Madonna’s adoption plans delayed

March 30th, 2009 // 92 Comments

Seen here in Malawi this morning wearing.. camouflage pants and army boots? (Well played, Ambassador Madonna), the pop star’s attempt to adopt a four-year-old Malawian girl, Mercy, was delayed by a judge today who pushed the adoption hearing to Friday. The AP reports:

Some child advocacy groups say the 50-year-old pop star’s plans to adopt a young Malawian girl have been fast-tracked because of Madonna’s money and status. One accused her of acting like a rich “bully.”
Meanwhile, a coalition of non-governmental organizations held a press conference in the capital, Lilongwe, criticizing the pop star’s latest adoption application.
“Mercy James is a child who has her extended close family members alive and we urge Madonna to assist the child from right here,” a statement from the coalition said.
Mabvuto Bamusi, the coalition’s national co-ordinator, said they were asking the court to uphold the country’s laws and to “fully” assess Madonna’s second adoption bid.

You know what? How about Madonna and Angelina, and apparently Fergie now, all have to put the adopting on hold until we handle more dire child problems here in America first? I’m talking safe homes for all the Octo-kids, and the Duggar family is completely sterilized. Or at least half of them are taught the birth canal isn’t a cannon for Jesus. I’m willing to compromise.

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  1. Madonna

    Lick my beatup pussy and steroid-swollen clitorenis, you fucking useless unfamous unrich pieces of shit.

  2. Jrz

    A cannon for Jesus.
    Oh. My. God.
    I thought the vagina/clown car reference was hilarious.

  3. kids

    Nah nah neh nah nah!!! Hey Mercy, your new mom wears army boots!

  4. syn

    If the little girl has family in Malawi that are willing to and capable of caring for her, that is where she should stay. If you disregard her wealth, I don’t know how Madonna could possibly be considered a suitable candidate to become an adoptive mother.

  5. Ha!

    Damn! Jrz beat me to it! Cannon for Jesus…

  6. Rev. Ted Haggard

    “Cannon for Jesus” is the game Catholic priests play with altar boys.

  7. Karen

    At least she’s not looking old and crazy…

    In the second to last picture – she did get cheek implants, didn’t she? Now, at the wrong angle, her face has the stretched Halloween mask look.

  8. ew

    pic #7. the face i see before i wake up screaming.

  9. I call 'em as I see 'em

    I wonder when Malawi is going to put together the timing of Madonna’s visits with the roadside findings of young mother’s carcasses, drained of all blood….

  10. Jrz

    Does she think that’s like Africa Chic? Doesn’t she realize that war has destroyed the continent of Africa and a lot of people are emotionally scarred from soldiers and militia who dress like that? What an insensitive shit she is.

  11. Rick

    I bet she’s pissed and I don’t blame her one bit. Adopting from Africa is exactly like KFC drive-thru, specifically when you pull up to the window and they’ve fucked up your order, and tell you you’ll have to wait. If I fucking wanted to wait, I wouldn’t have slummed it to get something crappy fast at KFC.

  12. National Geographic

    Genetics have destroyed Africa, but yes, war has been widespread.

  13. Mabvuto Bamusi

    We believe that the girl in question, Mercy, will be better off living in a mudhole covered with flies.

  14. Guh’head….click it! I’m #12

  15. James

    What a fucked up country! Who argues with somebody who shows up to haul away the garbage??!!!

  16. Jrz

    If I see one headline that says HAVE MERCY! I sware to God, I”m going to kick Madge in her vadge.

  17. Jrz

    I do believe that the picture in #14 is James, as well. The Powerful Wizard *rolls eyes*

  18. Mercy, cause it’s better than a cannon for Jesus.

  19. mmd

    why does she keep getting little niglets?
    wtf? stupid bitch

  20. JR

    new writer suckssss

  21. I call 'em as I see 'em

    I bet it’ll be: “Madonna has Mercy” though, Jrz…

  22. Jrz

    Yeah….you’re right #21.

    I thought if Butler Univ. won the NCAA tournament the headline could be THE BUTLER DID IT.

    I should be a headline writer

  23. Erica

    I agree with Fish. Why not adopt American babies? These celebrities with all their snobbish politically correct African adoptions, what are they thinking? It’s a big deal with lots of cameras when it happens, but then you’ve got to RAISE the kid when the cameras go away. With these African kids that’s like getting a lizard for a pet when you could get a dog, in terms of capacity for learning.

  24. justifiable

    Anyone who’d take a four year old child away from an extended family thinking that a single parent of a different race, language and culture would be better for them is fucking insane. Adopting a four year old is a lot different than taking on an infant, this isn’t some “project” you slap a red thread on and hand off to a nanny while you go on tour or out looking for your latest underage boyfriend. This bitch is a complete megalomaniac. Pick on some kid who doesn’t have anything or anyone to lose, where living with you might be a possible improvement, Madge. This kid ain’ it.

  25. I call 'em as I see 'em

    Oh, and Jrz, you’ll be wanting the extra strength, industrial “Boot Condom”, then. Shall I put you down for a couple dozen? I believe they’d work on Paris Hilton and “Octo-Pussy” as well…

  26. well, technically...

    “Pick on some kid who doesn’t have anything”

    …ummmm…ever been to Malawi?

  27. .

    sooo has her lower half joined the military?

  28. Barack

    You know that in her head, she’s already referring to them as “Nig1″ and “Nig2″.

