Maggie Gyllenhaal breastfeeds in public

June 6th, 2007 // 508 Comments

Maggie Gyllenhaal was spotted breastfeeding her daughter in public in New York City. And I really don’t know what to say to these. It’s not like it’s Paris Hilton walking around with her vagina hanging out. It’s breastfeeding. Making fun of her would be like going to a nude beach and making fun of everybody for being naked. Which, you know, I usually only do on Thursdays.

These are all probably NSFW depending on how your work feels about a baby sucking on an exposed breast for milk. Personally, mine doesn’t care. Although my boss also happens to be a puppy dachshund that runs around my living room trying to eat all my stereo equipment.

maggie_gyllenhaal_breast_feeds_01-thumb.jpg maggie_gyllenhaal_breast_feeds_02-thumb.jpg maggie_gyllenhaal_breast_feeds_03-thumb.jpg maggie_gyllenhaal_breast_feeds_04-thumb.jpg

Photo Credit: Splash News

  1. @ Superfish:
    Your boss sounds like an asshole.

  2. Dan

    Plus I’ll just fart loudly in an elevator.

  3. I tried to convince my girlfriend to suck on my boob in public last week. She only did it for like 5 minutes. It was weak.

  4. Ginger

    Good for her! I can’t believe you people are so freaking prudish. I’m sure most of you would have sex with anything that walks, but god forbid someone feed their baby. That’s just crossing the line right? Ugh…grow up and get a life!

  5. MassGrrl

    Most moms breastfeed with the child lying down across their chest — which makes it a bit more discreet, and frankly, easier — but whatever. Babies have to eat.

  6. Wedgeone

    My mom used to breastfeed me in public and people were shocked. We even got reported to the cops once.

    Ok, so substitute “dad” for “mom” and “cock” for “breast” and you get what actually happened. I suppose some public outcry was inevitable, in 20-20 hindsight (btw, that’s what my boyfriend calls it I pour Mad Dog down his asscrack and lick it out of his nether eye).

  7. Is it wrong that this stimulates me?

    Titty milk………mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. thatgengirl

    Good for her! The WHO recommends breastfeeding for at least a year, and if they listened to all the ignorant fucks out there, they would end up never leaving the house because of it.

    The fact that she’s been able to go this long (that kid definitely has teeth) is just another kudos to how tough Maggie really is.

    p.s. I’m breastfeeding my 6 month old as I type this.

  9. Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey recommend breast feeding? Cool!

  10. tell the truth – what’s more disgusting, this (and yes, Maggie could have made a better effort at a little privacy by using a baby blanket, like most moms do), or the young girls with visible stretch marks on their muffintops? which do you see more often?

  11. Those of you who are grossed out by this really need to get over yourselves. Everybody’s already seen Maggie’s tits in Sherrybaby anyway, so I can see why she’s not really modest.

  12. CHA

    @59 lmao!

  13. olevia80

    Good for her! I’m very proud of her. I’m also a breastfeeding mommy and so I need to nurse wherever I go on demand. Many nursing children do not take bottles, it leads to nipple confusion or premature weaning.(pumping is also impossible for many of us) It’s healthier from the breast anyway. The US has the lowest breastfeeding rates out of the western world. That is just sad!

  14. janer

    i think i am a little bit in love with maggie gyllenhaal. first secretary, then stranger than fiction, then this. girl is sexy, real, and cute as a button.

  15. Nipple Confusion? Holy crap, what a shitty syndrome that would be to have.

    I may start a telethon. Maybe Bern could bring some of his gals by to help with the problem.

  16. A little something in honor of this story…

  17. I’d rather fuck her brother.

  18. KatieKates

    First off, this bitch is ugly. And her tits sag. A lot. And there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public, but throw a blanket over those things. Otherwise it is just indecent exposure. Especially when the baby is nibbling on your boob and not even eating.

  19. breastzilla

    lol@KatieKates, always angry at her tiny tits…

  20. jimbo

    that’s a nice pic of you schack

  21. Not Stupid

    #47: “i don’t want potential AIDS squirting into my gelato.”

    It’s not bad enough that people are ignorant; they are ignorant and proud enough of it to post it for the world to see.

    For those of you posting who are over the age of 10, please note that (a) girls are not icky, (b) breasts are not icky, and (c) those with any kind of self-regard or education breast feed their babies in public, because we live in America, not some ass-backward country where women are considered to be dirty and should not reveal themselves.

    That’s why, by the way, there are laws in most states to protect Maggie from the self-appointed dignity-police consisting of a few repressed ignoramuses who feel a bit faint if they are exposed to women’s chests.

  22. besides

    “AIDS squirting into my gelato” is actually a slang expression for gay bloody anal sex.

  23. strong

    weird. we just watched Sherry Baby movie last night. If you want to see her fun bags again, Maggie plays a drug addicted ex-con that likes to get naked in that flick.

    Regarding breastfeeding in public. If it’s ok and natural and all that why don’t we all just walk around naked all the time? I mean “big charlie” has to take a look around now and then too. :)

  24. schack

    jim, relax and let that bug crawl back out of your ass. it’s been in there since you checked your luggage.

  25. “AIDS Squirting into my Gelato” was the working title for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – The Movie.

  26. Breastfeeding is one thing, but in the pics the kid isn’t really eating. The tit is just hanging there.

  27. Shannon

    You know, I look at comments that say things like, pump it and then feed, and it really pisses me off. Breastfeeding is TOTALLY normal and the best thing that could be done for that baby! Some people just need to grow up. Or hey, just turn the other way, shes Not asking YOU to look at her!

