Madonna’s adoption isn’t going so great

October 16th, 2006 // 83 Comments

The Human Rights Consultative Committee is hoping to halt Madonna’s adoption of a 13-month old baby boy because they want to make sure Malawi laws aren’t bent for her. The group is currently applying for the court to recognize them as a sufficiently interested party so they can file an injunction later in the week to block the adoption.

“The rich shouldn’t get preferential treatment. I am fine with the idea of the adoption but I want people to go through the system,” said Emmie Chanika, director of the Civil Liberties Committee.

And even though she reportedly left Malawi with the child on Friday, turns out there were some legal problems getting his passport setup and he had to stay behind, only finally being able to leave today with one of her bodyguards and her personal assistant. So basically Madonna abandoned the child her very first day of being an adoptive mother. At this rate the kid might as well have been adopted by a fire hydrant. It might not be as rich but at least it’ll love him more.


  1. britannica

    can’t you do better than that? that comment was total richport

  2. britannica

    You’ll have to fight my wife to the death, but if you win, she’ll finally be happy

  3. Italian Stallion

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  4. enrapturelj

    Touche’! What kind of real, caring mother would leave the child behind? ATTENTION SEEKING PUBLICITY STUNT! Bet she wouldn’t do that with one of her real kids; and you know damn well she’ll favor them. He’ll be the “token” kid in the family. I see therapy in his future. Or drugs and prison.

  5. laurie

    wow there’s a lot of man-on-man love here…

  6. ApacheRose


    If I wasn’t already very happily involved with my own sexy smart man, I’d be really thrilled to be the girl in the middle of all this “man-on-man love”

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  7. laurie

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  8. britannica

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  9. RichPort

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  10. jrzmommy

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  11. RichPort

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  12. jrzmommy

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  13. britannica

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  14. RichPort

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  15. jrzmommy

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  16. britannica

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  17. RichPort

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  18. jrzmommy

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  19. RichPort

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  20. britannica

    more than just Black

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  21. RichPort

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  22. britannica

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  23. RichPort

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  24. britannica

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  25. jrzmommy

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  26. Italian Stallion

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  27. RichPort

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  28. jrzmommy

    rich, you sound a little worked up. relax, it’s not worth it.

  29. tsarinaamanda

    This Britannica douchetard is just another example of why I hate Christians. Carry on with making him look even MORE foolish, good job to you all :) The fights are the BEST comments to read, they’re always entertaining.

  30. RichPort

    Jrz – After 5PM…? Hmmmm… It’s like the Chinese lady who has the Black baby and names him Sum Tin Wong…

    I never get worked up, I have fun with this. I just like to remind bitches that they’re bitches just in case they forget. Thumping my chest makes my wife horny, so I think I’ll thump a bit longer before I nail her so hard she calls out sick tomorrow.

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  31. tsarinaamanda

    She’s lucky. My own boss is a TOOL. I have plenty of mornings when I wake up depressed and nauseous but I never get to call out sick.

  32. seventh1

    7, #10 #11 $36, gosh do you know how ignorant you sound? What does it matter what color the baby is? He’s adopted. Its a good thing, if she can provide him a better home. What’s wrong with that? Why should color play into it at all? Think before you type please, for once. Thanks.

  33. yeah, well, i’m sure the baby’d be better off with her anyways

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