Madonna’s brother on A-Rod: There wasn’t an affair – she’s Catholic!

July 14th, 2008 // 28 Comments

Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone stopped by Good Morning America today to talk about his new tell-all book about growing up with famous sister. He dismissed tabloid rumors that Madonna had an affair with New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez:

“First of all — despite everything else, she’s still a Catholic girl,” he said.
“It seemed absurd to me, truly,” Ciccone said.
“I think that he was interested in Kaballah, to be honest,” he said. “I doubt that this is actually an affair. I really doubt that she had any — I’m, I’m sure she had nothing to do with the breakup of their marriage.”

Ha! Madonna’s a devout Catholic. Good one. So, seriously, they did it in a Kaballah temple didn’t they? I knew it. I bet the lighting makes her look almost human. You know, until you start doing the deed and realize “Wait, I don’t remember a sack of flour being in here…”

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  1. derk

    I’m amazed anyone even cares. BORING.

  2. Emerson

    I didn’t know Catholic girls spread their legs for the whole world to see.

  3. Andy

    So true, as a good Catholic girl she wouldn’t commit adultery. Instead she’d masturbate with a crucifix (as she did on her “Like A Virgin” tour).

  4. veggi

    Hahahaha – check the pictures, she forgot to tuck it back!!!

  5. Langdon

    She couldn’t be catholic, A-Rod isn’t a 10 year old altar-boy.

  6. What the fuck is she wearing now? She need to take fashion lessons from ME!!! Yeah, more skulls. Definitely more skulls..

    And lose the praying mantis glasses ya freaking bug woman!!

  7. Schadenfreudelicious

    I imagine Catholics the world over would be proud to know that Madonna is just a regular Catholic girl…they are probably hauling out her “Sex” book right now just to remind themselves of the similarities!

  8. Sinewy… even her hands are sinewy…

  9. Her brother misses all the fistings she gave him when they were growing up.

  10. nipolian

    Tickets for the HR Derby today are starting at $100 and Ass-Rod is too busy to participate. What a complete fuck head.

  11. Fugyoself

    I bet that he also doubts that she’s a fug man-faced skele-whore, douche faggot.

  12. #5 – haha funny ’cause it is true

  13. ah yes, the catholics. such moral sons of bitches, aren’t they!!

  14. havoc

    You know, she could be considered Catholic.

    Didn’t she buy a little boy last year?



  15. yuristache

    A good Catholic girl doesn’t make a music video entitled “Like a Prayer” where she gives a black Jesus a blowjob in a Church.

    As for the morality comments, note the difference between “good Catholic” and “bad Catholic.” The same sort of mischievous deeds have been performed by men and women of every faith (i.e. “Elliot Spitzer partakes in the Jewish custom of prostitution” or “[insert name] can’t be Muslim; they haven’t blown up a national landmark.”)

  16. veggi

    “A good Catholic girl doesn’t make a music video entitled “Like a Prayer” where she gives a black Jesus a blowjob in a Church.”

    You had me (moral outrage-wise) at “black Jesus”

  17. omnibacon

    Sarah Jessica Parker is looking extra horse-y today.

  18. missywissy

    When is Madonna going to stop using Britney to up her career???? Does anyone actually listen to Madonna anymore?

  19. GinaRae

    Why does Madonna have a dick? No fa real like you can totally see it. Is that why so many queens love her? she’s been a strapping young lad all this time?

  20. Can you write about something besides Madonna/A-Rod?

  21. Jay

    And I thought my family was forked-up! These two sibs put the “C” in crazy, especially that flamboyant Christopher!! You notice the Mster hasn’t said a word about her brother’s tell-all. I wonder if she helped him write it? What a pair. Poor Richey–with in-laws like his. What was he thinkin??!!

  22. Just Dick

    Does anyone else see a striking resemblance between Madonna and an alien here? It’s kind of creeping me out.

  23. Jenny

    She does Kabballah. Which isn’t Caholic last I heard – it’s JEWISH mysticism. Which is fine and dandy, but the Catholic religion kind of frowns on claiming Caholicism and doing another religion. I personally don’t care what (if any) religion choose, but I think its wrong to play at one and claim another to get you out of trouble.

  24. joho777

    I was blown away by this item. Doesn’t her brother remember all the guys, girls, and household pets that this “good Catholic girl” screwed during the ’80′s and 90′s??

    And try to be serious. What “good Catholic girl” DOESN’t give blow jobs to well-equipped black men??

  25. Ted from LA

    Did you hear about the ship sinking at sea? The Rabbi, Minister and Catholic priest made it to a lifeboat. The Rabbi yells, “Start paddling!” The Minister yells, “What about the children?” The Rabbi yelled, “Fuck the children,” to which the priest replied, “Do you think there’s time?”

  26. carrie

    She is pretty and sexy. I think I will love her. LOL. Every time I sign in to the celeb club Mixed ming l e . c o m , I can see many new topics talking about her. She has created a nice profile for seeking a great man for hook ups

  27. It’s high time for a SUICIDE-ATTEMPT, madge!!

  28. Damn straight! Madonna doesn’t go for that lust and fornication and anti-christian behavior like that. No sex outside of marriage for this chaste lady!

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