Madonna’s sarcophagus (This is what you think it is.)

July 6th, 2009 // 86 Comments

Madonna performed at the O2 Arena in London on the Fourth of July where she ended up showing half of Britain her crotch. I’m assuming this was a reminder that we kicked their asses during the Revolutionary War, and her vagina saw the whole thing. Or at least up until Ben Franklin used his lightning powers to ban her from American soil on Independence Day in perpetuity. True story.

NOTE: Pic links to LSFW version that’s essentially a smaller equivalent of stretching a cotton sheet over the Mummy’s tomb. Also, you’re probably cursed just for looking at it. I should’ve said something sooner.

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  1. jaty

    finding fun on this ********^^^^^^*******^^^^designed for the cougar and young men….

  2. Didn’t she used to be Italian?

  3. Dread not

    1 if by land… 2 if by sea… 3 if by Madonna’s pussy.


    I wonder if Mcnair going to get 70 virgins, by getting his wings clipped by this hairy persian…

  5. She’s awesome!!

  6. J-Dawg

    Quality woman…make the kids proud. What a skank.
    Glad my Mom had more pride than to show her shit in public.

  7. She’s awesome!!

  8. Matthew

    madonna and her fake birtish accent

  9. Matthew

    madonna and her fake british accent

  10. Matthew

    sorry or the double post

  11. puhleeze

    That’s a MAN baby…a MAN.

  12. Jooooosh

    What’s the point of the star?

  13. Joe Friday

    Mr. Superficial Writer,

    This is an official warning. Your display of Madonna’s crotch has caused internet routers around the world great harm. Had the vagina not been covered, our CSI team confirms that the routers would have exploded, releasing Shiva the goddess of death into the internet.

    Under no circumstances are you to show an actual photo of Ms. Ciccone’s vagina unless you can first show a permit to handle nuclear materials.

  14. Pat

    It’s her tribute to Michael Jackson – first she kidnaps a child, then she rubs her crotch. It’s like he’s still alive!

  15. Hey Hey

    Isn’t about time she gets a real job.

  16. Barf

    Does she really still have any fans, and if she does, they must all have Bacon over their eyes.

  17. Fuck you, Superficial Writer

    Haven’t you taken shit in the past for placing stars over nothing? Fuck you

  18. She’s awesome! I love her.

  19. HuckyDucky


  20. JPRichardson

    She is an attractive woman. Incredible body.

  21. “Sarcophagus”!!! Comedy. You knw she routinely fucked Guy Ritchie in the arse like a prison bitch. Poor dude. Hope he got a decent settlement, which claims are being made that he did not.
    The Rake

  22. ktb ( . )( . )

    L A M E
    I fell for it again, I thought the star held great possibility…
    But then I just saw pink panties on Madonna.
    Waste of time.

  23. madonner sucks

    granny porn

  24. Prof

    If it was 1985 the keyboard would be sticky right now, but it’s 2009 and if she peels those panties back the whole front row is going to melt like nazis opening the Ark of the Covenant!

  25. missywissy

    she’s got a sack!

  26. Clay

    Screw LSFW. How about NSAF… Not Safe After Food.

  27. j

    Looks like her butt reached around to tickle her belly.

  28. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Those veiny arms. . . ugh! They look like Ron Jeremy’s cock.

  29. Ljutefisk


  30. datroof

    Not only is she old, but her schtick is old too.

  31. maggie

    Where is the African baby she adopted–Mercy? I guess she adopted her just in time to dump her off with the nannies. Shamless.

  32. mikeock

    Wow, her lady bits look remarkably like red underpants.

  33. Yawn

    Eweeeee The 50 Year Old Vag……….. nasty!

    Fuck Id be embarrassed to be her children

  34. buzztoe

    It looks angry..sure that star will help?

  35. Jose Consakeau

    This is one of a few NSFW links I couldn’t bring myself to click on. I didn’t dare. Maybe 40 years ago, when Madonna was just turning 40, I would’ve thought about doing it, but not this time.

  36. You promised sarcophagus. GIVE ME SARCOPHAGUS.

    @ 85 – Yeah, before the herpes got wrinkles and stuff.

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