder crossed his t’s and dotted his i’s but the dialogue was rubbish and perfunctory, and the performances were generic and bland (for the most part – I thought Costner was the most grounded and heartfelt).

    • Superman's Red Underpants

      Hole-Exposer (ha ha)

      I get it. I thought the same thing. However, do you think that is why he kept exposing himself (now it sounds gay when I say it like that) was because the one time he DIDN’T he lost his father?

      • hole-exposer

        Ummm, okay, I guess that makes sense. But when he tells the story of his father’s death to Lois, he uses it to support his argument that his identity should be kept secret. He doesn’t say “I didn’t help my dad, and he died, so I vowed to never turn my back again” – he said “my dad died because he didn’t want people to know the truth” (paraphrasing JUST a little). But it just felt very manipulative to have him expose himself for others but not his father…I get that dramatically it serves a purpose, just didn’t make sense to me. Maybe that is in part because I love Costner and would have pissed at having to watch him die no matter what.

      • Superman's Red Underpants

        did you think Costner’s role was a bit too small, or short? I did.

      • chasab

        Clark revealed him self as a child, when he had to make a choice in a split second, “either i save these kids, or they all die” during the tornado, Pa kent knows clark can save him, clark knows he can save him, and pa kent makes a choice. he signals to clark “Don’t, I know you can, but Don’t”

        There is a huge difference between a child making a rash decision, and a young adult about to make a choice, and having their father signal say no.

    • Brandon

      When he exposed his powers later on none of those people knew who he really was.

    • Devilsrain

      Its probably because, like no one else in the theater, no one cares about costner. At least I didnt feel for him when he died. Maybe thats why Supes lets him die, because his acting sucked

    • In the seen where Jonathan dies, Clark is surrounded by people from his general area (I’m assuming here), but people were going to find out particulars because of his parent’s involvement. Whenever he exposes himself (dirty birdy) during the oil rig, etc, he’s some anonymous guy. Nobody actually knows who he is, where he’s from, who his parents are, etc. Lois even says that his name and employment record were all faked so nobody could trace him.

  8. Superman's Red Underpants

    At first I was suspect about how superman could fight the terraforming machine, since it was his weakness. However, didn’t his father say you have limitless strength but you have to keep pushing yourself? To me that was sort of the other definition of the character in this movie. He pushed himself to be what Pa Kent, and Jor-El wanted him to be.

    • hole-exposer

      Yeah, that makes sense, as far as him having to keep pushing himself and exploring his power. But if we’re saying: you can overcome kryptonite if you just push yourself hard enough, then are we taking the whole kryptonite being his weakness thing out of the equation? It IS supposed to be his one weakness. But hey, Lois knows his identity right away, so they’re obviously changing the rules of the game.

      • Kryptonite may not even exist in this continuity (of course it will, because they can almost never do anything truly original with a franchise)

  9. Just got back and Man of Steel was freaking awesome. Best Superman movie ever.

    • hole-exposer

      I agree it’s better than “Superman Returns” but I’ll still take the first 2 Reeves films as the best to date.

  10. Sorry, this movie was below average. It only gets higher ratings from some because of the names attached to it (i.e. Nolan). I didn’t like Superman Returns either, and although this movie started out pretty amazing, it quickly fell off.

  11. Jenn

    I’m going to see it tomorrow. I skimmed through your review, glad it didn’t totally suck.

  12. Spoilers……………….I liked the part where he melted an ice tunnel and created no water or steam and didn’t set off any sensors in the heavily monitored area. And they couldn’t track the ship and locate it even though they could track all of the other ships throughout the movie. I also liked the part where they lock her in a room that has a control panel that she just happens to have the super access key. Access key just also happens to have a holographic dad that has the key to winning the day. It was also cute when the Kryptonian Russian chick took the flying beetle pod to get to the C-17 even though she can fly. Lots of other stuff too. Sigh. I’m sorry………Why that shit bothered me is stupid considering he hides his identity with the same glasses I wear in a city he destroyed in front of millions of on-lookers. Sigh. Seriously, I’m sorry.

    • The Kryptonian Russian chick couldn’t fly yet, she hadn’t learned how to. Zod figured it out at the end.

