Madonna’s 1979 nude photo shoot

April 15th, 2009 // 86 Comments

These are shots of Madonna taken in 1979 for photographer Martin H.M. Schreiber that will be shown for the first time in the UK at the Brighton Festival’s “The Madonna Nudes – 30th Anniversary Exhibition.” Despite everything I’ve said about Madonna, I have to admit she looks damn good here at 45 – which proves her sorcery. To the torches, men!

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that may cause a winged spider monkey to shoot you with a crossbow if you don’t start masturbating. *KATWANG* I’m going! I’m going!

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  1. OldGuy

    Playboy ran these way back when.

  2. Ali Knievel

    And THIS friends and fellow perverts is what Lourdes Leon will look like in 6 years. The other set shot in NYC with the bush monster are better though.

  3. Paul

    But I want ample amounts of pubic hair!

  4. OldGuy

    And you forgot to remove the stars off the large versions again. Do you check your posts at all?

  5. The Real anthonyOA

    you can just tell she’s disguising a fro down there.

  6. Mia

    I remember seeing this when it first came out, but Maddona had a lot of arm pit hair and they airbrushed it out.

  7. The larger pics are still censored with the stars. You keep doing this with all the NSFW pics. Why must you toy with our emotions.

  8. a reader


    They could airbrush back when they first published those photos?
    It was like 1985 or so…

  9. B. Deep

    She looks like “Danger” from For the Love of Ray J.

  10. These pics cant fully be experienced with that damn star over it…Now i know she had a hairy crack, but a hairy areola wouldve been easily realized without the stars…

  11. he hates the pretty ones

    And yet Shauna Sand’s disgusting nipples are visible without a click-through. I see what’s happening here….

  12. Drunkman

    Fish. The stars are still there. You need to correct this asap.

  13. Nice… she’s playing with her pussy…

  14. a reader

    Madonna’s nipples have been published “cuntlessly” through the years, these pictures are rather old so just remeber her nipple pics from back then and insert the mental pic instead of the stars….wait, that doesn’t do it….I see your point.

    Damn you fish

  15. Vince Lombardi

    I remember when Playboy published similar photos in the 80s. Back then, when she was the sex kitten (no pun intended to the tabby in the pics) these were considered extremely hot. Given the passage of time, looking at her now as a then no-name 20-something, I have to say I was mistaken. She was a butterface.

  16. chick

    Here is a nude picture of Madonna from 1979 that I did not expect/ want to see:

  17. Regan

    if you’re that keen on seeing madonnas tits, how hard would it be for you to just google it?

  18. smarg

    Nice titties back then, but now, gravity has caught up. Getting old sucks.

  19. duh!

    45?!?! what the fuck are you talking about? a lame joke that doesn’t come across, perhaps. she’s 21 here.

  20. dee

    At least she shaved her body for these photos. Hustler Magazine published photos of her in the early 80′s where she had a full underarm bush, hair on the stomach, arms, etc. She is one hairy Italian.

  21. Galtacticus


  22. Nero

    Any bottom up pics?

  23. What’s with the stars dude

  24. justifiable

    She ruined waffle-weave high-waisted long johns for me.

  25. Pat C.

    As long as we’re posting old shots, how about doing Marilyn Monroe’s nude calendar shots from the early 1950′s ? She was much prettier than Madonna ever was.

  26. friendlyfires

    What, no more nipples?
    In this instance, a wise foreign policy!

  27. Sweet Lourdes already have a unibrow, is she ripe yet? how many years i need before this sentence sound creepy?

  28. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    So, about her mole, You can’t even see it here. It was very visible in the 80′s, now it’s gone. Conclusion: FAKE!

  29. cranky old man

    Come on, if we have to look at these pictures of a woman who has never been attractive, at least go the full National Geographic route and post the massive pelt pictures too. As I recall, the line of dark pubes from her pussy to her butthole looked exactly like Lourdes’ monobrow.

  30. Jim Jones

    I have the book of these photos, and her armpit hair is NOT airbrushed in it.

  31. Wheredaboobs?

    Any chance we can see some napple over here junior?

  32. Picture #3:

    She’s rubbing her kitty. LOL.

  33. Sick World

    What’s with this “The Cougar” TV show being advertised here? Are the guys on this show morons? If an older woman looks hot to you because she has managed to manipulate her appearance so that at a glance and with some imagination she kind of looks like a younger woman, don’t you freaking get that what attracts you are younger women? Which is at it should be because you evolved that way. The hell with these old bags – like Madonna today. Accept aging, it’s part of life. You really want a menopausal woman? Or do you have a mommy complex? What’s next, a reality TV show about mummified rich men and young gold diggers?

  34. Just click on BUSH GALORE above to see why Malawi won’t let her adopt.

  35. rachel

    at number 16


  36. cavy

    Holy Crap, the 3rd pic looks just like Lourdes – beautiful!

  37. Bosco

    For an Italian she isn’t that hairy……

  38. bud

    this site has gone gay, madonna gay adds and kathy griffin. Its too much, im done.

  39. Hugh Janus

    These were taken back before she became famous, when she was a starving drummer living on popcorn… I mean come on she couldnt afford tweazers.

    Oh and to those of you who haven’t worked out the secret yet – click on the big pics and you see the original shots with full nippleage.

  40. Jenna Jamizen

    They should send these to the adoption court. I’m sure they’ll help with her case.

    With boobs like that they should be throwing any staving, undernourished kids her way.

    I wish mine would sit like that. I really like the perkiness, mine just sag… :0(

  41. dude

    What the fuck? This isn’t news. I was fapping to this in the stone age.

  42. testington

    see this is what a natural, and attractive, you woman looks like. Her skin is not orange, or airbrushed to look like plastic, her hair isnt weave and she’s not shaved too look 12 or wearing a pound of makeup

  43. She was so much prettier (read: natural) back then.
    Let’s hope this spares Lourdes the trouble of doing that when she turns 18. The resemblance between the two is uncanny!

  44. CV

    Pretty sexy, there is nothing like a B/W of a good looking nude woman.

  45. lulu

    wow so she’s always been this ugly?!

  46. you forgot the one of her with her really hairy vajayjay

  47. The first one with the pus$y she looks like mila kunis.

  48. alexjaness

    Oh my god. I’ve heard of 70′s Bush but never 70′s asshole. Was she on a strict diet of mop

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