Mama June Let Her Pedophile Boyfriend Near Honey Boo Boo

So here’s all the awfulness that’s spewed out of the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo pedophile shitfest over the weekend which unsurprisingly does get worse than finding out June Shannon’s convicted child molester boyfriend Mark McDaniel forced her own daughter to perform oral sex on him when she was eight. And if this seems like an overabundance of information with an alarming amount of photograph evidence, I’m almost positive TLC is burning this woman and burning her hard. (They were still filming the show as of mid-September, but I’ll get back to that in a second.) Which, yes, seems pretty hypocritical considering they made millions propping them up on TV, but at the same time, it’s not like the mighty Jabba was letting a convicted sex offender who already molested one daughter near another one which is exactly what’s happening right now. TMZ reports:

Mama June has not only been lying … she’s been exposing her young daughter to a child molester.
Take a look at this pic — taken last month. A smiling June sits on a staircase as her 9-year-old daughter, Honey Boo Boo, is touched gently by the hands of a man who forced oral sex on another one of June’s children … who was a year younger than Honey Boo Boo when she was violated.

And here’s where shit gets really fucked up. You see, Mama June never really believed her daughter Anna Marie Cardwell when she accused Mark McDaniel of molesting her when she was eight, and instead, yelled at her for trying to ruin her life. Yeehaw, #REDNECKLIVIN! People reports:

“A week or so after it happened, I talked to Mama and she was upset, crying and saying, ‘I don’t believe you, I don’t believe you, why would you do this to me?’ ” Cardwell says. “And I was like, ‘Mama, he did that to me and I can’t do anything about it. You were never there to see it you were always at work.”

From there, Mama June kept a box of photos of the man in jail for molesting her own daughter and apparently has been pining for him all this time because as soon as Mark McDaniel got out of prison, she kicked Sugar Bear to the curb and planted the story of him cheating on her online which now suddenly makes much more sense. You’ve all seen the guy. TMZ:

We’re told McDaniel — who molested June’s then 8-year-old daughter Anna — was the subject of frequent arguments between June and Sugar Bear. He felt she was still emotionally in a relationship with McDaniel … even though he had been locked up for years.
Our sources say June was seeing McDaniel while she was still with Sugar Bear — he got out of prison in March. The family now believes it was actually June who was cheating, not Sugar Bear, and she used the online dating story to get out of a relationship she had already rejected.

Keep in mind, the Sugar Bear cheating “scandal” happened mid-September when they were still filming which is probably around the time TLC started putting shit together and realized somebody’s about to get molested on their show. How they chose to do the right thing instead of making a ratings grab will be one of our generation’s greatest mysteries. As for whether or not child protective services can step in now that there are photographs of Mark McDaniel with Honey Boo Boo, maybe? Probably? People reports:

“Generally speaking, when we receive a report that children are living around a sex offender … it would certainly rise to the level of concern of us looking into it,” Susan Boatwright of Georgia’s Division of Family and Child Services tells PEOPLE.

Because of privacy laws, Boatwright is unable to confirm any ongoing investigations into the allegations against Shannon, but says, “From our point of view, when there are young children who are not able to protect themselves that are in daily contact or living with a sex offender, someone would go out and assess the situation and decide whether the children can stay there or not. If we thought a child was in harm’s way in any way, shape or form, we would develop a safety plan and make sure the children are not around an offender.”

In the meantime, even after finding out that Mark McDaniels molested Anna who’s been brave enough to come forward and blow the lid off this god-awful crock pot of shit, there are still people out there willing to give Mama June the benefit of the doubt because she seemed like a real good Southern mom on the TV box and didn’t buy no fancy houses or cars and saved money for them kids. Except TMZ has her house-hunting with the man who raped her daughter and buying him a new car. But she made that there Facebook vidya, so we should probably wait and see how this plays out. Let the rapist touch the Boo Boo child first, and then we’ll talk. That’s only fair.

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Photo: Splash News