      And while the military folks have gotten a good look at him (and can probably track down his past) almost no one else was in a position to see his face (and those that did are unlikely to run into Clark in a city of millions)

      • Wasn’t she the one that flew up and then crashed down into the barn looking for his baby cradle ship? At least 500 people saw him and I’m sure one wants to write a book about it. But yeah, it’s all debatable with the right amount of mental nerd gymnastics.

      • Agreed, cat is out of the bag and a civilian identity could only work if goverment gets involved to delete traces back to him, and even then, we have Lex Luthor… or anyone with an IQ over the two digits that has seen an episode of Scooby Doo

      • some dude

        I think in that scene the Russian/kryptonian woman jumped through the roof of the barn.

  13. SMB

    *whew* …thank jebus …i was afraid you were gonna come back with a review that shit on everything i’ve been bitching about since the first trailer, forcing me choke down crow …but, you seem to kinda confirm most of it (so do a lot of other critics/bloggers) …my friend louie likes to tell me “just wait until you see it” in response to my premature, uninformed rantings, and quotes me statistics from metacritic & rotten tomatoes …so i have taken to sending him your reviews and telling him “this is the only guy i really listen to, he’s been right on the money every time! (except for thor…*shudder*)”

    • SMB

      BTW… have you been checking out ‘indestructible hulk’, with simonson doing thor again? am i just being a nostalgic fanboy, or is it actually a pretty good lil’ story?

  14. Mel

    THANK YOU. The amount of destruction is obscene and then he gets all upset about one guy dying. Dude you just killed thousands. He tells this one girl to go inside then destroys the building w/ everyone in it. Then has the audacity to catch a soldier who falls out of a helicopter. Like I’ll save this guy. HE’S THE GUY BLOWING UP PEOPLE.

    Someone should tell the director that people live in buildings.

  15. I saw it today and enjoyed it.
    Not as good as say the Iron Man franchise, but it is way harder to make superman seem appealing to a modern generation than it is, say Tony Stark.

  16. And another thing! If I was Superdude I would bang the swooning chick at the end way super longer and way super harder than Lois Lane. It broke my immersion when he just left instead of being all, “you know I can fly right?” *wink.

  17. bob

    Terrible line delivery by every single member of the cast, a plot that is all over the place and completely full of holes, piss poor pacing, unimpressive visuals, a score so bad it took me out of the movie every time the insipid piano heart string pull fired up (which was every 5 minutes, alternating with swelling violins, the only other element of the score), and somehow, an ugly Amy Adams absolutely chewing the scenery.

    I love comic movies, LOVE THEM. This was insultingly bad and some of you need to realize that just because you wanted to like it, really, really badly, it’s still possible it was actually a pile of shit.

  18. KNeel

    Looking back, I have only one question. Where did the suit come from? If memory serves it was on the Kryptonian scout ship from 200,000 years ago. There just happens to be a suit (which is a different color than everyone else’s) stamped with the house of El’s symbol on a long forgotten ship?

    • some dude

      I think a reasonable explanation (and one that should have been mentioned in the movie) is that the Jor-El program created the uniform within that chamber. We’ve seen how the kryptonian metal can be shaped very easily – it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to have the metal woven and shaped as the uniform – also explaining why it is so durable, because it is made of kryptonian metal.

  19. Just got back and I really enjoy it. I know Superman Returns was a low bar to reach, but man at least there’s something to work with here. And in Cavill, we FINALLY have a Superman worth seeing again. Hated Dean Cain in the role. Despised Brandon Routh’s portrayal (although I’ll lay that performance at the feet of Bryan Singer). But Cavill makes this thing his own. Great casting, from a restrained Perry White in Laurence Fishburne to a plucky yet vulnerable Lois Lane in Amy Adams. As for Kevin Costner, I thought he struck just the right chord as Pa Kent. The tornado scene? Thought it was pitch perfect. You have to remember, Jonathan Kent is selfish. He loves his son. He doesn’t want to see anything happen to him. Just like any other father. If that means laying down his life so his son could put off being an otherworldly oddity for just one more day, so be it. Totally get why they did that. I thought this film was well done.

