Madonna, seriously, you’re 50

March 10th, 2009 // 106 Comments

Madonna attended the annual Kabbalah Purim party last night dressed like a goth Catholic schoolgirl. Way to ruin that fantasy for me, Madonna. What’s next on your list? Sexy nurses? Naughty meter maids? Lusty garbage ladies with their own personal love dumpster? I should probably stop there.


  1. Rowan


    She seriously needs to stop it.

  2. koOPa

    She looks like Dakota Fanning xD

  3. Erica

    Ewww honestly…

  4. look its avril laold as fuck.

  5. Jrz

    Damn! What’s up with her big ass moonpie face? fuckin…big round MoonPie head.

  6. ?????

    wtf? what is going whit you ?

  7. Not that it makes it any more acceptable to my retinas, but I think she was dressed as Lourdes.

  8. farty mcshitface

    she is awful and still thinks she’s 25. but i guess we better get used to it. she will still be doing this shit when she’s 75- i guarentee it.

  9. Mr. Jones

    Creepy middle-aged dudes who are addicted to japanime porn should be forced to look at these pictures. Instant rehab.

  10. Liz

    No offense to the mentally challenged, but she looks like a retard!

  11. mrrgl

    blahblahblah, we don’t approve of how a celebrity is dressing, blahblahblah.


  12. Particle)Man


    But seriously, Madonna. Stop. Please act age appropriate. FOR THE LOVE OF THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MOSTER! STOP!

  13. Jasmin

    her legs are just discusting:(booo she looks like a man for realz….I think the goverment killed the real madonna many years ago…then copied her DNA….it mutated and grew balls and a vagina….and we have the current day madonna secret goverment cover up scandal….IDFK she looks like a man…thats all I know.

  14. baaahahahaha, poor thing has lost the plot. Why cant some people age gracefully.

  15. Dave

    She may be fifty but she looks damn good in those pics and I can only hope my wife would have a body like that when she is fifty.

  16. emily

    yes – she looks awful. but please – show a little cultural respect here. you’re supposed to dress up for Purim parties….

  17. crabby old guy

    Geesh – skank queen Madonna pix right after Jessica (I have the thighs of an HFL linebacker) Simpson??? Why? Really. WHY? Isn’t Ashley Judd doing something in public? The hot FBI babe from this season of “24″ isn’t scantily clad somewhere near a camera??? Please. I’m begging you.

    You’re killing me fish. You’re KILLING ME.

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  19. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Madonna should show a little respect for her religion & not dress like an old dirty whore.
    Please kill it with fire.

  20. Huh. I was wondering who raided my 13 year old daughter’s closet..

  21. Dave C

    She’s still alive?

  22. cynic72

    Dear Madonna–
    Dammit woman, you’re not Becka from Californication. I’ll be sending you the bill for my new keyboard, as the good folks at the Apple Store tell me that vomit is not covered in the warranty.

    PS–I’ve torn up the contract. Like a Prayer was a great video, but some souls more trouble than they’re worth.

  23. So… is she or isn’t she gonna be one of Gwen Stefani’s back up dancers?

    #5, that was pretty funny, oh mommy of Jrz.

  24. Iran Forever!

    Yeah, HBO called and the next “Tales from the Crypt” season is filming. They don’t need you. The crypt keeper looks better.

    Oh, and Kablahblah? That a fake jew.

  25. Jenny

    I don’t care how rich and famous she is, someone needs to step in and SAY SOMETHING, for the love of all that is good and right in the world. I mean, step in and say something other than, “you can do whatever you want, Madonna, so long as my checks keep clearing.”

  26. Photoshop Police


    You are not a Jew!

    No little red string and magic book of Judiasm will change that!

    Now stop pretending you’re going to a kosher halloween party!

  27. Jrz

    Why thank you, good doctor.

  28. Mdiz

    Who is the tranny?

  29. That’s it. Take her kids away.

    Does she have kidss?

    And, man…fuck Chris Brown!

  30. Delgo

    Someone start a racist argument plz

  31. Dirk

    She’s officially become the “crazy old lady”. Now please hurry up a die.

  32. jonnas

    this is a costumes party

  33. sahara

    she’s a fucking nutcase. and people say britney is? hell naw

  34. GuyHolly

    This is why all baby boomers must die. You people are old!!! No amount of plastic, botox, or dressing like your daughter is going to fool anyone.

  35. I hate white people.

  36. jen h

    She thinks she is the same age as her boyfriend. Men have acted this way for years: convertibles, shorts–20 year old girlfriend.

  37. Barry O

    Those aren’t fishnets–they’re her varicose veins.

  38. Courtyardpigeon

    Seriously, there are 50 year old women who can pull this off. Madonna is not one of them.

  39. losers

    Guys, Seriously…if you didn’t know she was 50 year-old Madonna, you wouldn’t think she looked that bad. PASS THE HATERADE!

  40. jazmin

    she looks alright and i think she should live her life like she wanna… yall just a bunch of haters.. ya wishin u would look like madonna!

    hey madonna u look alright girl dont worry keep on doin ur stuff dnt worry about this haterz! keep on living ur life crazy i know i am!

  41. Ella

    @ 39

    It doesn’t matter if we know her age. People above the age of 15 should not be wearing this. It’s age inappropriate.

    She’s a mother of a 14 year old ( I believe). It’s time for her to understand that this is no longer acceptable, and she should be behaving like the mother she is, and not the twenty year old she wishes she were.

  42. Newcastle

    LMAO, this is BIG FAIL right here.

  43. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Unless this is your school uniform (without fishnets) or you’re trying to look like a whore, this is not normal attire for anyone. She’s going to a costume party? Sure, it’s fun to dress slutty. Wait, it’s a costume party at the Kabbalah Center?
    For a Jewish Holiday Celebration? Catholic School Girl here I come. Right, Madonna, knock it off. I get it you’re rich & crazy, please go away & adopt several litters of cats.

  44. Madonna's Hand Veins

    The bruises are a nice touch. I wonder if Jesus pushed her down the stairs.

  45. losers

    @ 41

    I’ve got some Haterade. Would you like a swig?

  46. GuyHolly

    You know who would look good in this……………….Madeline Albright.

  47. jonnathan

    this is ridiculous.this is a costume party???she is not dressing like that everyday.its a party like carnival and halloween.not a sin. she could be dressed like dracula or something.she does this every she is paying tribute to her daugther.,

  48. martiniman

    by the way she looks hot for a 50 years old mama

  49. melroe

    people i carnival people dress baby costumes and stuff like that.she is dressing like her daugther.its a funny thing.she knows she is 50.she is paying tribute to her daugther.she doesnt wear that costumes during the week.shut up.u guys are ridiculous insane.u like people like shitney that is a terrible mother

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