Madonna’s adoption going forward

August 28th, 2007 // 69 Comments

Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie’s efforts to adopt a Malawi boy are finally moving ahead despite a setback earlier this month. A social worker from the African country will travel to the U.S. to assess the family, even though the trip had previously been denied by their government. People Magazine reports:

“There has been a change of mind by my government minister,” Penstone Kilembe, the director of Malawi’s Child Welfare Services, said. “I am expected to spend two weeks.” Previously Kilembe had been refused an exit visa to make the trip, and had warned that this might jeopardize the Ritchies’ efforts to adopt David.

Sounds like a happy ending for this family. It’s nice to see a young boy taken into a good home and offered a chance at a better life. I’m just wondering who this Madonna person they keep talking about is. Is she somebody’s famous grandma or something? Because I’m drawing a blank here.


  1. Wicked Wendy

    I haven’t been a fan since I was 13 or 14; she had pretty much just started (Lik A Virgin)……..however GOOD 4 her !!!!!!!!! Love isn’t a bad thing……

  2. Ttime

    Wait, never mind. The correct word is “renounce”. Sorry for the confusion. And I apologize once again for the trouble I have caused.

  3. ZUG

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  4. ZUG

    oh, sorry about that, i just found jesus too…..

  5. Skip Smith


    You forgot to mention that she is also a dried up skank.

  6. ladyface

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  7. whatever

    Does anyone know where I can get a model of her hand and arm?

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  8. whatever

    Actually…does anybody know how much it would cost to hire her to just lay in the coffin with her hand sticking out, then jump up and scare kids who trick or treat?

    On second thought, fuck that. I don’t want to go to jail when some poor kid dies of fucking heart attack.

  9. Bally's sportsbook

    I hope everyone knows what’s going on here – Jolie is really in Iraq shopping for a new child because Maddy had got this latest Malawai kid lind up. The Film and Music industries have nominated these 2 women respectively to be their representitives in the Best-Most-Famous-Mother-In-The-Arts contest. Word on the street thou is Courtney Cox has secretly adopted numerous Asian children to go along with her more natural efforts, and so the sharp money in Vegas is going on the Television medium to take out this award.

  10. Ttime

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  14. @60

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  16. ZUG

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  17. Pete

    You know, Ttime maybe didn’t get his point across too well as he obviously got frustrated and angry. But I totally agree with him. I am shocked by the amount of racist, white supremacist crap I read on this site every day. I never hear people saying these kind of things in the real world, but I seem to come across it all the time on the internet and that really scares me. It seems there’s alot more racism around than we realise. People are just too cowardly to say these things in real life. What really fucks me off is that in general the other posters on this site never seem to question the racist comments that appear on here all the time.

  18. Ttime

    @ SAT:

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  19. Ttime


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