  20. Jenn

    Heroin Muppets made me lol. That’s too accurate
    The movie was pretty good, Henry whatever is a good Superman. I even liked Russell Crowe in this, and I dislike him very much. The Krypton scenes were best to me. The end fight was like mediocre sex..I was thinking, damn just get the shit over with already.
    My husband –The King of Nerds-said it was no Batman(he’d never have seen the bat w/o me). We did agree this was a somewhat more manly looking Superman and it was grittier and more violent than previous Superman movies. Mass destruction. That poor Sears!
    It was a dash of Smallville+ a smattering of chest hair+ sprinkling of cuss words +explosions+ a Bunch of Superman Mythos – the gay tights
    …I liked it..

  21. anonymous

    The problem with DC heroes is that everyone of them except for Batman is has godlike powers.

    It’s easier to bring a sense of realism to Batman and Iron Man than to Superman or Green Lantern without making a $200 million film. I still say a Wonder Woman movie would look ridiculous in a movie on her own even though I love the character in comics.

    At least this time around, Lex Luthor isn’t the main villain. They just brought in more baddies with godlike powers.

  22. Personally, I absolutely loved the film. I’m going to go back and see it at least 2 more times. Seriously. I loved everything. It all made sense to me and borrowed from Superman Earth One and the John Byrne run.

    The destruction at the end? Totally makes sense. You basically have Superman vs. Superman – that’s going to cause serious damage. Clark Kent keeping on the down low and then doing something that reveals he has powers? Makes sense. He’s not Superman yet. He’s still Clark Kent. It isn’t until the later years that Superman is the main character and Clark Kent is the secret identity. It goes on and on…

    BTW, *SPOILER ALERT!!* Superman killing Zod at the end make perfect sense. Supes is so new to everything, he hasn’t figured out any alternatives. What prison could hold Zod? Would he be able to defeat him a 2nd time around? (Zod already showed that he could adapt to his new powers much quicker and easier than Clark did). How could Superman let Zod live knowing that Zod would NEVER stop until every earthling was dead? Also, it seemed to be directly from the John Byrne run where Superman kills Zod and his other two cronies with kryptonite. In the comic Superman was so distraught, he banished himself to self-imposed exile in outer space for over a year. In the film, this could be the moment where Superman vows to never kill again, forming the Superman we’re all familiar with today.

    It was an origin film done right. Yes, you could see the Nolan moments and the Snyder moments very clearly, which gave me a chuckle every once in a while. My favourite was the Superman Christ pose when he leaves the Zod-ship. You can practically hear Zak yelling, “Look more like Jesus on the cross! JEEEE-SUS!! We want people to know that you’re the 2nd coming of Christ! How will they know if we don’t beat it over their heads?!”

    All in all, a fantastic Superman flic. Best of the bunch, so far. Not the best comic book movie, but definitely in the top 10.

    • Jenn

      I agree about the shock when he did it. But the necessity of the act, was blatantly obvious. I also think Zod drove him to it because he was also, as he said, alone, and without a soul. He knew threatening the humans would drive Superman to kill him.

      I’ll add, that I liked Diane Lane as his mother. She was tough as hell. Costner was good too. The last Superman movie I liked was a Reeve one, as a little kid. I watch them now with nostalgia. This one, was pretty awesome.

      • some dude

        One thing that bugged me was how those people at the train station (or something) didn’t just run away while Superman had Zod in a headlock. I mean, it wasn’t as if they were cornered in on all sides except for the front where Zod’s eyebeams were coming. Couldn’t they run along the far wall and away? Couldn’t Superman yell at them to leave? Or couldn’t Superman fly up and away with Zod in a headlock? I know that Superman didn’t have any permanent solution to keeping Zod down, so maybe killing Zod was the right answer, but they could have made the scenario more plausible.

        Imagine if Superman and Zod land by a huge building with lots of people inside (I know, they were flying through a bunch of those before and probably killed tens of thousands of civilians). Imagine that Superman has Zod in a headlock, just as before. Now Zod is aiming his heat vision at the base of the building, which will come crushing down, killing everyone inside and hundreds of people outside, who can’t run far away fast enough. Imagine that Superman tries to fly up, but realizes that Zod is holding them both in place because he is flying down or something. Then Superman has no choice but to kill Zod. It would have been more dramatic…my opinion, though.

  23. facemash

    Ok, a little more Shit that Shat:

    -Product Placement – I fucking get it, Lois Lane uses NIKON to get the perfect picture, NIKON NIKON NIKON. Superman likes to blow shit up at SEARS and IHOP is where small town people love to eat. I honestly haven’t seen this much product placement in a long time, it was like ET all over again.

