Madonna’s adoption to be judged


Malawi’s head of child welfare services is set to visit Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie next month to determine whether or not they can formally adopt the African toddler Madonna brought here nine months ago. The head of child welfare services will stay with Madonna at her house for up to five days as part of a “home study”, and he says:

“We are worried that the level of public interest might be bad for David. In the normal situation children don’t have cameras in their face. We are not just looking at the positives of being adopted, one of the aspects of an assessment is looking at the negatives.”

There’s no way Madonna is losing this kid. She built a $4 million orphanage in Malawi so the government would let her bypass their adoption laws and speed up the process. The head of child welfare services could go to Madonna’s house and see that she keeps him under the leg of a table to keep it from wobbling and he’d give her two thumbs up and a big smile. She’d probably even get some sort of parenting award from the Malawi government.

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