Madonna’s adoption isn’t going so great

October 16th, 2006 // 83 Comments

The Human Rights Consultative Committee is hoping to halt Madonna’s adoption of a 13-month old baby boy because they want to make sure Malawi laws aren’t bent for her. The group is currently applying for the court to recognize them as a sufficiently interested party so they can file an injunction later in the week to block the adoption.

“The rich shouldn’t get preferential treatment. I am fine with the idea of the adoption but I want people to go through the system,” said Emmie Chanika, director of the Civil Liberties Committee.

And even though she reportedly left Malawi with the child on Friday, turns out there were some legal problems getting his passport setup and he had to stay behind, only finally being able to leave today with one of her bodyguards and her personal assistant. So basically Madonna abandoned the child her very first day of being an adoptive mother. At this rate the kid might as well have been adopted by a fire hydrant. It might not be as rich but at least it’ll love him more.



    Booo Hoo…

  2. popegoestheweasel

    I find the celebrity trend of collecting orphans from around the world, sort of like the Beanie Baby craze from the 90s.

    I really hope they are doing this for the sake of the children, but I have the creepy feeling it’s more of a fad.

  3. What is very interesting, I saw an article on the Sun, that claimed this:

    However, after about 15 minutes, the same link that I linked, had the story changed completely and removed the quotes from the child protection services.

    I wonder why that happened…

  4. jrzmommy

    I can just hear it now, “Well, it’s too hot here and there are too many goddammed flies here and I’m not dancing around with some Zulu with a bowl in her lip anymore. Get me the fuck out of here, goddammit, LIZ! I don’t care who looks after the little son of a bitch, just get me on the first Virgin Atlantic back TO LONDON!!!!!!! And goddammit, get me some ICE! JESUS!!”

  5. slantingthroughdarkness

    Could a fire hydrant teach a child how to turn its back on Christian values? No.

  6. siliconsaint69

    Will I get into heaven if I adopt a black baby too?

  7. Of course the rich should get preferential treatment. What is this? Communism?

  8. Isn’t this enough of Madonna on the Fish.
    If I want celebrity current events, I’ll turn to the Star or Enquirer.
    There’s a whole big world full of celebrities worth trashing.
    Dig deep Mr Superfish, find one that is fresh and worth of a bashing that only the Superficial posters can give.

  9. combustion8

    Finally we find a black kid that has a father and madonna wants to take him away.

  10. bum

    i don’t understand all the effort. just go to any inner city MacDonalds in the US around 11pm on the day that the welfare checks go out. there will be plenty of black toddlers you can take if you want, i don’t think the 300lb moms would notice.

  11. Hopefully MAdonna will be able to get the adoption taken care of by Oscar night. She specifically picked this child because his skin-tone coordinated well with Versace frosted bronze gown she was going to be wearing and Donatella has said that she “Does not have time to match dress colors to a different orphan darling so you need to get this one or we will go with a different concept bella..”

    Damn, poor Madonna, sucks to have to think of a new dress idea this late.

  12. NipsyHustle

    it’s probably for the best. little mandingo would have ended up banging unibrow lourdes in no time. why you might ask? white chicks can’t resist a black stick and black men like hairy women. it’s true.

  13. Sayona

    Madonna is just trying to get some fame back. While I honestly believe that Angelina actually does give a shit and obviously actually takes care of and spends time with her children, the fact that Madonna just runs off because the paperwork was delayed is horrible. She is doing it only for the attention it will bring her. Makes me sick. But in the long run, I guess the kid will grow up being spoiled rotten and loved by the nannies.

  14. Troller

    The kid’s dad was told that Madge is a “nice Christian lady…”

    Ummm… isn’t she Jewish?

    and a whore?

  15. Binky

    Asked to comment about the delay by the BBC, Madonna replied,” Time goes by – so slowly..Time goes by – so slowly,” and then broke into what some observers described as epileptic twitches.

  16. doihaveabooger

    hey, she had to leave the kid behind, she needed some “me time”, afterall she’s madonna, she doesn’t have time for that crap.

    i’m sure her husbands thrilled with the new addition.

  17. jrzmommy

    She’s worried Lourdes and Rocco are gonna find out what she’s bringing home before she actually gets him there.

  18. doihaveabooger

    100 million black kids without dads & madonna finds the one with a dad to adopt.
    she’s smart, every other weekend that kids back in africa.

    she’s going to adopt that onassis kid next, she’s an orphan also.

  19. jrzmommy

    Most Famous Quote from Lourdes: ahem, “He’s WHAT?!”

  20. LoneWolf

    Hmmmm, on the one hand: flies, pestilence, heat, and famine. On the other hand: mock crucifixions, a sex book, Kaballeh, and being Rich Mommy’s pet du jour.

    Methinks little Mongo might be better off right where he is.

  21. Stuey75

    man i cant wait until madonnas kids write about her after shes dead, anyone remember Christina Crawford. hahaha they could make up anything and we would believe it.

  22. jrzmommy

    Second Most Famous Quote from Lourdes: “I’M part WHAT?!”

  23. lazydays8401

    LMAO @ #11. Seriously, I did a spit-take.

  24. Oh man, this post is going to go from Madge-bashing to Blonkies vs. Whiggers in about 15 seconds….

    Let’s get ready to rrrrrumble!!!!Let’s get ready to rrrrrumble!!!!

