Madonna’s adoption efforts get F’d in the A

May 3rd, 2009 // 49 Comments

Madonna’s attempts to adopt four-year-old Mercy from Malawi took another kick in the nuts when the girl’s father appeared on The Early Show to say he plans to raise Mercy. People reports:

“I want to take care of her, and I’m capable of taking care of my baby,” James Kambewa told CBS’s The Early Show in an interview to air Monday, the same day the court will hear Madonna’s appeal of the rejected adoption.
“Mercy, she is a Malawian, so [I] need her to grow as a Malawian … with our culture,” he said.
The hearing in Madonna’s appeal case will be led by the head of the judiciary in Malawi. The southern African country’s High Court had previously rejected her application to adopt Mercy Chifundo James.
In his interview, Kambewa tells The Early Show that he’s never met his daughter and has only seen her “in newspapers and TV, not face to face.”

Jesus. At this point, the only thing worse that can happen is David Banda telling Madonna makes him wear a tuxedo at home and call her “Massa’.” While tap-dancing.

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  1. ishi-san

    So if she wants to help the girl so much, why doesn’t she give the family some money and make them happy……or would that be too altruistic???

  2. FredC



  3. Mel Gibson

    Why is it that the United States (an allegedly sovereign nation) cannot print its’ own money BUT BORROWS IT AT INTEREST INSTEAD from the Federal Reserve Bank which is a PRIVATE bank (just like “Federal Express” or “The Franklin Mint” are NOT government institutions) owned by an international gang of banksters? Why is it that we worry about celebrities instead of worrying about the fact that we are all slaves to the banksters?

  4. Carolyn

    So, this bozo has never met his daughter, but now he can make a home for her?

  5. I hate Madonna, your old! get lost.


  6. momo

    id eat her

  7. Joe Melnick

    Carolyn, if you read the full story you see why he hasn’t met his daughter. Why can’t Madonna find a real orphan to adopt? There are only tens of millions of them.

  8. ishi-san

    @ 7: yeah! And why do they NEED to be from Malawi??
    She is so selfish and greedy.

  9. Alfalfa

    She can crack a coconut with her froggish legs.

  10. HalifaxDave

    Carolyn sorry to jump on your obvious bitchiness but fuck off they live in a poor country he was separated from the mother and his daughter. According to what I have read in the news is He thought they were dead after the mother died shortly after giving birth. when he found out his child was still alive due to the press he came forward. I don’t know anything about what kind of relationship he had with the child’s mother It could have been a hellish shit storm of pure hate but he still has a right to be with his child if he so chooses and to be her father who are you jump to the conclusion that he is a Bozo? Compared to fucking whorearam Madonna? Thanks Ill take a Bozo for a dad then some skanky used up whore as a mom

  11. Kat

    Joe Melnick: Yeah, he hasn’t met his daughter b/c he dumped her underage mother when he knocked her up and never contacted her family since. Till now. Shady, money-grubbing bastard, that guy. Give Madonna Mercy!

  12. Darth

    I guess the father of Mercy is hiding now in the bush across the orphanage.Or he’s sweeping from tree to tree on the other side of the orphanage.

  13. Taylor L

    SOMEONE take this child to raise her.

    she’s going to have some werid issues later in life behind this crap.

  14. Sauron

    I’m going to get an axe to cut Mercy in two halves.I’ll give both of them half a Mercy.

  15. Sauron

    Well,it’s now about ten minutes later and nor the girl’s father nor Madonna has put a comment here.That means they’d rather want the kid to die than losing the kid .You know what? I’ll give them 10 minutes more time.

  16. Nero

    What’s her age?

  17. Boogeyman King Dong

    Are you sure it’s a girl?

  18. miserybunny

    I guess as soon as Madonna threatens to adopt a child, a parent manages to come out of the woodwork. So she should attempt to adopt child after child so these fucknuts can figure out who their children are. Is the communication system including the coconut wireless, so bad in this country the size of a postage stamp that an orphanage just doesn’t get around to contacting the still living parents, grandparents, aunties, and uncles… and these parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles — one of whom presumably id’d the mother’s dead body — have no idea a living kid had just popped out of the dead mom’s snatch? Wild guess: the orphanages are not collecting briefly unattended children, like so much luggage at the airport. This story is a failure of journalism. Since it’s a story involving celebrity, we can’t expect much, but it’s a human rights issue. Plus, you’d think whoever hunted down Mercy’s dad could ask some real questions. You know, while they’re there, and already downing the quinine.

  19. Sauron

    Only Nero and Boogeyman King Dong showed interest.But they are not relevant in this case.The one who really cares about the kid will win.

  20. It's Me Fuckers

    #18… A-FUCKING-MEN! I was thinking very close to your thoughts. This is 2 for 2 for Madonna. She goes to adopt who she thinks is an ORPHAN and some fucktard wanders out of the woodwork saying he is the long lost daddy to the kid. She should systematically go through every orphanage and try and adopt every child so that there won’t be any more orphans in that country. Ppl blame Madonna for trying to give a kid a better life. I can’t figure that one out. I wonder what the kid’s reaction is going to be when she is older… she is growing up in poverty when she could have been living a much better life getting the best education possible… I smell a book deal.

  21. venomded

    See ManDonna. Money can’t buy everything on this god forsaken planet. What a bitch. She needs to be destroyed.

  22. Well at least Modonna got him involve in the kids life from now on…

  23. #1 is right – if this is about the kid Madonna should set up some kind of trust fund for her when she turns 18, that way the money will go to her rather than to a family that may misuse it. That way the kid gets the good (financial security) without the bad (being raised by a corrupt, self obsessed narcissist.)

