Magazine covers are mean to “Hillary” Duff

October 5th, 2005 // 5 Comments

I know that the veneers and the weight loss have taken their toll on Hilary Duff’s face, but isn’t it a little cruel to put her on the cover of Hollywood Dog? Also, why is she holding a giant rat?


  1. A Nobody

    Holy crap there’s actually a magazine for hollywood dogs? What had the world gone into?

  2. hollywood dog? hmm….her picture is perfect for front cover of this magazine!

  3. yasmin3000y

    i wonder when lohan and hilton are gonna make the cover, their mommys would be so proud of them

  4. lilacBlush

    Laugh my fucking ass off HOLLYWOOD DOG?! How fitting

  5. they spelled her name wrong on the cover

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