  28. lab

    I’ve seen women breastfeed in public, but they at least do it discreetly. Celebrities are just spoiled.

  29. amerikkka

    Here’s my favorite aspect of all this:

    Public breastfeeding? YUK!

    Topless beaches? YAY!

    So, a woman topless at a beach, sitting next to her baby, is just fine. If the baby crawls over and begins to breastfeed, that’s awful.

    Don’t ever grow up, you crazy Yanks!

  30. You know what else? I have seen so many 300+ pound people forcing greasy McDonalds and Taco Bell down their throats, that just driving by one of those fat farms makes me sick.

    I’ll take a cute baby on a tit any day.

    PS – That is one cute baby. And I don’t even like baby’s. Much. Well, I do like them with a light butter sauce, if they are grilled right.

  31. #79 – We’re crazy? There is no “u” in color!

  32. Please Die Dictor


  33. jimbo

    what luggage? did you pack my bags? please don’t deprive me of that beautiful muffintop!

  34. Rachael

    Who cares this is so natural. Just becuase her baby is hungry is doesn’t mean she has to duck somewhere private. Her baby has to eat. What disturbs me is the paparazzi who would even bother to take pics of this! All i think of is PERVERTS!

  35. F. Bastard

    Well, listen up, sonny Jim: I ate a baby. Oh, aye, Baby: the other, other white meat. Baby: it’s what’s for dinner! Git in mah belly!

  36. Jenn

    It’s natural and beautiful. The only thing shameful about it is that she is unable to feed her baby without some idiot taking a picture of her and posting it on the web–so other idiots can post rude comments about it!

  37. schack

    jim, we need to talk this out. why don’t you head down to the nearest bar, hang out by the phone and have a few beers? i’ll call, i promise.

  38. Hecubus

    I love tits, tits should always be on display in public areas. Babies on the other hand … eeew, I don’t need to see them.

  39. wedgeone

    #56 – yawn. After reading that pathetic attempt to discredit me, I have concluded that you have to be K-a-r-l, the owner of the site, once again on a rampage to troll the crap out of me. Your mundane trollery resembles just about every pathetic attempt at humor that the Fish posts in every article. You’ve exposed yourself. Don’t forget to use “chocowinkie” next time, buttplug.

    Regards to breastfeeding, good for her for doing it, but show a little decorum and respect for others by covering your boob and baby with a blanket. Looks like the kid isn’t feeding, but is playing with it. Babies who breastfeed cover the entire nipple & most of the areola with their mouth.

    If you ain’t got enough sense to cover it, expect the paparazzi to cover it in every scandal rag.

  40. Donkey

    What’s much more concerning to me is the fact that kids are going hungry in Ethiopia and this kid is allowed to just play with his food.

    Finish that milk kid… or move over. Never let perfectly good titty go to waste!
    And that’s advice you can use for the rest of your life.

  41. veronica

    Guys are so weird. They love to suck on your nipples, although usually just for a few minutes, and only as an impossibly lame and clumsy substitute for competent foreplay. But then they completely freak out when they see a baby at the nipple, which is what it’s designed for. I guess it’s true – in this country boys undergo forced separation from mommy, so they won’t be called sissy little mama’s boys, and then they spend the rest of their lives trying to get mommy back all to themselves. Explains a lot, including why being a lesbian saves a girl from having to tolerate endless juvenile nonsense.

  42. jimbo

    we do need to talk this out. but how can i call if your phone is off? anyway, i will go wait at the bar bearing my name. hope you will call.

  43. cinnarose

    #26 you hit the nail on the head! If this was your average nipple slip no one would care, but since there’s a baby attached everyone’s all LE HORREUR! Breasts are for feeding babies. Anything else is just a bonus!

  44. Kamiki

    Good for her!! Why do people gets their knickers in a twist about a child having its dinner? Sheesh you go Maggie!

  45. jimbo

    and schack, don’t be upset about your distended belly. we all love it.

  46. Kamiki

    Don’t cover up – why the fuck should she cover up, there;s only one country in the world this would even be an issue _yep the good old US of A nowhere else has such a hang up about breast feeding in public and nipples and so forth. Well except Islamic countries I bet they do, but they are evil women oppressing assholes.

  47. Grow Up!

    Could you guys be any louder despite your obvious ignorance???

    “Looks like the kid isn’t feeding, but is playing with it. Babies who breastfeed cover the entire nipple & most of the areola with their mouth.”

    Babies go through cycles of play, light feeding, and intensive feeding. Anybody who’s acquainted with breastfeeding – in real life, not on an LCD screen – knows that.

    If you don’t know anything, shut the fuck up already.

  48. pinto

    I think it’s hilarious tht some of you morons are upset she’s doing this in public and offending you.

    Jesus, she’s on a bench in the corner, tucked behind her stroller away from everyone. If it wasn’t for a paparazzi’s zoom lens and intrusion no one would see this anyway.

    Besides, anyone who’s offended by a BREAST needs to get some professional help. Fuckers.

  49. Sarah

    YEAH Maggie!!! I wish more Hollywood girls cared about their babies this much! I think that the people who act so squeamish about breastfeeding must LOVE seeing the big corporate formula companies making all that money. If more mothers saw Hollywood moms breastfeeding, it might make it more trendy.

  50. I was breast-fed until I was 37.

    At least I hope I am.

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