  24. sirrix

    Why are we not deleting #3′s post? Anyway, the Federal Reserve Bank is a government institution, you idiot.

  25. Blah

    Why is it you only see David? (That’s the kid she adopted right?) And never her biological children out with her?

  26. Um, arent there some orphans for Madonna to steal, I mean, adopt? Why is she set on taking a baby away from a parent?

    Go find yourself a nice orphaned child to raise up under the watchful eye of Kabalah’s strict guidelines. Oh by the way, I bought some Kabala water once, poured it in my toilet and dumped in it. Take that you baby stealing, muscled up lesbian circuis freak! Ya, that showed you!

    Oh and blah, from post 26, you never see her biological children out weith her as she keeps them ocked away in an underground cave bottling up the Kabala water….and it is not fashionable for a white crazy person to be seen out with white kids…

  27. c

    Like her leather jacket…anyone knows where it’s from?

  28. Like her leather jacket…anyone knows where it’s from?

  29. Like her leather jacket…anyone knows where it’s from?

  30. sehr

    is this girl the last orphan in the world or something? I mean shes not even an orphan if madonnas intent was good she would adopt another child, an actual orphan who needed a home.

  31. bitasweet

    is this girl the last orphan in the world or something? I mean shes not even an orphan if madonnas intent was good she would adopt another child, an actual orphan who needed a home.

  32. lola

    The Federal reserve is a private corporation, not owned or controlled by the government. Since we cannot even audit them, how is it a government entity? I believe it was Woodrow Wilson who agreed to pass the federal reserve legislation in return for media support to win the election. This is all documented and true.

    I enjoy the celebrities and entertainment, but that doesn’t make me olivious. We are powerless to stop it unless we get Ron Paul or Bob Barr in office, but all the dumb f*cks keep voting the same shiesters (Democrats and Republicans) into office.

  33. Binky

    # 3 Good point Mel. Keep it up.
    It’s, like, I’ve been drowning here – that type of thing.
    Off topic ?
    Madonna – I’ve loved all your ‘films’. Genius. And you have the voice of angels.
    Well ok. Maybe the voice of one of those ‘fallen angels’ who’s been around the block a few times…don’t worry about it…even Millie Vannilli had a career for a number of years…no worries….

  34. Personwooly I’m not sure about Ron P. So.
    When he go on TV he seem to bring up getting rid of the post office.
    Ever heard of ‘talking points’ Dr Ronny ?
    Inside job ?

  35. what

    Hey SKANK…move on! You have never been a talent, and now you are just a pathetic hack. Take your living Gary Coleman doll and go AWAY!

  36. notfunny

    crass joke at the end there…madonna is as racist as she is a dude…har har I know some of you will laugh but she bangs, dances and creates music with black people, CRASS JOKE


  38. chlöe

    What part of the word “no” does this psychotic cunt not understand???

    She is such a selfish bitch.

  39. Snoopy

    So where was this guy when his girlfriend was pregnant? Oh yes, he ran away because the family were a bit miffed about him getting their teenager pregnant? And he didn’t think to check if the baby survived? But now he’s front and centre for his 15 minutes of fame. Dick. And its not about what would be best for his daughter.. its all about him. I hope the judge sees through him. Madonna has a relationship with Mercy that goes back several years now. That’s why she wants to adopt that particular child because she loves her. Its not just oh well I’ll take another one then. Maybe the judge should ask Mercy herself who she wants to live with? And Madonna, if I was you I’d move to Malawi for 18 months.

  40. Mr. Jones

    It’s only a matter of time, folks. This witch is a shapeshifter. She’s going to bend her body into grotesque forms and slither down people’s chimneys and air vents. And steal your babies.

  41. may

    You know it may seem ridiculous since Madonna is creating such a hoopla around it, but what she’s doing is truly great. One cannot undermine the impact of her adopting — may seem to have no more of an effect than to sell tabloids, but really this “small thing” can have a huge impact on the world. She is helping the world realize not to be so closed minded about how to piece together a family. There are plenty of wonderful, needy children out there and adoption should be considered by all to start a family. I think Madonna sees her influence and is trying to do good — it’s the small things people!!

  42. Smile

    Federal Reserve is as federal as Federal Express. The jews are ok with killing Palestinian kids and women, but cry a river when someone mentions they control the media, banking, and all the government. That’s where the new hate bill comes to play. All worth it… lets protect the child rapists as well!

  43. OMG, Im so sick of the corruption

    Our country needs a new motto= “Do the right thing” its that simple. we all know what the right thing is- now, we need to just do it and the world would be a happier place for all. The govt is not your mommy, boss or savior. They are there to keep our roads paved, post office running, and lawmakers to protect us. Stop relying on the govt to do for you. Do for yourself.

  44. OMG, Im so sick of the corruption

    Our country needs a new motto= “Do the right thing” its that simple. we all know what the right thing is- now, we need to just do it and the world would be a happier place for all. The govt is not your mommy, boss or savior. They are there to keep our roads paved, post office running, and lawmakers to protect us. Stop relying on the govt to do for you. Do for yourself.

  45. bleh...

    Madonna, STOP TRYING TO STEAL PEOPLE’S KIDS. How about adopting where it legal?

  46. RtSS

    Speaking of getting F’d in the A… I’d mount Madonna, and drill her poopchute for all the butt nuggets I could find. Man when I got done with her, she’d be walking bow-legged. She wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week. My favorite view of her would be face down, burried into a pillow, and butt up in the air with ass cheeks spread.

  47. should let the child with his parents

  48. I think shes not even an orphan whose Madonnas intention was good, it would adopt another child, a real child who needed a home. hope that the judge believes him. Madonna has a relationship with Mercy, which goes back several years now.

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