Madonna’s 1979 nude photo shoot

April 15th, 2009 // 86 Comments

These are shots of Madonna taken in 1979 for photographer Martin H.M. Schreiber that will be shown for the first time in the UK at the Brighton Festival’s “The Madonna Nudes – 30th Anniversary Exhibition.” Despite everything I’ve said about Madonna, I have to admit she looks damn good here at 45 – which proves her sorcery. To the torches, men!

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that may cause a winged spider monkey to shoot you with a crossbow if you don’t start masturbating. *KATWANG* I’m going! I’m going!

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  1. mafme

    #8– you do know that photography has been around for a long, long time, right? And that airbrushing can be done with actual… oh… what are those… gosh… I forget what the tool is called that people use for airbrushing.

    People have been manipulating photographs for almost as long as photography has been around.

  2. Durp

    Those are some rockin’ tits

  3. mikeock

    I’m going to bet she had a pubic spread that went all the way around her hips, past her ass, and out the front door. That bitch is one chromosome away from being a wookie.

  4. Victoria

    She was skinny here, but by 1984 she was fat. Go look at her at the Live Aid concert in Philly in 2005. About fifteen pounds heavier with a belly.

  5. buck

    she’s been fu by time and surgery…

  6. Chris

    Guess they couldn’t airbrush her hairy arms back in the day. Her arm hair is a hint that her bush was probably out of control.

  7. dank

    Ummm wait til you see her bush from back then before you say she looks good. Yikes. they’ve been posted before i believe

  8. be sure you cover up those nipples, folks.

  9. Womb Raider

    That pussy, much like hers, has been dead a VERY long time.

  10. Julez

    People…….. you must not know this sit very well…. You click the pic… it gets bigger, and still has stars, SO you click it again, and TADA!!!! NO STARS!!!!


  11. Julez



    wow i think i shall die now.
    the hair.. the skeleton arms.. THE LONG JOHNS.
    madonna is the most terrifying person ever, even when she was young. glad i was not alive when these occcurred so i didnt have to feel the rip in the space time continuum.

  13. Kail

    Oh my you people really ARE superficial. If a girl like that walked around the street or got famous now looking like this you’d be all over her, say she’s a natural beauty. But because she’s Madonna, the cynicism is never far away. Too bad, because she’s a very beautiful young woman here.

  14. Jamie's Uterus

    In the ridiculous ‘sex’ coffee table book she did, around 1991, I think, she was hanging naked from a helicopter, and hitchhiking naked on the streets of New York. These are nothing compared to those.

    I hope she doesn’t get any ideas and get naked for us again…ewwwwwww!

  15. james

    she always was damn sexy.she still hot now,i saw her last years and her ass and her boobs are amazing.she is very nice by the way.this woman still make me captivate.her eyes are hipnotic

  16. jonas

    her nipples always were yammy.she is hot no matter what,and her bitchy personality make all the real men wow.she is an animal on bed

  17. jonnathan

    hot .madonna is hot

  18. maniac

    i wanna do her.when i remember erotica era or jstify my love era i see that theres no other artist like her.she is unique

  19. Arioch

    seriously HOW fucking stupid are half of you?

    You keep clicking the pic until the stars are NO MORE!!!! WOW!!!


  20. emil


    the show you mentioned already exists!….its called millionare matchmaker

  21. tami

    she is a spitting image of her daughter

  22. ahoy

    this must not be the origingal picture. the originals in Playboy & Penthouse were like looking at an oiled squirrel. and her nips didn’t look like that. so go get the originals on ebay. the last thing anyone thought of doing was pulling down their pants. the hairy armpits were a real drawback. not to mention the face. technology and plastic surgery has been very good to her.

  23. a stylist

    #72 her nipples DO look like that. There was more than one photographer who took artistic nudes.

    The ones by Lee Friendlander show a very hairy bush and armpits.

    there was also Jere Threadgill and Martin Schreiber. and guess what, SHE STILL had amazing tits! In fact her amazing breasts can be seen in MANY MANY nude photos.

    All of this stuff is easily found in google. SO if you’re going to piss in her cornflakes for something, make it accurate. Like her cheek implants.

  24. she was so beatiful. she only looks 14yrs old so i feel a bit guilty making that 1st pic my screensavr lol.
    no wonder shes got crazy muscle arms now, her arms where naturally like that.

  25. Aww, what a cute kitty cat! But why did they put that ugly bitch in the picture?

  26. Fruit Doesnt Fall Far From Tree

    Lourdes looks alot like Mommy..

    I wonder if she will follow in her footsteps..?

    Let’s hope NOT!

  27. Fruit Doesnt Fall Far From Tree

    Lourdes looks alot like Mommy..

    I wonder if she will follow in her footsteps..?

    Let’s hope NOT!

  28. Fas(c)hionista

    37 Cavy– EXACTLY what I was thinking.

  29. ;;;;;

    perfect boobs at least….

  30. :o

    Wow, her boobs were PERFECT. And I’m a straight girl, but damn, I wish mine were like that.

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  32. These pictures are actually being exhibited as part of the Brighton Festival Fringe, not the main Brighton Festival. They will be at the Impure Art Gallery frmo My 1 – 31. Go to or for more details.

  33. dear god

    God, was Madona ever attractive?

  34. Madonna is beautiful!

    Sat there topless stroking her pussy.

  35. babara

    realy nice.but if there is under arm hair she looks more beautifull

  36. She always been crazy sexy.she hot today I saw last year and her ass and her breasts are very nice woman amazing.she This is yet another seduce me.

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