Madonna’s Khaleesi Costume Was The Actual Khaleesi Costume

March 21st, 2014 // 25 Comments
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Because it’s a silly place, the Internet freaked out over Madonna wearing a remarkably accurate Khaleesi costume for Purim. Turns out it was so accurate because it’s the actual goddamn costume Emilia Clarke wears on Game of Thrones. NY Daily News reports:

“It’s my real costume, because I thought I was dreaming,” Clarke told Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday night.
“I got an email from amazing HBO publicist Mara, saying, ‘Madonna would like to borrow your costume, is that okay?’
”I thought, ‘God, this must be a dream. This can’t be real,’” said Clarke.

Ironically, it really was a dream which allowed Madonna to obtain the costume for she is not bound by this realm or any other. As for her purpose for the garments? Lowering our defenses so that we might be lured into her hairy armpit of eternal suffering. Welcome to the darkness, little priest.

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  1. Not even a sweet True Detective reference can save us from Madonna.

    • Charmed

      Although the last episode kinda sucked.. a lot. So I’m not sure how sweet that reference really was :(

      All we’re left with is armpit. Awesome.

  2. Madonna Instagram
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    Seriously, old lady .. wtf?

  3. Madonna Instagram
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    Gross even without thinking about where that has been.

  4. Madonna Instagram
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    When you’re finished with that, iron my shirt. Then make me a sandwich.

  5. Madonna Instagram
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    Emilia, you’re going to want to do some “restoration” work on that costume when it gets back. Most notably, it’s going to be soaked with the tears of virgins and lamb’s blood, and Kaballah-esque writings will be Magic-Markered all over it. And possibly some n-bombs, but Madonna uses those out of love.

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    Cock Dr
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    This is so NOT GOOD.
    Why would she release this? WTF?

  7. Madonna Instagram
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    This is one photo that should have been photoshopped.

  8. Madonna Instagram
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    So Norma Desmond dying her old lady armpit hair, too.

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    I think I saw that in the Shining. Jack goes to kiss the hot young chick and then he opens his eyes and sees he’s kissing the hagged out old lady. Nightmare fuel.

  10. Swearin

    See HBO? Stuff like this is why we pirate your shit. Why do you make us hurt you?

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    Wow she’s so edgey and provocative!

  12. Madonna Instagram
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    Why are people so afraid of a grown up sexually mature woman? Women should look like women …. not like little girls

    • buzz

      You jest right? Even her boyfriends aren’t mature yet alone HER sexuality.

      It wasn’t that long ago Madonna was keeping her daughter’s unibrow in check and ugly on purpose because she didn’t want the competition.

    • Afraid, you say? Who’s afraid? Has anyone mentioned being afraid of this? Far from it! We’re amazed that she has more fur on her armpit than on her jayjay. Also, you’re a woman and should not be lecturing people. Just because it’s a picture of a woman doesn’t mean you need to climb up on a soap box and start barkin’, bitch!

    • I am a grown up, sexually mature woman. I also shave my armpits and don’t post photos unflattering photos of myself in lingerie while wearing too much makeup on social media sites because I’m absolutely desperate for attention.

      No one dislikes this because they are ‘afraid’ of the fact that she doesn’t look like a little girl.

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    You’re not French, bitch, shave that shit!

  14. “Miley my ass… I’ll show her…I’m the OG provocateur, bitch!!!”

  15. Madonna Instagram
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    suspiciously pointed ears…

  16. Madonna Instagram
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  17. Madonna Instagram
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    her tongue looks infected.

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