Madonna’s brother on A-Rod: There wasn’t an affair – she’s Catholic!

Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone stopped by Good Morning America today to talk about his new tell-all book about growing up with famous sister. He dismissed tabloid rumors that Madonna had an affair with New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez:

“First of all — despite everything else, she’s still a Catholic girl,” he said.
“It seemed absurd to me, truly,” Ciccone said.
“I think that he was interested in Kaballah, to be honest,” he said. “I doubt that this is actually an affair. I really doubt that she had any — I’m, I’m sure she had nothing to do with the breakup of their marriage.”

Ha! Madonna’s a devout Catholic. Good one. So, seriously, they did it in a Kaballah temple didn’t they? I knew it. I bet the lighting makes her look almost human. You know, until you start doing the deed and realize “Wait, I don’t remember a sack of flour being in here…”

Photos: Splash News