Madonna’s publicist thinks I’m an idiot

June 26th, 2009 // 57 Comments

Like most celebrities in the past 18 hours, Madonna issued a statement to People expressing her grief over the death of Michael Jackson:

“I can’t stop crying over the sad news. I have always admired Michael Jackson. The world has lost one of the greats, but his music will live on forever! My heart goes out to his three children and other members of his family. God bless.”

While I’m sure Madonna’s genuinely broken up about Michael Jackson, the two owned the 80s and were the same age, there’s no way I’m buying her body is capable of producing any amount of moisture. Including tears. In fact, I’m almost certain Madonna’s mere presence causes water to evaporate like that thing in Batman Begins. Don’t believe me? Then why is this glass of water suddenly empty? *dumps on floor* Witchcraft!


  1. I bet all of the hate commenters are first on the dancefloor when the DJ puts Billy Jean on….

    RIP MJ

  2. Hello morons of the "free" world.

    Look, everyone wants to claim MJ was a pedo, even though he was acquitted.

    Look here it goes.

    If you had a kid and i molested him/her, what would you do?

    Most people i have asked will answer “Kill you” and that’s the kind of revenge people seek when their precious snowflake is harmed. People don’t just go “Well that’s it! lawsuit time! Sorry bobbie, i know you are traumatized but this is our chance to get fucking paid”

    Get real, go fuck yourselves. The guy was just an easy target to make money. if you paid attention to his fucked up life, you would be able to understand it more. so, go diaf. please.

  3. brunoo

    no people actually she said bad things about him about the mistakes he did.actually everybody was saying bad things about him lately and now he is like a saint???hell was a good artist no one is talking about him as a person.madonna WAS PREPARING A SURPRISE PERFORMING TOGETHJER ON HIS SHOW.THEY WERE FRIENDS AND THEY WERE TALKINMG TOGETHER.SHE TALKED BAD ABOUT HIM IN THE PAST LIKE HE TALKED BAD ABOUT HER.BUT THEY ARE BOTH THE SAME AGE,.SHE FELT THIS COULD HAPPEN TO HIM AND SHE IS SORRY ABOUT HIS KIDS TOO.madonna is the legend like mj is.some respect

  4. bo

    madonna and mj were 2 legends.they are like twins.madonna loved mj and mj loves madonna.they said bad things to each other in the past.not now.hey are grow.they were preparing a surprise performance together.shut up guys.madonna lost a friend and a legend just like her.the had similiar careers.its easy to the only singer that last from the 80s is madonna.

  5. dfdfg

    u people are full of shit.madonna and MJ were friends.yes.they were close.they were preparing a huge performance together.they were both 50.they had some problems in the past but as i said in the past not now.u are hipocrite.people said bad things about mj those years.he was over and now he dies he is like a saint??madonna is popular and when she die it will be just like MJ.people will cry all over the world.she is the only legend alive now.she still works thats the diferent between m,j and her.i dont like mj as a person but i like as an artist.i like madonna.they were both originalk.and new artists are empty.i will always support legends.long live the queen.people didnt give a shit about MJ thses year.u are least madonna still the most powerfull woman alive

  6. as

    u guys are really hipocrite,not madonna.madonna was his friend.they had their issues but they still close.they were preparing a show together and madonna is a legend just like mj its normal she fells this way,and yes madonna actually cries a lot.

  7. Johnny Lava

    @9 and all the other child abuse angry victims who are blogging that they are glad MJ is dead would you please STFU already go eat a pint of ice cream and watch “hardcandy” and stop your bullshit. He was never accused of rape you don’t know what your talking about. Between both cases over 30 children were asked if Michael did anything inappropriate to them and they all answered “no”.

    @14 wow that’s cold. LMAO you said MUM-RA. Thats bad cuz MUM-RA is ever living muahahahahah

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