Maggie Gyllenhaal breastfeeds in public

June 6th, 2007 // 508 Comments

Maggie Gyllenhaal was spotted breastfeeding her daughter in public in New York City. And I really don’t know what to say to these. It’s not like it’s Paris Hilton walking around with her vagina hanging out. It’s breastfeeding. Making fun of her would be like going to a nude beach and making fun of everybody for being naked. Which, you know, I usually only do on Thursdays.

These are all probably NSFW depending on how your work feels about a baby sucking on an exposed breast for milk. Personally, mine doesn’t care. Although my boss also happens to be a puppy dachshund that runs around my living room trying to eat all my stereo equipment.

maggie_gyllenhaal_breast_feeds_01-thumb.jpg maggie_gyllenhaal_breast_feeds_02-thumb.jpg maggie_gyllenhaal_breast_feeds_03-thumb.jpg maggie_gyllenhaal_breast_feeds_04-thumb.jpg

Photo Credit: Splash News

  1. first


  2. leelee

    eeeeww i hate when people do that– but i love Maggie, so I’m a little pulled.

  3. Troll

    New low for the Superfish.

    And I’m a fuckin troll.

  4. eva

    hmmm… imo if you want to breastfeed in public, pump your tits at home, bottle it, and feed them that way.

  5. sassy

    Good for her- I hope celebrities continue to set a good example in this area. Breatfeeding is the most important thing that can be done to help an infant.
    Go Maggie!~

  6. combustion8

    shes so ugly… look at that puppy sag.

  7. Fluffy Butt

    WOW! classy.

    i’m actually wondering if the kid is feeding or just playin with those tit tays. that child appears to be having WAY to much fun.

  8. Dan

    Now, that’s just not *natural*–tits are for beating like speed bags, not feeding babies!

  9. hotyute

    Erm, the child seems a bit confused in the first pic. Is he questioning:
    A. The validity of the Breast
    B. The substance leaking from the breast
    C. The Owner of the breast

  10. cookievanderbilt

    Breastfeeding is good for kids. Duh. It shows she cares enough to send the best. If more Hollywood parents actually gave half a load about their kids they wouldn’t end up like Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Spears, Nicole Ritchie, et al.

    So shut it.

  11. BERN2

    Its a tit, I would gladly suck on it and then some.

  12. Inska

    Good on her!!

  13. fluxus008

    what a rube. keep it classy mags!

  14. Pat

    WHY? WHY?

  15. adeliza

    So…..Maggie is not shy.

  16. frenchie

    Ewww…not good. She could have covered up a bit with a blanket. I know it’s a natural act but that is pretty tacky. Her tit hanging all over the place is not natural. She should be more conscientious of not offending the general public by being more subtle.

  17. bungoone

    5, then that wouldn’t be feeding in public, now would it?

  18. Wanky

    she was cute in “stranger than fiction” + nice big titty = i want to suck on it

  19. Sanity

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public. Infants need to feed on demand, when they need it, not on some fucked up schedule. And pumping/bottle feeding just so that strangers won’t get uncomfortable – please. Pumping isn’t always easy or completely successful, and breastmilk goes bad very quickly when it’s not refrigerated.

    The sick part is people debating about whether viewing it is disgusting or a sexual turn-on. Just pick your disorder (phobia or fetish) and move on, sicko.

  20. bungoone

    and who’s the dude next to her? he looks somewhat famous too.

    people, you can’t possibly be offended! the only reason you’re seeing this is because the papparazzi took the pictures. otherwise, you would be none the wiser.

  21. steverino

    Hey, she’s breastfeeding so that means she’s not shoveling off all the baby care responsibilities to a nurse/nanny. That probably makes, what, 3 or 4 actresses who do that, total?

  22. Dan

    She’s pretty hot. Her mom… not so much, judging by these pictures

  23. #20 – I agree. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with breastfeeding me in public. I need to feed on demand, when I need it, not on some fucked up schedule. And pumping/bottle feeding just so that strangers won’t get uncomfortable – please. Pumping isn’t always easy or completely successful, and breastmilk goes bad very quickly when it’s not refrigerated.

  24. Victor

    OHHHHHHHHHHHH how I wish I was that baby. That would be great.

  25. bungoone

    and why do you think chicks have boobs in the first place? TO BREAST FEED! that is their sole purpose of existence.

    no one would be complaining if it was just her tit hanging out of a dress!

  26. Dan

    I need to take shits on a pretty regular schedule, too. Toilets are inconvenient.

  27. probreast

    Yay, Maggie for doing what is right for your child but….there are ways you can feed your child and have a bit of privacy for your mommy bits. A blanket draped perhaps?

