Maggie Gyllenhaal breastfeeds in public

June 6th, 2007 // 508 Comments

Maggie Gyllenhaal was spotted breastfeeding her daughter in public in New York City. And I really don’t know what to say to these. It’s not like it’s Paris Hilton walking around with her vagina hanging out. It’s breastfeeding. Making fun of her would be like going to a nude beach and making fun of everybody for being naked. Which, you know, I usually only do on Thursdays.

These are all probably NSFW depending on how your work feels about a baby sucking on an exposed breast for milk. Personally, mine doesn’t care. Although my boss also happens to be a puppy dachshund that runs around my living room trying to eat all my stereo equipment.

maggie_gyllenhaal_breast_feeds_01-thumb.jpg maggie_gyllenhaal_breast_feeds_02-thumb.jpg maggie_gyllenhaal_breast_feeds_03-thumb.jpg maggie_gyllenhaal_breast_feeds_04-thumb.jpg

Photo Credit: Splash News

  1. Cassie

    That’s funny…. everyone loves a good flash when it’s Lily Allen:

    But God forbid it’s a breastfeeding baby! Really, that’s the only difference in the pictures right? I’ll continue to breastfeed as my baby sees fit. If YOU are interested in pumping your breasts for a week to get enough milk for one feeding, be my guest… I’m just not THAT concerned about the general public and their warped views on breastfeeding.

  2. toddlernursingmom

    I am very happy to see a celeb showing that nothing is wrong with nursing a toddler.I also think it is terrible that everywhere else in the world mother’s nurse toddler’s and it doesnt make the news but it sure does here.

  3. Sarah

    Good on her for breastfeeding. Seems there are quite a few prudish ignorant people posting negative comments on here. Sickening that people can be so cruel and ignorant. Nothing wrong with breasts spread all over tv and magazines. WHAT is so shocking about a mother feeding her baby the way mothers are SUPPOSED to feed a baby. Better than feeding her daughter that revolting tasting formula. If you CAN breastfeed then WHY shouldn’t she be able to? She is showing no more breast than a lot of low cut tops or string bikinis do anyway. Why are people so offended by a breast? We see mens and womens breasts all the time.

  4. Nicole

    Of course breast milk is the healthiest choice for a hungry baby, but I don’t want to see it being done-it’s private.

    We do not live in a tribal society where everyone is naked and breastfeeding their babies. To flop a naked tit out in public, when at all other times it is not appropriate, is not considerate of those around you. I would not want to explain to a staring child what is going on there.

    If baby is hungry, feed him or her, but please, please, please cover it up….. how hard is it to throw a blanket over it???

    If it’s so ok to do in public, why should all nursing mothers just walk around with both breasts exposed, and give the kid the pick of the pair…

    Sorry, but even though it is not obscene, it looks obscene. Very tacky and inconsiderate.

  5. Angela

    I find it really funny that people are so offended by this yet sex is advertised for everything including cheeseburgers and have you seen the Quiznos commercials lately.

    I applaud the woman she is using her breasts for what God intended them to be used for and it is not obsene. What does everyone think that bottles are immulating, fake is not better. This world has become so detached and un-natural.

  6. p e t a l

    I think it’s ok, because where else could she breastfeed?

    And also, when her home is far away and she cannot bring milk everywhere where could she pump her milk? My sister who has a baby also complained and that the government should have prepared a special room for pumping milk or something like that every toilet and the office.

  7. thanks for your post!!!!!!!

  8. Tired of Ignorance

    How fucking classy… Yay, I’ve had a baby.. an excuse to let my tits hang out so everyone can see how full they are! What’s that you say? My breasts are bothering you? But I’m breast feeding and it’s beautiful, you have no choice in the matter, you have to see my breasts! This is tacky and disgusting. I wouldn’t want my kids to see her breasts hanging out and I don’t want to see her ugly breasts either.. I already have to look at her hideous face.

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