Maggie Gyllenhaal breastfeeds in public

June 6th, 2007 // 508 Comments

Maggie Gyllenhaal was spotted breastfeeding her daughter in public in New York City. And I really don’t know what to say to these. It’s not like it’s Paris Hilton walking around with her vagina hanging out. It’s breastfeeding. Making fun of her would be like going to a nude beach and making fun of everybody for being naked. Which, you know, I usually only do on Thursdays.

These are all probably NSFW depending on how your work feels about a baby sucking on an exposed breast for milk. Personally, mine doesn’t care. Although my boss also happens to be a puppy dachshund that runs around my living room trying to eat all my stereo equipment.

maggie_gyllenhaal_breast_feeds_01-thumb.jpg maggie_gyllenhaal_breast_feeds_02-thumb.jpg maggie_gyllenhaal_breast_feeds_03-thumb.jpg maggie_gyllenhaal_breast_feeds_04-thumb.jpg

Photo Credit: Splash News

  1. yo mamma

    Good for her.
    The baby is looking around b/c he’s about 6 months old. Many 6 month old babies like to look around when they nurse, and often pull off the blankets used to cover them. It’s developmentally appropriate. And if any breastmilk spuirted into your food in a restaurant you’d probably be better off because of it. It’s antibacterial and has many other beneficial properties. It’ll also kill genital warts on contact. Milk banks supply it to cancer patients, not just babies. Also, breastmilk in a bottle and breastmilk directly from the breast are not the same. The baby’s saliva interacts with glands on the mother’s areola so the mother makes antibodies for any virus the baby has been exposed to, regardless if she has been directly exposed to it herself.

  2. I Got the Booby Hundee!

  3. jakebarnes

    That tit looks dodged in photoshop

  4. mom

    OMG she’s using her boobs to do something besides sell cars, the horror!

    Good for Maggie, I love her. And thank heavens for laws that protect a woman’s right to breastfeed in public.

  5. wedgeone

    Look, we have to draw the line somewhere. If it’s ok to just flop your breast completely out in the open in public in the name of breastfeeding, it’ll become ok to take off whatever clothing you want for whatever reason. Public fucking will be next. Sure, we can joke about that being great, but “public” means everybody, from adults down to kids. There have to be limits.

    After all, my dad said he’d stop after “a little light rimming.” Tell that to my constant companion during grade school, the inflatable donut cushion…

  6. Sugar

    This is way over the line. Do celebrities need to start taking portable tinted phone booths whever they go to get some decent privacy? What’s next, nude pics of her baby?

  7. Question: Public fucking?

    Answer: Yes, please.

  8. Shit, there is a Bern 2? That is bad news. I don’t make enough money to pay support and its mother could be any number of dumb sluts … time to pack it up and head south … again.

  9. mrs.t

    She looks beautiful.

  10. CHA

    @96: funny you should mention Muslim countries…I’ve lived the majority of my life in the middle east, and, ironically, breastfeeding in public is totally acceptable there!! in cairo you can see muslim women breastfeeding on the metro. it’s really just Americans that have these weirdness with breasts and breastfeeding.

  11. stick

    Good for her. You go girl!

  12. mrs.t

    Bern: as always, nice DMBS. If she was breastfeeding, though, she’d be faking an orgasm. Any mouth on her nipple will remind her of the ‘direction’ in her last ‘film’.

  13. Forget about “doing this in a bathroom” – the paps have already snapped her doing this in a more private setting…

  14. frank stallone

    who is the guy next to her? he’s an actor of some sort — its annoying me that I can’t place him..

  15. Chauncey Gardner

    Maggie is UGLY AS FUCK. And she seems like she’d be a real pain in the ass to be around, too. I always get the vibe that she’s nont only one of those people with whom every conversation is turned into a negotiation, but one of those people who are inherently disagreeable – someone who will stand there and look in the eye and tell you that a plain condom is ribbed, and a ribbed condom is plain. And, who the fuck needs that kind of complication?

  16. sly s.

    Yo Frank, that aint no actor, it’s just some guy waiting in line. I think it might be Ferret.

  17. krazihottrolli

    I am zuch a bitchez= why don’t I have titzez
    Maybe zome day when I grow up. People hate me. Muzt be because I zuck. Won’t zomebody pleaze help me to ztop being zuch a ztupid zquirrel? Pleaze.

  18. 17: Her tit hanging all over the place is not natural.

    That is the dumbest thing I’ll read all day.

    Go, Maggie! Cute baby, too.

  19. #111 – Mrs. T, I have no clue what you are referencing, but that’s cool. There are a couple other Berns making the rounds … either that or I’ve been blacking out again …

  20. #116 – Yep! I am in the titty queue!

    Actually, that’s not even her baby. It’s a very stealthy midget.

    Skills, little man. Skills…

  21. Zip it!
    Ladies and gentlemen,
    ExZIP IT A.
    I’m Zippi Longstocking!
    Wud u like a zuckle
    of my Zipple?

  22. you are one nutty bitch.