    -Inconsistent powers – So superman can literally punch Zod into space but he can’t turn his lazer eyes away from a couple of tourists?

    -No double identity – I know that some people think that the double identity thing is too unbelievable to even try, but it’s really always been the most interesting thing about Superman. He’s a fantastic super-alien when he’s superman and everyone loves him, but when he’s Clark Kent, he can’t fit in, and no one loves the human side of him. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL AND SAD. These are my girl-thoughts.

    - General Lack of Curiosity – everyone seems really cool with the whole “we’re not alone in the universe thing” everyone from his earth mother to the army seems really non-plussed about the super-alien in their midst.

    -The Daily Planet – you can’t just walk into an office and just BE A JOURNALIST, it’s not 1976 anymore! In 2013, even Superman would need like …. 5 unpaid internships before that happened.

  24. Gumbatei

    Why? Why bother with Clark Kent the reporter. They build up everything to throw that identity away from him just to magically make him a journalist. DID HE EVEN GO TO COLLEGE?

    A place where he can be informed? HOW ABOUT THE INTERNET? You’re Superman, you can HEAR WHAT IS GOING ON. He doesn’t need t be Clark Kent, because Clark Kent is nobody, a drifter, and as EVERYONE IN THIS MOVIE FIND OUT, an alien. I thought that was the point of Lois finding out so easily, because it doesn’t matter.

    That almost ruined the movie for me.

  25. chasab

    It’s almost like you didn’t understand the tornado scene at all.

    Pa kent said maybe clark should have let that school bus of children die, and then he fucking BACKED IT UP by sacrificing himself instead of letting clark save him, in order to protect his secret.

    CLARK EVEN EXPLAINS IT! “I let my father die, because he thought if the world knew who i really was, they would try to destroy me”

    Jesus christ, it wasn’t about saving the dog, it was about a person making a sacrifice, to show that he loved clark so much, that he would rather die, than risk the world thinking clark was a monster

  26. Pa Kent’s death was a good idea.
    “stop” with his hand, etc. Great moment.

    Lois Lane does not discover his identity in 5 minutes. Some hours or some days happen between her meetings with several people to discover Clark.

    Then, like she has met him before, she was able to find him, but she said in the movie that it was not easy because he “covered his tracks”. So, no, you can’t discover his identity so easily.

    You would have to be a journalist, like Lois, to make some research, to acess to some files, to move everywhere in the world Clark went.
    At least, you should have met him and be saved by him in order to will to find him.
    Without this meeting I don’t see why people should be interested by the stories of strangers telling they have been saved by a guy with superpowers…

    Then, Superman is 33, that means the bus story was a long time before and I don’t think in his childhood the technologies were so advanced.(anyway, I don’t think pupils in this bus would really remember what happened or they would have thought they had dreamed. Notice only Lana and the other guy have seen Clark saving them) Actually, even with a cellphone, you would have to film him in the good instant. And trust me, it would be hard. Because unless you have a 6th sense, you don’t know where he could appear or when. Anyway, he is way too fast to be filmed.

    If you were in the army, I think you must have seen his face, but I don’t think they really care who he is. What would have it changed? Nothing. They would know his identity. Then? The army would be smart enough to not let people know who he is.
    They would keep it secret. They would call Lois in order to transmit some messages. There’s no real reason for them to try to discover who he is.

    Like nobody have seen his face except the army and Lois (and a few people in his life who certainly don’t remember his face because they just met him a few seconds, and, with a beard lol) I don’t see why somebody would recognize him when he becomes a journalist.

    And, trust me or not….Some people don’t recognize someone when he wears glasses and when he does not. A beard and a hair cup can change evrything. I think you would just say to someone that he looks like Superman, but not that’s he is Supes.

  27. Deacon Jones

    I saw it last weekend and thought it was pretty damn good. Zach Snyder’s portrayal of Krypton was awesome, only something he could have done.

    The glaring question I had after the movie was over, was how the hell did Zod and his crew instantly have powers when they arrived at Earth? They explained that Superman got them from growing up on Earth, from the radiation from the sun, air, etc, but they orbited around the moon for a couple days and then BAM!??

    Also, what happened to that really tall henchman of Zods? I dont remember seeing him killed.

    And the tornado was cheesy as hell. Other than that, I thought it was pretty damn cool

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