Madonna’s rep says photo was ‘touched up’

July 29th, 2008 // 71 Comments

Madonna’s publicist is claiming the pictures of Madonna looking like emaciated shit were doctored. She says Madonna was looking as radiant as ever just days before. And by radiant I mean a fucking mutant. People reports:

“I just think the photographer got a bad shot of her or it was touched up to make her look bad,” says her rep Liz Rosenberg. “I saw Madonna two days before at her rehearsal and she looked amazing – glowing skin and working really hard on her show.”

Hmm, if Madonna’s rep says she looked amazing just two days earlier, what the hell happened? I mean, besides the obvious which is Madonna died, and they’re keeping her alive ala Weekend at Bernie’s. Hey, it works for the Olsen twins…


  1. still filthy, touched up or not.

  2. schack

    Dream on #48 farty_mcshitface.

    Post again after you stop fucking dead dogs and cats.

    Are you experienced?

  3. She scares me and I’m a freaking 33 year old woman, what the hell did she DO to look like that?

  4. I can’t read what’s on the t-shirt

  5. I sincerely hope this is photoshop, otherwise I’m not going to the concert in September (and I bought the ticket!)


  6. Jammy

    I’m sure we can all agree: Madonna – enough already!!

  7. SJM

    I just want to know when Madonna will allow Lourdes to pluck her Unibrow! COME ON already!

  8. farty_mcshitface

    awwwww, so sorry there #52 schack.
    i didn’t mean to offend YOU. being the crypt keeper’s bitch must be a tough job.
    especially when you know the next time he’s plowing your filthy, old, hairy shit-pit –you REALLY know he will be thinking of her instead and in the heat of passion will blurt out he name and then you know it will be truly over.
    you have my sympathies

  9. Hfire3

    Looks like grandpa forget his teeth.

  10. Cris Christopher

    Lordes looks just like madonna did as a teenage whore (uni-brow, and mustache)

  11. Cris Christopher

    Lordes looks just like madonna did as a teenage whore (uni-brow, and mustache)

  12. the brat

    Sure bet thats an UNRETOUCHED photo. She scares me. Love the Cryptkeeper comments. SHe looks like she’s 75 at least in her hands and arms, proof that she’s had many facial surgeries previous.

    These Hollywood people are pathetic.

  13. Bob

    Could very well be unretouched. These celebs are so over-made-up and all their publicity photos are so heavily processed, it’s impossible to know what they really look like. A plain camera shot with hard flash would make anyone look harsh and Madonna ain’t no spring chicken. Still… damn! Da-a-a-a-amn!

    Can we please get a photo of Pam Dawber from Mork & Mindy? Now THERE’S a beautiful lady who aged gracefully.

  14. CCP

    You people are way too harsh. I was a huge fan of Madonna’s in the ’80′s. You criticize women for getting plastic surgery, etc, yet why do you think they do it in the first place?? It’s nasty comments like this. Society always demands perfection from women and when someone has a bad day or shows ANY signs of aging, these women are kicked to the curb. She will always have more money than 100% of the people posting negative comments. It is not just Hollywood women who have cosmetic procedures done, lots of regular women can afford to have a little something done. The photographer probably snapped 50 pictures of her and this was just the expression on her face for the moment. She takes care of her body and she works very hard; sure she’s underweight and is dressed casually. SO WHAT!!!

  15. Puke

    God, woman. Let it go. You’re 50.

    Madonna’s next reinvention should be that of a former pop star, who is now 50, who has enough money to retire. Who if, she does want to perform, will realize that the “sexual shock” element of her persona is no longer applicable.

    I don’t give a damn what she actually looks like, how in shape she is. No one wants to see an older woman in spandex with her legs spread apart. I have this disgusting feeling that she’ll still be doing this in 20 years. She’s truly delusional. Hang it up, queen bitch.

  16. Lisa

    Madonna and her peeps are full of sh*t. I do photo retouching all the time and that photo does not appear retouched. Madge is your typical aging woman who’s insecure, having work done then denying it. Why deny it? You aren’t fooling anyone. If she likes her new look, good for her, but the rest of us find it dysmorphic and hideous.

  17. Frizandi

    I’m no fam of Madonna and I’ve never been, but c’mon, people. This is a photo of a 50-year-old woman with no makeup on. I defy any woman her age, especially one in the public eye, to be photographed sans makeup and see how they look. Horrors! She looks like a real person! And that ain’t always pretty.

    I think we expect too much of celebrities and put too much emphasis on physical appearance. What do you expect her to look like without makeup? She’s freakin’ fifty!

    Oh, and #17, that statement was REALLY offensive. Go ye forth and take some sensitivity training before you REALLY piss someone off!

  18. Amy

    “Doctored”? yeah right. Face it,Madonna is a worn out old hag (with serious man hands. Ugh)

  19. caliwine

    Wow looking at recent photos, 09/05/08 She did have face work done she looks like ughhhh, cant describe it. Her veins are freaking huge, I have seen veins like that at a Mr. Olympian contest, SICK She needs to hang it up !!!

  20. jane

    This just shows how cruel people are when a woman ages. No one heaps this kind of hate on aging male stars…

  21. TomThumb

    U dumb bitches….

    she has freshly done cheek implants giving her that darth vader look!

    A couple of weeks later the surgery would have settled down….

    Poor gal, she does look rough though, every one of her 50/51 years!

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