  23. scoob

    Those hooters rock. #20 = fetish. Scoob’s got baby envy.

  24. good for her, feeding her baby what it’s supposed to eat rather than what Carnation Corporation has tried to pawn off on her in the name of vanity and false modesty. but…a couple of things. that’s not how a baby should nurse. he keeps chewing on the tip of her nipple like that and she’s not going to *have* a nipple for long. nipple’s supposed to be in the back of the baby’s throat, gums and lips are supposed to be on the areola, massaging to make the milk thing happen. second thing? i have no problem with nursing in public and did it myself with both of my girls, but there are ways to do it that don’t cause your whole breast to be flapping in the breeze. they make nursing tops, nursing bras, etc. or hell, just a plain old receiving blanket tossed over the shoulder, you know?

  25. Luy Sel

    Fine, its natural..

    Being a woman myself I guess I’m supposed to think its all liberating and good for the kid.. But it makes me uncomfortable. I dont want to see breastfeeding in restaurants and crap.. I just dont.

    At least cover yourself up a little while doing it woman. Please.

  26. Kel

    It’s perfectly normal and acceptable. Good for her. She looks relaxed and she’s just feeding her baby, minding her business. Too bad all these prudes can’t mind their’s.

  27. Kate

    Yay! I think it’s great that Maggie breastfeeds and is happy to do so in public. It’s natural and healthy and I find the disgusted reactions disturbing – especially from women. What I find totally unnatural, however, is the paps snapping her whilst doing this. So undignified.

  28. krazihottrolli

    I’m zpeechlezz !!!

  29. Kamiki

    @98 (PINTO)- erm yeah thanks for the lesson but tell someone who doesn’t know what the fuck they are talking about asshole, I breastfed my daughter public and private and I don’t need a lesson from a major league tosser like you!

  30. afronaut

    i came hard.

  31. Aja


  32. Vabina

    Look closer. That’s not a baby. It’s that ugly midget Zach from “Little People, Big World”

  33. Aja

    Seriously, why no blanket? what reason could she possibly have other than
    A- she’s a pervert
    B- craves attention

    we don’t live in a normal world. bitch is a celebrity and KNOWS pics will be taken. give me a break.

  34. Rebecca

    This is awesome! Breastfeeding in public is not gross/indecent/whatever.

    Good for her for not caring what idiots like some of the above posters think, and feeding her baby whenever and wherever she pleases!

    Also, thanks to for posting these pics (and for having a somewhat uncharacteristically mature attitude about them!). Breastfeeding awareness is important, and celebrities being photographed breastfeeding is a great step toward normalizing breastfeeding for the general public.


  35. wangotang

    I would’ve asked her for a drink.

  36. Yawn. Breastfeeding completely natural and not in the least bit dirty. I really don’t know what the big deal is.

  37. blah, blah, blah

    Go MAGGIE and baby! What an EXCELLENT example of a mother, feeding her child, when, where, and how ALL babies are/were intended to be fed. Now if we could fix the REAL sickos out-there and stop focusing on the natural function of a breast!

  38. retardo

    Mommy didn’t love you?
    I loved your mommy.

  39. I support breastfeeding.
    I also support strippers.
    Therefore, I support breastfeeding strippers.
    But not from my own breasts.
    That would just be wierd.

  40. Lilian

    So what?? THE BABY HAS TO EAT.

    Is all that plastic “glam” more important that the need of a baby for food?
    I dont think so.

    And just in case all the time you spend looking al magazines and gossips shows made your forget: YES, EVERYONE POOPS!

  41. TheExpatriot

    #73: Then why don’t you walk around naked? Assuming you live in the U.S.A., this is the land of the free, and you can do whatever you want, right?

  42. Chauncey Gardner

    Goddamn…I took a closer look at that baby, and it’s ugly as fuck, too.

    Who the fuck was the father – Art Buchwald? Wallace Shawn?

  43. heb

    OMG what the hell is a mater with her. I’m a woman and wouldn’t appreciate seeing that while I ate, no class. The pig face should have made a bottle or have done something to cover herself, have some respect for others, you dumb ho

  44. NICU Nurse

    Jeez, most of you guys are ignorant idiots. Good for her and her baby, *she’s* the one doing the right thing.

  45. doogleberg

    Man, that’s one ugly chick. She looks like she’s about 50 years old and got her “old-lady-hump-from-shitty-posture” about 10 years early.

    Why can’t we get shots of someone hot breastfeeding? Someone hot breastfeeding ME, for that matter.

  46. Wait a tick – what about the second baby in the picture? Ewww! I think she is being breastfed too!!!

  47. fluxus008

    there are a lot of things we might consider natural or even beautiful that shouldn’t be done in public. saying something is ok because it’s ‘natural’ is just a horrible argument.

    and like someone else said: she knows people are watching her, she’s trying to get noticed. don’t be so gullible.

  48. combustion8

    Ack she’s so ugly, please update already with someone… anyone… in a bikini.

  49. I wonder which one has hairier nipples…

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