Madonna’s arms defy logic, actually get grosser

June 5th, 2008 // 67 Comments

Madonna left the gym last night and answered the question on everyone’s minds: Can her arms look any more like pale white beef jerky? Yes. Yes they can. I don’t know what her workout regimen entails, but I’m sure it involves Madonna yelling “I want them to look spaghetti noodles but oddly buff!” To which the trainers, with their vast knowledge of physical fitness, respond with “Holy shit that corpse can talk!”


  1. titsXD

    first !! no one gives a shit

  2. you are right #1 – being proud of such a stupid accomplishment shows you are a douche.

    Madonna’s arms are nasty, must be payback for that deal she made with the devil to get famous.

  3. havoc

    That’s like Victoria Beckham nasty……


  4. ubee0173

    eek! she looks like that pasty geeky d&d kid in high school who turns out to be creepily muscular- but still pasty and skinny..

  5. Alisha

    i wouldn’t want to arm wrestle her.

  6. Bob

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  7. nipolian

    For a second I thought that girl in the last pic was Hayden Panettiere……….but then I realized that the girl in the pic has semi-large hooters……..what worries me is that I usually notice the hooters before anything else.

  8. bakinmycake

    Mrs. Roboto?

  9. titsXD

    sportsdvl i was talking about Madonna’s arms

  10. Auntie Kryst

    Rrrrrrrr Madonna’s got two tickets to the gun show.. My question is do you think this fucking gym rat has her own music cranking while she’s pumping iron? I think that would add some nice icing to the douchebag cake.

  11. Tommy Sneakers

    She looks like Carrot Top but with blonde hair.

  12. Denny

    Holy trailer trash! Have those pants ever seen the washing machine?

  13. ph245

    I would still like to play with her boobs.
    and her hairy bush.

  14. I’m sure that little Zelwiger wannabe (ahem) cleans her carpet… And it’s gotta suck for Madge that she shares the exact same smile with Dave Letterman.

  15. jesus

    what a shame. she used to be so pretty and feminine. now it would be all i could do to ass fuck her.

  16. fiona

    she’s obviously going for the carrot top look.

  17. Anexio

    Isn’t about time that some stiff badger hair should be growing out of her chin?

    She is an old Italian woman now.

  18. Is this the new SEXY-look?
    hmmmm………………………….TASTES DIFFER!!

    Please give alot of people JOY and HAPPINESS:

  19. Sparky

    So now I know what the Cloverfield monster looks like…

  20. Jackson'shole

    My son asked me the other day how old she is. He said that in her latest video she looks hot until you remember that it’s Madonna.

  21. insecthero

    One problem is that her triceps are way huger than the rest.

  22. -Woodie

    Looks kinda gross, but she’s 50. How many 50 year olds have arms like that? I’d rather have that then a bunch of flab.

  23. Ted from LA

    She will pump (clap, clap), you up.

  24. izzo

    She looks like Willam Defoe

  25. half robot, perhaps?

  26. IgottaBeMeee

    Mongo eat babies, make Mongo strong!

  27. abdo

    Madonna..That’s one hard candy thing!!

  28. Yikes!!! Lay off the weights for a while there tough guy!

  29. Barak Obama

    This white bitch used to be hot back in the ’80s when she was kind of chubby and totaly slutty!

    Come on know: What’s the differance between the Titanic and Madonna? Only 1200 men went down on the Titanic.


  30. Jumpin_J

    Madonna no like Superficial writer… make Madonna mad! Madonna SMAAASH!

  31. Grunion

    There’s ugly, and then there’s Madonna

  32. Jade

    I don’t want to insult someone who cares about their body and likes to keep in shape.. but wow she seems to have taken it a bit far. Too masculine.

    I’ve stopped caring about her as a singer, but the couple times I’ve seen recent music videos, I’ve found the sexuality she’s trying to express with the bulging muscles to be conflicting.

  33. Mississippi

    Some people get better looking with age. and others…not so much..

  34. JPRichardson

    I think she is beautiful. I like toned, fit, slim women. Moreover considering she is already 50 yo. I don’t know wtf is everybody talking about.

  35. Just Sayin

    “She Look” …….

    ( oo )

  36. justifiable

    So she has time to over-workout, but no time to get her roots done? Nice.

    #6 Please believe yourself, you should fuck off and die painfully.

  37. Sparky

    Regarding #6~
    Aren’t these comments supposed to be moderated?

  38. silvereyes

    @22 Exactly

  39. Vince Lombardi

    Nosferatu, please contact Madonna… we have your undead corpse.

  40. Chupacabra

    what the SHIT is up with her shirt?

    People who work out too much die early or get a testicle removed…that’s right, I’m looking at you Live Strong or Die…

  41. neuromancer

    Yikes! She reminds more and more of that scene in Boondock Saints where Willem Defoe dressed up in drag. Wait! Has anyone actually seen Madonna and Willem Defoe together in the same place before? I’m just sayin’.

  42. Pumpkin

    Good one fish that was the funniest thing i’v read in awhile!

  43. Grab the loose flesh on the inside of your upper arms

    Why the big deal about Madonna’s arms? Is this news or something? Get a life….like Madonna who spends hers exercising and getting in shape, not growing a fat ass or dough arms sitting on the computer criticizing others.

  44. snarky

    well, you gotta at least give her props for really fighting this darned aging thing with all her might (she’s still gross & annoying though).

  45. tp

    I bet she has a bony chach…

  46. Dorito Man

    Though I prefer more flesh on a woman, she does work out and stay in shape. Good for her. (bony chach aside)

  47. Unbeliever

    #37 – yes, you dumb cunt

    I’m happy to see the Skeletor look make a comeback for has-been pop stars

  48. chimichagis

    @41 LMFAO

  49. wet newspaper

    She probably had good intentions, but this is just over the top. It makes her look sort of manly. A woman has no need for such muscles.

  50. herbiefrog

    we tried to explain and all we got was… shavuoyt ?

    [dont tell me you cant even spell jewish?]

    [did you think that we would try harder ?]

    …waiting for you
    …just waiting for you
    …etc. : )

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