Madonna’s adoption going forward

August 28th, 2007 // 69 Comments

Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie’s efforts to adopt a Malawi boy are finally moving ahead despite a setback earlier this month. A social worker from the African country will travel to the U.S. to assess the family, even though the trip had previously been denied by their government. People Magazine reports:

“There has been a change of mind by my government minister,” Penstone Kilembe, the director of Malawi’s Child Welfare Services, said. “I am expected to spend two weeks.” Previously Kilembe had been refused an exit visa to make the trip, and had warned that this might jeopardize the Ritchies’ efforts to adopt David.

Sounds like a happy ending for this family. It’s nice to see a young boy taken into a good home and offered a chance at a better life. I’m just wondering who this Madonna person they keep talking about is. Is she somebody’s famous grandma or something? Because I’m drawing a blank here.


  1. mitosis


  2. Malffy Hernandes

    Aww, he’s cute!

  3. big


  4. bob

    omg that baby better watch out!! Death’s hand is about to grab his face!

  5. jrzmommy

    A change of mind? How about a change in offshore account balance………….

  6. mayuko

    Wow that is good news.
    I think she is doing realy good thing.
    I don’t understand why people making such a big things about her adopting him.
    I support celebrities on this website.
    Worth have a go!!

  7. Madonna is only two kids away from having her own third world country. She is already setting up the sweat shops in the back of property. Her first customer is Kathy Lee Gifford

  8. bob

    6, she basically kidnapped the damn kid, that’s why.

  9. Nikky Raney

    and this is important enough to be given an article on superfish why?

  10. just a thought

    I wonder how long it takes before she makes him go down on her, if he isn’t already. Madonna always did like the black snake moan.

  11. BaldAsBritney

    The fucking kid must shit his pants every time she grabs him with those freaky zombie arms of hers.

  12. OperationGericht

    #10 you say that like it’s a bad thing.

    Madonna is still ridiculously sexy and I would have no problem doing WHATEVER she told me to.

    Actually, I’d love it. If you’re looking for a sex slave Madonna, give me a buzz.

  13. J B Stoner

    And for her next trick, Madonna will attempt to jump 16 Africans with a 30 ton steamroller…

    She really is not adopting, she is purchasing for future slavery…

  14. Shine

    Eeeeshhhh…..look at her hand…its as if she got back from the dead…..freaky…

  15. gerard Vandenberg

    When a STAR’S career is on a dead’s end and always wanting on the front pages, the answer is quit simple: Let’s ADDOPT!! Ofcourse it’s small and so cute. Have you ever heard of the fact, adoption-parent taken a kid so ugly you won’t sleep for at least one week!!

  16. congrats, and warm wishes!

  17. @16

    @16. Warm Wishes? Do you want to piss on the kid? You sick fuck!

  18. veggo

    Take a Bow, you Lucky Star. Like a Prayer, the Borderline has opened. Express Yourself you Material Girl. Papa Don’t Preach so Don’t Cry for Me Argentina!!!!

    Oh, and I can Vouge just Like A Vigin.

    As you can see, I just ate a retard sammich……..

  19. cogs enmeshed

    what she’s doing is “nice” in theory.

  20. jrzmommy

    What’s with the Johnny Depp in Benny & Joon hat?

  21. lambman

    that’s good, it was total BS when they said “You can only adopt if we do a home visit, but we won’t do a home visit because you’re in england”

    obviously somebody with $500,000,000 and a staff of 20-70 can handle a kid

  22. Skewed Vision

    I’m convinced that these “people” (Madonna) pick the most controversial kids in the pack so as to cause as much ruckus as possible. Of the possibly millions of orphaned kids, she had to pick one who already had a daddy?

  23. Ah, yes! Young blood! Maybe it vill give the old bat 6 more months of……er, beauty! Yeah, that’s it. Ah, another shining example of money buying misery for a child…I am sure she is gonna be there for him…..but he’s got lots of material stuff now, so who cares, eh?

  24. Rmc

    Might be the first case of a black child leaving his dad…not the other way around.

  25. The claw. Look at that CLAW.

  26. hill

    Ok, I finally figured it out. She’s a vampire. Remember, like the tom/brad movie she has to keep getting young blood to survive!! Oh my god, run little boy, RUN!!!!!

