Madonna’s got this whole ‘Mom’ thing figured out

Madonna weighed in on Britney Spears’ lack of a normal childhood and blamed it as the cause of her insanity. Fortunately, Madonna’s kids have absolutely no interest in fame, according toPeople:

In fact, they clamor for a “normal mom.” Asked if they give her a hard time for working so much, Madonna say, “Yeah! ‘When are you coming home?’ ‘Why are you always working?’ ‘Why can’t you just be like a normal mom?’ I just remind them about all the things that they have, and that if I didn’t do what I did they wouldn’t have those things.”
So what are the perks? “They get to travel a lot, they get to do a lot of interesting things and meet a lot of interesting people. Usually that shuts them up.”

Way to be, Madonna! You truly kick ass at being a mom. Because nothing produces well-rounded children like teaching them material objects are the key to happiness and are a suitable replacement for a mother who’s got more important things to do then spend time with you. It’s practically a wholesome family episode of Leave it to Beaver. Except this one ends with Lourdes snorting coke off of Joe Francis’ coffee table.

NOTE: Glad to see Madonna covering up “The Guns of Navarone” while in public. THANK YOU!

Photos: Splash News