  29. Americanwhitetrash

    Crazy bitch alert and wants to share it with some kids so they’ll grow up flaky and nuts.

  30. Alex

    These are the moments when I close my eyes for a minute and hope that I’ll somehow be back in the 1970′s. Life really was more simple back then. We knew our enemies and our friends. People like Madonna were divas not politicians dictating policy.

    This is a college drop out who sucked and fucked her way to stardom. Pay for play and coercion become footnotes when you have half a billion dollars in the bank. Her curse is that no matter what, she’ll never be happy. How many kids and husbands and mansions are enough?

    I really don’t like this foul mouthed hasbeen.

  31. I call 'em as I see 'em

    #25 was regarding #16, Jrz, so you don’t think I’ve lost my mind just yet…

  32. I'm a perv

    That Lourdes is going to be such a hottie in few years. She looks just like her mom which means 6 years from now she’s going to look just like she did in her prime in that Playboy spread from 84 with the pictures from 79. That sexy “Like A Virgin”, “Material Girl”, “Desperately Seeking Susan” Madonna with the unibrow. I wouldn’t be surprised if Madonna isn’t secretly planning on pushing her little girl out into the pop scene in the next few years.

  33. huh?

    1970s??? Vietnam, Nixon, Watergate…good times, good times….

  34. miggs

    Lourdes will look like Madonna in one way: her first nude pics will sport the biggest bush you’ve ever seen.

  35. All of these comments strike me as slightly racist, in a sexual way.

  36. Deacon Jones

    Is she trying to blend in with the local militia?

  37. I'm a perv

    @ 34. Yeah, dude. I have still have that Playboy. That bush is so big it looks like she’s getting eaten out by a midget with a jewfro. Seriously that bush is fuckin ridiculously huge.

  38. Idontwannamadonna

    Yeah, I know that if I was going to try to adopt a LITTLE GIRL from a war torn African Nation, I’d want to adopt the costume of her oppressors. Nothing makes a first impression bond like frightening the shit out of the kid. Then I could tend to the girl’s breakdowns and prove what a good mother I’ll be. Then I’ll change her name to Sybil.
    See, I’m smart like a wolf spider. No, sorry, I meant smart like Madonna.

  39. havoc

    Adoption plans/ World domination…same thing. But nothing is denied the Madonna. Except the ability to adopt a British accent.

  40. Kofi Annan

    She forgot to say the magic word (ungawa).

  41. Tee

    #30 Well said!

    Was it on the Superficial that I read Madonna was saying that her kids complained that she was away working so much and her response to them was, “Do you like all those things I buy you? Well, you only have those things because I work so much.”

    This, from the woman who preaches Kabbala and won’t let her children watch TV, and absolutely forbids them to watch “Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer”, in an attempt to look like a snooty, holier-than-thou, responsible, Dr. Spock-reading parent, all the while screwing married athletes and then throwing them away and moving on to the nearest little Hispanic boy. I mean, Rudolf is a bad influence, but materialism and one-night-stands are acceptable?

    How much do you wanna bet Madonna chose Mercy simply because she liked her name?

  42. #41 you STFU. She is like a virgin. Says so in her song……………..

  43. Andy

    She chose “Mercy” because at the time, that was A-Rod’s safe word during extreme anal play.

  44. BBC

    Malawi officials made it clear, however, that they expect to continue to receive massive international aid.

  45. American Consumer

    Oh that’s just great! We have to suffer through these economic times, and now the Dollar Store of adoption is getting all uppity.

  46. CanadianGal

    camouflage pants and army boots? Yes, but the $900 LV scarf doesn’t look right!

  47. #45 hahahahahahahaha…………….**wipes tears*…….hahahaha…..that’s funny.

  48. justifiable

    #26 I wasn’t referring to money. Yeah, Malawi is a dirt-poor country, but this kid has something, meaning family. Madonna adopted her last kid away from a father who couldn’t compete with her financially – there’s something really sick about this need to repeat the “they chose me” scenario. #30 is right, it’s never enough – just like Octomom with her 14 kids that she needs to give her unconditonal love. Children are not a magic bandaid to fix what’s wrong with YOU.

  49. SoTe

    Why are u judging a woman that is trying to adopt a kid that would otherwise probably starve to death or die of aids. It is insane. I dont care what her reasons are, if she is saving a child from death she’s got my vote of approval. I dont think Madonna is doing a bad job with her children. Lourdes is a very smart girl that speaks various languages, she has a great relationship with her mom (if u are a girl and u were ever Lourdes’ age, you know it is not easy, at all, to have a good relationship with ur mom), all of them seem well educated and well behaved, I dont think we should judge her because of who she sleeps or doesn’t sleep with. If she was a guy there would be nothing to discuss here. Chauvinistic pigs!

  50. Napoupi

    I’d like to ask : why do all these children she’s trying adopt suddenly have parents as soon as she shows up to adopt them ?

    I mean, we heard about her adoptive son’s father bitching about the adoption process and the proper education to be given to his son, then about the family of that little Mercy girl, apparently bitching along the social services for the same reasons.
    WTF ? I don’t want to give unconditional support to Madonna’s whims or something, but why the f**k do we have to listen to the complaints of parents or “close” (lmao) family members that were obviously putting the child for adoption in the first place ?! Sounds like basic media-whoring on their part, to me…
    So leave her alone, and wonder about the true motives of that little girl’s “family” instead (i.e. : GEWD MUNNIEZ !!!111)

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