  27. AngelinaWannabe

    She’s still two behind the other holier-than-thou skeletor skank Angelina.

  28. 12:51

    #4 i’m sure her parenting skillz are better then brit’s and brits kids are still i alove … i think

  29. 12:51

    #4 i’m sure her parenting skillz are better then brit’s and brits kids are still i alive … i think

  30. SMRT?


    What you said was grosser than #10

    Madonna… sexy? I hear she gives BJs with her mouth closed through those teeth.

  31. nagger please

    The kid will grow up with all the money he needs but he’ll still be a criminal.

  32. Guy

    Her hands look like my mothers.

    Then again my mother is 60.

  33. gigi

    way too dragged out & boring… just give him back — aren’t Lourdes & Rocco enough? such a circus

  34. Eagle Chick

    For only a cool mil a day,the cost of only one condo in the Hampton’s, you can support an African baby too. Please call today, our operators are waiting!

  35. Radar

    I love when celebrities hold their MINORITY LOTTERIES and then clamor for the camera, as if they’re doing a good deed. Then, they have nannies and personal assistants watch/keep them (can we say Britney?)

    “let’s see…. who will be the lucky black/asian/other child that will win the lap of luxury??”

    Notice that minority celebrities do not do this?

  36. Lovely

    Freakishly skinny must be a side affect of adopting

  37. my comment

    So…, what DOES this self-important psycho see in this kid?

    I don’t get it.

  38. godly

    She’s a fucking witch!

  39. ssdd

    I just don’t get it … just sayin

  40. Ttime

    Society just LOVES to say that generation X and Y see NO color–”We’re entering a colorblind society, just wait until the older generations die off, we’ ll all be seen as equal.” What a giant load of BULLSHIT. The same fools who believe that should read the RACISM that is spewed on these blogs on a daily basis when ASSHOLES think that they are anonymous!!!

    And you all say black people are paranoid or making excuses when they speak of hidden racism. At least in the 1960s it was blatant and they knew who their enemies were. Today, everyone speaks of a COLORBLIND society amongst young people. What a load of BULLSHIT; they obviously don’t read these blogs. OBVIOUSLY NOT!!!

  41. Sad Dog

    Somebody better kill that kid now before he grows up to abuse dogs.

  42. Ttime

    @ #41, Sad Dog:

    And someone better KILL your stupid ass really quick before you grow up to be a child molesting, child abducting, child murdering, canabalistic serial killer.

    Every race has stereotypes— Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it!!! I bet we see you really soon on ‘To Catch a Predator’.

  43. herbiefrog

    glad for you babe…

    the world needs people like you…

    like the idea of a seaside retreat at galilee

    why not bring david?

    wont make a difference… but why not : )

  44. Ttime

    I apologize for my earlier racist comments. It was wrong, I renounce them, and I have found Jesus.

  45. Ttime

    Racist are always COWARDS. You HIDE behind anonymous blogs to make your racist comments. Then, your stupid ass uses my name… how ORIGINAL? Because we have NEVER seen that tactic used before on a blog. How ever did you think of it?

    The real Ttime, always and forever.

  46. Ttime

    @ Sad Dog:

    The correct word is “denounce”…. A DUMB racist… whoever would have ‘thunk’ it?

  47. Fair judgment

    I don’t know, there IS something creepy about that kid. I could easily imagine him abusing animals. I can’t exactly say what it is…it almost popped into my mind awhile black…oops.

  48. Webster's

    You know, the dictionary, not the lil black kid from TV (and not the one who looks like Madonna’s garden gnome). It has words and you can read all about them, including their meanings and proper use. It’s a much better resource than Al Sharpton, who (also) confuses words based simply on how they sound to him. Just sayin.

  49. Chrissy

    ummmm…i thought she lived outside of london, so why are they going to the U.S????

  50. Dominic

    You dont know who she is, let me fill you in, she was just named the 3rd most powerful celebratie in Forbes magazine, her tour last year Confesions On a Dancefloor certified her as the most successful live female tourer on the planet & in history, Confessions on a Dancefloor has sold around 10 million copies, Hung Up was one of the most successful singles in the world ever, her clothing line for H&M made the store sales go up by 20%, Her childrens book The English Roses is so succesfull shes currently released 4 new books to the series, & little David looks very happy. Their are more statistics but your probably to good for that.

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