Madonna’s helping out her husband’s new movie


Madonna plans to use her “star power” to help promote the U.S. release of her husband Guy Ritchie’s new movie Revolver. She’s planning a premiere with Howard Stern, Ivanka Trump and some other old people. Apparently the film didn’t do too well at the Toronto Film Festival in 2005. Since then it’s been retooled for all of us here in the colonies. NY Daily News reports:

A pal says the flick was marketed to British audiences as a comedic romp similar to Ritchie’s “Snatch” – but it left them confused by its more “cerebral” theme. (Or “pretentious style and fractured storytelling,” as The Hollywood Reporter sniffed.)

After the unbridled success of Swept Away, who better to help save Guy Ritchie’s film than Madonna? Jesus, are you kidding me? If I was Guy Ritchie, I wouldn’t even let her near the DVD player. I’d be like, “Hey, movie poison, get away from the TV. Don’t make me put down this sandwich. It’s filled with delicious ham, but I’ll still come over there and tangle with those freakish man arms. Wait, did you know you have a gap between your teeth? I just noticed it. Ha ha. Gross.”

Photos: Getty Images