Madonna’s cleavage and a gun show

May 5th, 2009 // 51 Comments

Madonna also made an appearance at the Met Gala last night and gave everyone an eyeful of death boobs and biceps. Anyone else surprised she has cleavage? I always assumed Madonna’s workout regimen ground her chest into a large cavity inhabited by baby dragons. That’s what I get for believing in science.

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  1. first


  2. Kim (not Kardashian)

    Um, I’m more surprised about that thing growing out of her hair!

  3. Kim (not Kardashian)

    People that post that they are “FIRST” need to be dragged into the street and shot then run over by a 18 wheeler!

  4. justifiable


    She combined the clothes sense of Puss in Boots from Shrek AND Sarah Jessica Parker. You know what? You CAN live too long.

  5. mrBill

    Looks like grandma pulled out her prom dress from 1980 and put it on to shock the family.

  6. The dress kind of works, but the boots and hair thing so do not. It’s just screaming look at me, but after that it has nothing to say.

  7. Madge fan

    I’ve always thogut she is gorgeous. A lot of twenty something would die for a body like hers. I think she set up a tred for athletic women such as Jessica Biel, Jennifer Gardner and Ciara

  8. justifiable

    Boy, I bet Malawi’s rethinking its hasty decision RIGHT NOW.

  9. She looks like one of them saloon whores in them westerns, she looks great! it is a costume gala!

  10. Megan

    Those are the most unattractive arms ever, next to humongous ones.

  11. Daniel

    I think she looks good, a hell of a lot better than that Rihanna ensemble

  12. Mr. Jones

    I see the demon’s tentacles visibly coming out of its head. Pretty soon it will be throwing people around the room like Dr. Octopus.

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  14. M P

    Does anyone else think she looks like the Donnie Darko with that head piece? Lol. Its like Donnie Light-O

  15. it’s a good thing she doesn’t look fucking ridiculous or else people might laugh at her

  16. juniper

    fuck you madge fan i can be just as intolerable as you asshole fans of this fossil. go fuck yourself!

  17. Vince Lombardi

    If Gunsmoke’s Miss Kitty and Darth Vader had a baby girl, she’d wear the exact same outfit.

  18. His Huge Greatness Himself

    This is some good ol’ American fashion folks.The stripper heels included,wasn’t Hugh Hefner around?

  19. Pat C.

    So is the Met Gala something like a Halloween party, where everyone is encouraged to come in silly costumes?

  20. We also found it interesting that Madonna still has body fat and that she’d dress up as herself circa 1980 for a costume gala. Our write up at

  21. dontlooknow

    She looks like an bagged out old hooker still trying to make a buck. I didn’t know they allowed hookers in the foyer at the Met.

  22. She and Pink need to have a dick measuring contest.

  23. gurlina

    Aw, you’re all so sour! She’s the ONLY genuinely, consistently sex POSITIVE performer since Mae West. SHE RULES

  24. She is great and all but this outfit is just horrible.

  25. justifiable

    #23 Fuckity, she may TEST positive, but the only sex positive performer since Mae West? Seriously, are you delusional, or did Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich and Eartha Kitt just sort of slip your mind?

  26. Barry O

    Why is she dressed like a wild west hooker?

    And I’ll wager anyone $10 that #23 is a fruit, if not a tranny.

  27. justifiable

    #26 I disagree – find me one gay man or tranny who doesn’t know who Dietrich is. I think it’s someone whose personal idea of “sex positive” is Jeanne Kirkpatrick.

  28. Ole shoe leather vag strikes again.
    Soon, she too will fade into obscurity.

  29. Jennyjenjen

    @7 proves “madge fans” are practically retarded.

  30. Barry O

    #27-HAHA good point, but you never can tell with the fixations. My gay neighbor thought Lucille Ball was the greatest thing ever.

    But the one unifying factor is they think Madonna is FABULOUS. Pffft…

  31. Maritza

    Is Madonna trying to compete with Lady Gaga? I bet everyone was laughing behind her back!

  32. Beastman AIDS

    I’m guessing it’s just the makeup but I’m thinking she looks pretty fine in these pics (minus outfit and muscles).
    Especially that first pic – she actually looks quite young.

  33. justifiable

    #2 Jeez, dude, you’re awfully young to have such severe cataracts.

  34. justifiable

    #32 Jeez, dude, you’re awfully young to have such severe cataracts.

  35. Gramdonna

    She knows she can’t complete, so she just decided to look ridiculous.

  36. Tracey

    Poor thing, she has all the money in the world, but not a bit of class or tact. She looks like a crazy Grandma circa Great Expectations. I feel sorry for her.

  37. Tracey

    Poor thing, she has all the money in the world, but not a bit of class or tact. She looks like a crazy Grandma circa Great Expectations. I feel sorry for her.

  38. steven Tee

    Madonna could wrap her powerful legs around my head and force me to suck her cock any day!!!

  39. Caitlin

    She looks ridiculous. Just ridiculous. No grace or class at all.

  40. Faela


  41. Enough Already Madge

    The look on the face of that woman behind her says it all.

  42. KL

    That woman behind her is Liz Rosenberg, her publicist. She’s very protective of Madonna, very Jewish-motherly. I like it. This is Madonna, people! This is the way she is and always has been! If you haven’t liked her since, like, 1983 then fine, but she’s always been crazy and tacky. It’s her persona. Don’t act like it’s something new or that she should change all of a sudden. I love seeing Madonna keep on being who she is.

  43. say what?

    Mother of the year…and she’s shocked at getting turned down to adopt another baby??? She is a constant joke!

  44. say what?

    Liz Rosenberg is a jackass too.

  45. America is full of role-model mothers?
    ……….THIS IS ONE!!
    (being a prostitute at 50)

  46. chlöe

    Well… at least that evil bitch is wearing her horns and not trying to fool anyone into thinking that her intentions are pure.

  47. Absolutely ridiculous if you ask me – I simply can’t believe this fad of “save a child”. It’s almost like designer babies, ones from Malawi or Mozambique are “in”. Someone on the parenting site gurgle was defending her as the fact that she is rich woman who can make these children’s lives better. I think they forgot that most celebrity’s children turn out somewhat abnormal and detached from reality. I can’t see how anyone can defend her…

  48. Chris

    In Pic #6 she looks like a muscular tranny. It must get harder and harder to pull off these “new” looks she steals with her pale veiny man arms and all.

    “I love seeing Madonna keep on being who she is.”

    LOL. You mean a total fraud? Because that is what she is.

    I wonder who she stole this look from? Probably Kylie. Where would people like Madonna Menstealia be in life without people like Kylie to steal from?

    Yup, Madonna is ripping of Kylie Minogue. Again. In other news, the sun rose today.

    Move along folks, nothing new to see here.

  49. bday

    people are crazy??this woman has 50 years old.look at her ,look at her body and face.madonna body is awesome and her face too.she look better now than in years.women are so jealous.i wanna see if u gonna look like her.i want that my wife looks like her

  50. jonas

    she looks awesome she just dress like that cause she is doing luois vuitton campaign and she has to use their costumes for lv promotion.but her boobs looks great

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