Madonna’s adoption to be judged

July 19th, 2007 // 87 Comments

Malawi’s head of child welfare services is set to visit Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie next month to determine whether or not they can formally adopt the African toddler Madonna brought here nine months ago. The head of child welfare services will stay with Madonna at her house for up to five days as part of a “home study”, and he says:

“We are worried that the level of public interest might be bad for David. In the normal situation children don’t have cameras in their face. We are not just looking at the positives of being adopted, one of the aspects of an assessment is looking at the negatives.”

There’s no way Madonna is losing this kid. She built a $4 million orphanage in Malawi so the government would let her bypass their adoption laws and speed up the process. The head of child welfare services could go to Madonna’s house and see that she keeps him under the leg of a table to keep it from wobbling and he’d give her two thumbs up and a big smile. She’d probably even get some sort of parenting award from the Malawi government.


  1. Christ on a Crotch

    Maria, learn how to spell, you just sound really stupid. (seriously) There and they’re have two different meanings, you dipshit.

  2. boogmeister1

    I hate everyone equally, so it’s safe to say Madonna is a bitch and her husband is a fuckin douche! I would love nothing more than to have Madonna call Britney, Paris, Lindsay, and all the other talentless hacks that call themselves actors, and request they move to the UK. Nah, I correct myself, even the UK is too good for them… send em’ to France! Now that’s a fate worse than death!

  3. Helena

    All of you saying he should go back are full of shit.

    However bad it is being “poor” in America–and it is–I reckon that’s about the same as being “middle-class” in Africa.

    I’d rather be raised by a rich woman’s nanny in America than go back to Malawi, and to a father who felt comfortable having Madonna raise his kid…as long as she sends him back. You know, after he’s gotten used to living in America. I hope to hell he gets to stay here–poor kid.

  4. Pat

    If the “home study” dude gives her any shit, she can just strip down and give him a front lat spread, then a back double biceps, followed by a back lat spread. When he sees all the muscles and veins, he’ll run screaming from the house.

  5. wedgeone

    All of you cheese-dicks who keep saying that Madonna and her Malawian kid are living in America PLEASE WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!

    She probably still owns some real estate in California, but most of her time is spent LIVING IN THE UK!

  6. Lowlands

    There’s no doubt about it.The resemblances are remarkable.This are mother and sohn.

  7. Sauron

    I haven’t seen Maddy like this before.Somehow the spirit of a Higher Plan seems to have her in possesion on this pic.Seem like she realized she’s mortal.Unlike me ofcourse.

  8. Lowlands

    I’m looking also for an higher plan.On which streetcorner can i get them?

  9. Helena

    America, the UK, w/e. Better than Malawi, that’s the point

  10. UD

    Wedgeone, why get so upset about trivial errors? Don’t be such a looser.

  11. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    It’s her so called music that should be judged. harshly.

  12. UGHHHH

    You know what’s worse? People who refer to Madonna with nick-names, like “Maddy.” (like u know her)

    That’s just….well, I can’t say…but….that is so lame.

  13. kate

    wow. the fish needs to work on his humor… re-using jokes is pretty bad.
    the whole “keep the table from wobbling” joke was already used on britney spears’ parenting.

  14. Lexoka

    Well anyway, the good thing is that today, I learned about the existence of a new country I’d never heard of. Too bad it’s a crappy one… It’s funny that they should send someone especially for Madonna’s kid while they have a million orphans to take care of, and he’s probably enjoying a very comfortable life. But I’m sure that trip to Britain is absolutely necessary and the money spent on the plane ticket couldn’t possibly be put to better use.

  15. ali

    #55. oh, i apologize. geez, i guess im not as good as you at keeping tabs on madonna. that makes me a total, total loser right? either way, shes american. and shes stealing babies.

