Madonna’s rep says photo was ‘touched up’

July 29th, 2008 // 71 Comments

Madonna’s publicist is claiming the pictures of Madonna looking like emaciated shit were doctored. She says Madonna was looking as radiant as ever just days before. And by radiant I mean a fucking mutant. People reports:

“I just think the photographer got a bad shot of her or it was touched up to make her look bad,” says her rep Liz Rosenberg. “I saw Madonna two days before at her rehearsal and she looked amazing – glowing skin and working really hard on her show.”

Hmm, if Madonna’s rep says she looked amazing just two days earlier, what the hell happened? I mean, besides the obvious which is Madonna died, and they’re keeping her alive ala Weekend at Bernie’s. Hey, it works for the Olsen twins…


  1. Ted from LA

    I’m shocked. Shocked to find out that gambling is going on here.

  2. rusty trombone

    Shaun of the Dead II???

  3. kit kitten

    she looks like a lizard.

  4. Shelby

    I seriously cant stare at her eyes for more than 10 seconds its like they try to suck your soul out….

  5. Sid

    More of the statement by Madonna’s rep: “She may look a little thinner than usual, but she was dancing and singing better than ever and ate a nice healthy meal.”

    Wonderful…did she wipe her own ass, too? Good girl!

    Look, she got caught on camera post-plastic-surgery, pre-concert tour. When she “reinvents” herself, she’s not supposed to be photographed during the packaging phase, which is very elaborate these days.

    It’s more than a little alarming that A-Rod saw this and got a hardon. If Johnny Damon’s in the clubhouse after an extra long night out partying, he better watch his back in the shower room.

  6. Piss Lips

    ‘Touched Up’. Yeah right.

  7. zerobackground

    Good to see Jackie Earle Haley’s comeback is still in full swing…

  8. Vas Deferens

    Like a virgin….died for the very first time.

  9. fightingfrodo


  10. Bing

    It’s all for her new single, “Under the Bridge”.

  11. Jimmy Norton

    I’m a Digital Artist. I did “Lord of the Rings Part 2″. This is not altered. This photo is real. This ain’t no touch up.

  12. nipolian

    Steven Spielberg is making E.T. 2………..Madonna is preparing to be cast as E.T.’s bitch.

  13. veggi

    “Lord of the Rings Part 2″ was the worst.

  14. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasty

    Of course it’s been airbrushed he’s way uglier than this.

  15. Maybe he just meant that she is not capable of glowing in the dark.

  16. grosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    How in the FUCK could that thing break up a marriage. Maybe the Praying MANtis kidnapped A-Rod and seeing her holyhideousness naked turned him gay so he had to call it quits with wifey. That’s the only possible explanation.

    On another note Guy Ritchie my heart goes out ot you, you’re name is a cruel ironic joke in your sad life, married to this thing you really aren’t a GUY, but a sad pathetic pawn PAWN and you are the POOREST man on earth for having to suffer by it’s side.

    SAVE YOURSELF Pawn Poor (also known as Guy Ritchie), SAVE YOURSELF AND REDEEM YOUR NAME !!!!!

  17. dogonabone

    Looks more like she spent the summer at ‘Spa Auschwitz.’

  18. pepper

    the weirdest thing about this is that even though her face looks like an 70 year old, her hair is soft, shinny and glowing….weird really

  19. Uncle Eccoli


  20. Rant

    This photo looks this way because it was NOT touched up. Unlike Madonna’s official publicity photos.

  21. Racer X


    /when Hell is full the dead shall walk the earth.

  22. netstarman

    I guess A-Rod decided to let Madge to slide face first to home plate .

  23. dude_on

    I could show a novice in a matter of seconds that this image wasn’t touched-up. You can’t fix ugly. I think a better approach by the publicist would have been to simply state that Madonna has evolved into a grotesque representation of humanity and then to warn the public from viewing her directly in any unfiltered lighting.

  24. jcmjr

    With all the money she has spent on plastic surgery, isn’t there anything that can be done about those hands and arms?? I have truly seen elderly corpse’s with more lifelike hands and arms…..what the *&#ll do these celebrities do to themselves to age so fast? I have seen many 50 year olds in my town who look younger than most of the 40 year olds in Hollywood, even with all their surgeries………tragic….

  25. joho777

    Rather than debatee whether the photos taken when Madonna got off the plane were touched up, why didn’t the rep trot out Madonna for the newspeople to look at and make up their minds themselves??

    And did the photo retouching include giving Madonna those pipestem arms and legs. The rep forgot to explain those away.