  25. jrzmommy

    Yohane Banda told a British newspaper he put his son David in an orphanage when he was just over one month old, fearing that he was ill with malaria, which killed his two other sons.

    “I suppose deep in my heart I always imagined that when he was better, or I had got another wife, I would go and take him back,” Banda told the Mail on Sunday. “I did not think anyone would want to take him away.”

    Come on, Madge, just send checks every month. You don’t want the kid for real.

  26. commissioner

    It certainly pays not to be famous. I spirited my Guats out of their muddy, third world country with no interference from do-gooders.

  27. biatcho

    Is it busted up hag day on the Superficial???

  28. doihaveabooger

    it was just reported that when madanna learned of the boys father, she sent her attys to seek full child support.
    the agreed upon monthly payment to madonna will be three goats & a chicken.

  29. What I fear most is that the whole Pitt-Jolie adoption thing and Madonna is a popularity ploy instead of really caring for the children.

  30. Italian Stallion

    This just in: Fags love Madonna……..

    Carry on………

  31. Aren’t there enough Africans in America, Jesus Christ…

    What up Stallion.

  32. RichPort

    I find the headline is funnier if you scribble out a few words:

    Madonna’s (scribble, scribble) isn’t (scribble, scribble) so great.


  33. RichPort

    #32 – You’re right Jesus was African too. Thanks for pointing that out.

  34. Anonymous



  35. shell

    I don’t understand why–with all the orphans in the world–she picks one with a father. To me that just stinks of trouble down the road. Fast forward a few years when poor African daddy sees his son and the rich American pop star who adopted him as his meal ticket.

  36. #34,

    Actually Jesus was Mid-eastern Jewish, most likely a Caananite. Learn some archeology or history, really, it makes insults sting more.

  37. zenmasterfoo

    There’s nothing wrong with adoption in my eyes. You take a child and hopefully place him/her in a home that is a more caring/supportive/loving/non-violent one that he/she was in beforehand and you get a child with a better chance at becoming less like his/her environment and more like well…something else.

    Madonna has travelled to another country and sought out a child whose parents could not provide for him and taken him for herself. I would hope that knowing they didn’t have the resources to raise this boy, Madge would find it within her heart to provide something for the family so that they could be reunited with each other.

    and dammit woman. stay with the kid, don’t send for him like luggage.


    oh yeah #34: I’m pretty sure back when Jesus was walking on water and such, there wasn’t a place called “Africa”. Call me crazy but I doubt the continent was called that back in the day..

    dumbass city dwelling atheist.

  38. #34 – Rich, you’re a dumbass city dwelling atheist? Sweet! You should wear that badge with pride and honor.

    If being a dumbass city dwelling atheist means not being the stupiest mother-fucker in the room, then let me know where I sign up.

  39. #38 – Do you also call Dinosaurs ‘Jesus Horses?’

    Silly Christians, tricks are for kids!

    Take that 10% out of the collection plate, put it back in your pocket and go home to watch football.

  40. Anonymous

    awwww…that’s so cute, there’s a ferret dad being protective of its hopeless young. did i say hopless? i meant helpless. well, either way.

  41. Anonymous posters amuse me.

    We have a name for people like that. What is it again? Oh yeah, pussy.

  42. Anonymous

    thanks. mine is especially tasty. thanks again, you made my day!

  43. RichPort

    I see it doesn’t take much to push fucking buttons…

    #37 – I’m no biblical scholar, but since you want to get all academic on me, read the bible. You’ll find the description Jesus is given is that of a Black man. You can still go to medieval churches in Europe and find renditions of Black Jesus. Keep believing Michelangelo if you like; just remember that years from people will probably realize Picasso didn’t really know people that looked like his paintings. Nice try, wrong guy…

    #38 – First, Mr. Bible Thumper, read the above. Second, the Romans (no not the fake ones now a days you fucking idiot) referred to Africa as “Afrik” meaning literally “without cold”, as Africa tends to be. Even an elementary text book will tell you the Romans predated the Christian era. Therefore, there was “a place called “Africa”" when “Jesus was walking on water and such”, dumbass. I can’t stop nitwits from believing idiocy, so since you’re obviously not a city dweller, go back to the farm and pick my fucking dinner. Moron.

    Ferret, I love Jesus horses, my fellow godless brimstone jockey.

    Off topic? Fuck it, Madonna’s a whore.

  44. commissioner


    Intelligent men make me hot.

  45. britannica

    now that’s a classic wikipedia-cut-and-paste olympic-gymnast-stretch of a reply! lmfao!!!

  46. RichPort

    Commish – for your heat, I offer my Guats, free of their normal dollar a day fee, to massage you repeatedly. To quote Monica Geller: “SEVEN, SEVEN!!!”

    #46 – Some of us come from a time where we actually had to read, go to the library and study to learn. Some of us actually know stuff. Cut and paste my britannica nuts.

  47. britannica

    yeah right, lmao

  48. vargagirl

    Marry me, Rich Port.

  49. RichPort

    #48 – Idiot, party of one? You’re table’s ready… no sir over here in the back by the kitchen…

    #49 – You’ll have to fight my wife to the death, but if you win, absofuckinglutely (if you’re a hot chick, this ain’t no sausage party…)

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