  16. never noticed before
    look at madonnaz face
    very carefully

    it doezn’t even look like
    her at all

    I think that potion zhe
    took to ztay
    young..U in
    Death Becumz Her..
    well, I think it wore
    off..thiz bitch now
    lookz to be in her 70z

  17. I wore a hat like that once when I played “Geppetto” in grade school? I don’t know what everyone’s problem is. She obviously loves the kid. Look at her smooching on his round cheeks!

  18. nagger please

    We’re all responsible for raising black people. We have to feed them, educate them, house them, give them an allowance for doing nothing, and punish them when they screw up.

  19. Mr Conehead

    Did Mo adopt Gary Coleman??? Or is that another lisbo child of Rosie’s hahahahaha!!!

  20. angelina ho-lie

    This child frightens me. He looks like an African Damien. Bet Madonna didn’t expect him to grow into such a wicked looking little creature. Perhaps the social worker will find some problems and “remove” the child from the home but it will all be planned as Madonna wasn’t finding collecting children from around the world quite as titillating as angelina ho-lie and wants a refund. She looks like she’s thinking “Bloody hell, what was I thinking?!”

  21. Orphanage $4 million,tacky hat $5,Osh Kosh BGosh jumpsuit overpriced,the love of an African boy priceless!

  22. frenchie

    In 16 years I would cross the street to the other side if I saw “David” walking in my direction.

  23. Madonna’s got a lot of work to do to catch up with Angelina.

  24. rukdngme

    the wonderful blatant racism is the reason i left america and for those of you that think all black people are from the ghetto listen to rap and the other stereotypes you’re all so proud of go fk yourselves worthless ignorant pieces of shit.

  25. CountDrunkulaXxX

    hahahaha # 18 made me laugh soo hard I peed my pants. You guys need to lighten up! Seriously!

  26. 68 Shut up about black people. We all love them. I won’t ever have to worry about my adopted son raping my daughter, because I will give him plenty of sex any time he wants it. Why do you think that I adopted him?

  27. ZUG

    I don’t get it, why go to africa and adopt, when there are millions of Mexican kids here in the states she could adopt, and take to england?

  28. Christ on a Crotch

    #74 rukdngme, I applaud you. What I hate worse is fucking w-i-g-g-e-r-s talking about black folks, when these stupus suburban white kids buy most of their rekkids.

    Assholes!!!! Racism against blacks is so old already. Don’t you all know that all those stereotypes are in every, EVERY race, creed, whatever the word is now.

    Try reading a book you crackolas.

  29. Christ on a Crotch

    I meant to say “STUPID” (oops)

    Anyway, “ASSHOLES”

  30. Jillian

    That kid is fugly. He looks like a mini Gary Coleman.

  31. I hope she doesn’t dress her new cabbage patch doll up in cone-shaped booby bras!

  32. AmeriCanadian

    Is she going to hire a plastic surgeon to un-ugly that kid?

    I’m so mean. :D

  33. rukdngme

    #78- thank YOU..i usually get good laughs off of this site and can handle any joke but some of this shit goes too far i’m sure the ones that are the worst wear white sheets on sunday but still..its 2007.

  34. anna

    #48 Heidi Klum didn’t adopt her kids you idiot, her husband is the singer Seal, she has bi-racial kids, not black. Do your homework next time dumb ass.

    #10 I am sure you look as good as Halle Berry……………….Oh did I say Halle Berry?!?! I met Courtney Love.

    #18 How many times have you been ass raped. Go to Dr. Phil, you obvioulsy need a lot of help!

  35. Anyone who sticks up for this man needs to get fucked up the ass
    real good..she is the bitch from hell. I feel sorry for those kids, they
    can’t even watch TV. She’s like one of these church of God freaks that
    don’t believe in TV, but they advertise on it. Always talking from both
    sides of their stupid mouths.

  36. Anyone who sticks up for this man needs to get fucked up the ass
    real good..she is the bitch from hell. I feel sorry for those kids, they
    can’t even watch TV. She’s like one of these church of God freaks that
    don’t believe in TV, but they advertise on it. Always talking from both
    sides of their stupid mouths.

  37. thanks for your post!!!!!!!!!

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