Madonna’s crotch wants to sell you a purse

January 6th, 2009 // 137 Comments

Here’s Madonna in the latest Louis Vuitton ad, and what the decaying hell are these people smoking? I seriously doubt anyone is looking at this photo and thinking to themselves “Oh, wow, a vag-cophagus. I suddenly need a new handag.” Unless Louis Vuitton is aggressively courting the elusive “Gay Paleontologist” market. In which case, jackpot!

Photo: Louis Vuitton

  1. #98 – You’re right… I just get a little peeved at the vomit in my mouth a little bit… sorry Rob, I’m sure you’re great, etc… but the idea of #98 being skinny and hot is about as realistic as my cock faling out of my hand and starting an earthquake, resulting in the Tsunami a few years back.

  2. BonnieBell

    Wow, wonder what the original picture looked like before the photo artists got a hold of it. Madonna’s legs are a little too….almost-normal looking, and her face is so….full and unlined. Looks like her Crypt Keeper self seen through 6-inches of wavy glass.

    Love the outfit. I’d take that jacket any day.
    Just don’t love the pose, and the fact that Madonna is the one IN the pose.

    And those are some seriously weird shoes.

  3. The Douche Wibbler Whisperer

    You’re afraid of how wrong you are. Seriously, I’ve got nothing to hide. Michelle Ann Nachtigall. Very hot. Check out my profile, and THEN you can tell me just how fat and ugly I am. Because I’m sure you’re just a vision to look at.

  4. The Douche Wibbler Whisperer

    #101, I checked, and you’re a virgin who lives in your parent’s basement and plays D&D. Game over. I win.

  5. #104 – Do you have any new material at all? Or do you just recycle the same inane BS that stopped being funny two years ago? You must be new here, because we’ve had thousands of heffers such as yourself trying to mask their addiction to greasy food topped in jelly beans and gummy bears by attempting humor. I bet it takes three people holding hands in a circle to give you a hug.

  6. Huh. So that’s what it feels like to vomit in my own mouth.

  7. chilly

    apparently arods hiding in there somewhere?

  8. BOW WOW

    madonna looks perfect.ur so jealous.she is the queen.she turn 50 but it doesnt means she looks old asshole.she is a sex bomb.robbie willians justin t or pharrell said she is a stunning woman and very sexual.get a life retard and post the other pics.she looks amazing.u post the only one that she is with her legs open.shitney sucksshe looks older than amdonna.and madonna is 50 but still have the same energy on stage

  9. cleo

    she is so damn hot.jealous.this 50 years old woman still have all the power and everybody wants to work with her.she is so damn sexy.she still turn me not gay.

  10. d

    yummmy..cute mother

  11. bitch

    hot my god.she still rockin

  12. ccdty

    madona let me fuck u please.when i saw u in front of me it just blow me away. u are so perfect so sexy.damn

  13. boychld


  14. The Douche Wibbler Whisperer

    Still haven’t checked my myspace profile. Your loss. Now go role play that you don’t give blumkins to the elderly.

  15. Ya know what? I think YOU’RE fat, and you’re projecting insecurity about your fatness onto me. Can’t be in good shape if you’re on the computer all day. That is, unless you have an absolutely amazing masturbation schedule that is so gruelling, it allows you to burn off all the mac n’cheese mommy throws down your pie hole. You’ve never touched a boob, have you? Not with out an arrest following shortly after. I’m not original? Neither is a snarky, pasty-faced D&D loser. Your kind have been a puchline for ages.

  16. Mike from WA


  17. aussiechick

    This is their new promotion. Buy a LV handbag, get a free VD coin purse. Common aged leather used for the freebie.

    Think i’ll take a raincheck.

  18. that's a scary black hole

    I think I will go puke now.

  19. Depends anyone?

    She looks like she smells like piss.


    is arod still shagging madonna?

  21. Guest

    I think it’s about time this old hag died.

  22. Guest

    I think it’s about time this old hag died.

  23. final thought


  24. jolee

    stop with the age thing already!!!
    you’d sniff that if you had the chance
    she’s a hot botoxed bitch

  25. Lindsay

    OMG…that pose was DEFINITELY done on America’s Next Top Model and the girl was ripped a new one about how inappropriate it was and how disrespectful it is to the designer! Now Madonna’s doing it…go figure.

  26. Lindsay

    OMG…that pose was DEFINITELY done on America’s Next Top Model and the girl was ripped a new one about how inappropriate it was and how disrespectful it is to the designer! Now Madonna’s doing it…go figure.

  27. Lindsay

    OMG…that pose was DEFINITELY done on America’s Next Top Model and the girl was ripped a new one about how inappropriate it was and how disrespectful it is to the designer! Now Madonna’s doing it…go figure.

  28. barryt

    yes apparently its rumoured that mr madonna is has been doin this crotch like it was end of the world. shame on you madonna for spreading yah legs and showing us where hes been.

  29. coconut

    hey 120. my spies tell me yes! arod and madonna have already hooked up in NYC after new year, lots and lots of sex! …… notice the really wide smile on her face lately! seems arod has hit lots and lots homeruns. Thats the good thing about having celeb friends around they can act as smokescreens…poor Karan seems to have been used as the lastest gougar decoy, sounds like something out of “mission impossible” only its now called “mission accompolished” I dont know what the big fuckin secret is, everybody knows they left there perspective partners for each other!

  30. jess

    it send that all too important message: “we i am chillin in a booth at a diner in my edward scissorhands circus garb, I love to do leg lifts with my ginormous LV bag”

  31. BIO

    she is damn hot.jealous bitches.mans love her

  32. daisy mae

    this proves AROD is nuts and needs help

  33. askme

    I work in the fashion industry, and you guys that are talkn shit don’t seem to get the target market or the power of her following. The image is awesome, it plays off her great legs, her sense of style when it comes to fashion, and her history of sex appeal. You lift up a giant heavy bag with your leg and hold it forever in fishnets and see if you look that hot.. I’m a marketing director, and I can promise you that no money is ever spent on advertising for huge companies like this unless endless research shows that its very profitable. If the ad doesn’t appeal to you then you simply aren’t part of their target market. This doesn’t mean you need to wrote 4th grade comments about her crotch on here, just don’t waste your time looking at it and trying to come up with something clever to say if you don’t like her or the brand. She gets massive money to do these ads, I bet you’d do the same if someone was actually willing to pay you to represent them. The more attention you give this on here the more hits it gets on the web and the better the results for their company.

  34. katya

    Madonna is a woman growing older who cannot handle it….She never presented herself like this when she was younger….This photo is touched up,,,,

  35. I love how the commenters on this site make fun of his old age – it’s great nonsense. Finally more and more people laugh at him, and eventually retirement where he will have been a bitter end of the day, but the witch will drive unimportant.

  36. swim

    The ad’s a gross slur on all women. But I’m sure all the guys who responded here with their disgusting comments would not turn Madonna down.

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