Madonna will be back in the gym tomorrow

Showing remarkable resilience by not shattering into a cloud of dust after being thrown off a horse, Madonna will be back in the gym tomorrow, according to Us Magazine:

“She’s going to be fine. She fell on her butt,” her trainer Tracy Anderson told Monday at Cookie Magazine’s Smart Cookie Awards in NYC. “She’s fine.”
How fine?
“We’re going to train tomorrow,” she told Us.
When it comes to working out, “We have our set training,” Anderson said. “She’s like a professional athlete. She can’t mess around with her training. I mean, she has to be able to perform in front of 70,000 people who are sucking the life out of her, and she’s singing and dancing. There are no shortcuts when you’re training in that way.”

Wait wait wait. Madonna has a butt? …. Where? Is it in the car? Or does it appear in the claws of a flying griffin during a full moon? I bet it’s the last one.

Photo: Flynet
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