    Look, a lot of entertainment people have problems with anorexia, why not just say “She’s going through a rough spot and lost too much weight. She will be back in fighting trim and ready to be photographed, just as soon as we run her past the undertaker and his wax injections and cosmetics.”

    So stand by.

  26. LL

    Looks like she’s had cheek implants (why?) and an eye job and the Grim Reaper arms are the result of extreme dieting plus exercise. She’s a fucking anorexic. Not much of a surprise, given what a infamous control freak she is.

    Madonna, you’re 50. Wasn’t worldwide fame when you were young and hotter good enough for you? It’s more than most people will ever get. Damn.

  27. Iowamomm

    It’s the long-lost Olsen triplet!

  28. bitsisbits

    she needs to feed

  29. Diana

    Maybe its not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Maybe she was just sucking a really sour lemon.

  30. @ 5.


    most definately got surgery.

    she looks like Gollum.

  31. wundersmack

    When I saw this photo, I said: “Teresa???????”

    That’s cuz a friend of mine had this same surgery last year — it involves sucking in the cheeks by means of some sort of drawline. Imagine sewing a loop through the cheek and then pulling it in tight over the last molar. No shizz, my friends, this is what women are doing to themselves these days.

    I feel very sorry for Teresa and Madonna, because their faces are now trussed together with a series of tight ligatures. What a stupid way to live.

  32. Cindy

    She looks fresh out of Dr. Rey’s office.

    And man I will have nightmares about her arms & hands!

  33. twzzlrgirl

    This STILL does not explain Lourdes’ unibrow and mustache.

  34. Cattyluo

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  35. I’d hit it with a semi-truck

  36. There was never anything origional about this his old crow…she built her multi-million dollar career with blatant thievery!!! She is a complete fraud…her most popular songs, every look, every re-invention was stolen from somewhere or someone else. Read the link.

  37. 1 MILF Hunter

    I thought that was a concentration camp survivor. Brutal.

  38. Madonna’s kid has a a case of Bert brow and she’s reaching an age where she should wax her brows and that mustache. Cmon this isnt 1968 a modern person does not tolerate mustaches on girls. Also Madonna has methface. She snorts rails and then overtrains at the gym. Obviously.

  39. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasty


    agreed #38.

  40. Vania

    I see the toucher-upper did not forget her daughter (LOOK AT THAT MOUSTACHE!!)

  41. champ

    The question isn’t if the photos are shopped (they are).

    The question is: Why is she dressing like a fucking hobo?

  42. EuroNeckPain

    Lourdes certainly has potential, she is tall, has beautiful hair and gorgeous perfectly arched dark brows. Wonder why people want to pluck them so much. The mustache is not so nice, though.
    I wonder how her name is pronounced. It should be “Loord” after the french city where the Virgin Mary appeared to a young girl in 1958 and where pilgrims hope to get cured. It is consistent that someone who calls herself “Madonna” would call her daughter “Lourdes”. Shit, you must be a very convinced atheist to play with names like that. Let’s be relieved she named her son Rocco (yuk) instead of Jesus.
    Lourdes also sounds like “Heavy” in French, not a nice name at all.

  43. dementa

    I’ve seen the arms of old ladies who had topped a hundred… and their arms were prettier than Mad Madge’s. Anyway I don’t know why her publicist bothers putting out these announcments, because we all know she’s a huge liar.

    As for Lourdes, she could be pretty if the focus weren’t on her stache and Kahlobrow. I’m sure Mad Madge won’t let her tweeze, wax or zap that hair under threat of disinheritance. Why? She’s a typically narcissistic person afraid of aging, and her maintained body is falling apart when her daughter’s is just becoming womanly. So, she doesn’t want Lourdes as “competition.”

  44. Venomhed

    Its called AIDS.

  45. Jacko

    I never thought I’d live to see Madonnas centennial, 100th birthday.

    Not that she ever looked amazingly stunning or ultra hot, but damit she looks terrible.

    And yes, the photos were PSed…to make her look better than she does in person.

  46. Tubereuse

    Lourdes at age 11 is a caretaker who must lead around an elderly-looking and feeble person who can barely even open her eyes.

  47. Jeniffer

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  48. farty_mcshitface

    the crypt keeper’s girlfriend must be very envious of all her marvelous features.
    the mummy-like face, the eyes of a zombie, and like someone else said… grim reaper arms. she’s really got it goin on if you are into necrophilia.
    orverall, she looks like a WWII concentration camp prisoner who’s been jacked up on steroids.

  49. Bride of Wildenstein, anyone?

    And I LIKE Lourdes’ eyebrow

  50. billabong021

    By the power of rah that woman is rough.

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