Madonna’s marriage fades, looks say ‘Copycat!’

Madonna and Guy Ritchie may be calling it quits. The two are supposedly agreeing to end their marriage amicably because they’ve simply “fallen out of love with each other.” Guy will have free access to the kids because their was no major falling out between him and Broomhilda Madonna, according to News of the World:

“She has finally made the decision to go to America and has instructed her staff to prepare for the move. Everything will go–except Guy.”
Friends say Madonna, 49, is now in talks with her PR team to see how the move will affect her career, which has netted her a £220 million fortune and secured her as one of the world’s most famous female singers.

I don’t see how anyone could fall out of love with Madonna. I mean, look at her. (Hint: She’s the one that’s not Justin Timberlake.) It’d be like having sex with a freakishly buff blonde Cryptkeeper every night. I’m pretty sure if you looked up “erotic” in the dictionary, that would be the exact description.

UPDATE: Okay, banging the Cryptkeeper is not the definition of erotic. But it should be. Get me Webster on the line. I have some words for him. Ha! Get it? Words. Dictionary. Where do I come up with this stuff? Oh, right, the meth.

Photos: Splash News