  28. Dan

    What are assholes for in the first place? To TAKE SHITS!

  29. gotmilk?

    really victor, you like warm breastmilk? please tell me you’re still not feeding off your mom’s teat.

  30. the cunt

    that is such a refreshing pic to see. why should she cover up? it’s beautiful and one of the most instinctive human behaviors. just so that she can make other’s comfortable??? PA-LEASE. they can suck it if they’re not comfortable (pun intended)!

  31. fluxus008

    26. well what do you think guys have dongs for? next time a need to cut a waz i’ll just whip it out. i mean, it’s only natural.

  32. BrnnDaniels

    @ #20: Actually there is something wrong with it. I shouldn’t have to see some woman’s exposed tit while I’m eating lunch, shopping or anything else. And I have a child so I’ve dealt with my child being randomly hungry while I’m out…so I know the ordeal. All milk, formula or breast, goes bad quickly. It’s called refrigeration and then putting the bottle in an insulator. It’s what every mom, whether she breastfeeds or not has to do….it’s not freakin impossible.

  33. PS – Maggie Gyllenhaal is hot as hell. Did you see her in ‘Secretary?’ And good for her, because those are some cute tits.

    If do not own or have not rented ‘Secretary’ go right now to a place where they sell or rent movies and buy it or rent it. (28% of you will get that, BTW.)

  34. adeliza


  35. #33 – Show us your tits!

  36. Rebecca

    Discusting! I’ve seen women do that before but at least they had the decency to cover their breasts. What a freakin peasant! Yes breastfeeding is natural but so is urinating and defecating, does this mean we’ll catch people doing that in public too? This is what I call no self-respect.

  37. bungoone

    32, wtf is cut a waz? assuming it’s take a piss, there’s a difference. your act would be illegal. this however is not considered indecent exposure. sorry people.

    33, i shouldn’t have to see alot of things, like ugly faces, so just look away if you have a problem.

  38. Donkey

    Man! This cow has some healthy udders.

  39. the cunt

    god. American’s are so uptight. what the eff is wrong with seeing a breast while you’re at a restaurant eating? are you really that repressed???

  40. CommonSense

    Comparing taking a shit to eating doesn’t support your opinion, it just shows how much of a stretch you have to make in order to look like you have a point. Yeah, she could be more discreet, but if her baby’s hungry it should eat!

    Suggesting that women should pump at home and then bottle feed just shows how ignorant you are– you clearly don’t know anything about breastfeeding supply and demand and how not pumping/feeding on baby’s schedule will fuck up your milk supply. Idiots.

  41. There is a substantial difference between taking a crap and feeding a baby.

    Not just anatomically, but sanitation wise as well. The reason you go in a room by yourself to “drop off the kids at the pool” isn’t because we don’t want to see you sit on a toilet, it is to provide some distance between us and your germ-infested shit!

    Mothers milk is much healthier that feces and urine, idiots. Sounds like a lot of you could have used a little more time at your mom’s tit. Just be sure to leave some for me.

  42. gotmilk?

    40, i find that people are uptight about this. it’s okay to see tits when it’s in porno or playboy etc. but watch out if people have to see them being used for their actual purpose!!!

  43. She should cover up while she breast feeds, damn paparrazzi show no respect.

  44. tyffi

    Jeez, it’s just brestfeeding. Mothers milk is the best way to feed your baby. Furthermore, it’s cheap, always right-temperatured and it’s there.

    And for those people who scream “Eww, boobies!”: usually, you see more naked breasts on the red carpet than while brestfeeding.

    And I still prefer that from any Paris Hilton/Britney Spears/Lindsay Lohan vaginas.

  45. del

    OMG!!! I’M SORRY BUT THAT IS SO DISRESPECTFUL!! I don’t care if you have nice tits but please put them away. There is a time and place for that!!! GROSS!!!

  46. Aja

    because it’s indiscreet. why not wear a blanket? The act of childbirth is considered ‘ beautiful’ by some, but I don’t see any spread legs squirting out placenta on any park benches. How about taking a natural dump out in the street as well?
    Plus- it’s a remote health hazard. if I’m eating at a restaurant, i don’t want potential AIDS squirting into my gelato. And trust me, breast milk can squirt very far.
    Why shouldn’t people who don’t like this being done in public have any rights as well?

  47. CHA

    good for her!! maggie i applaud you.

  48. Drunkman

    I love tits!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Dan

    42: Cool, cool. I’ll just pinch my loafs off into a sewer drain then. Ain’t no harm.

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