Madonna wants to get pregnant

Somehow I missed this one: Apparently Madonna wants to get knocked up by her Chippendale’s version of Go! Diego! Go!, according to The Sun:

The Queen of Pop – who already has four kids – has consulted doctors about conceiving another child at the age of 51, pals said.
Brazilian Jesus, who at 22 is less than half Madge’s age, has told her that becoming a father would be “his greatest adventure”.
She is said to have agreed he would make a “fantastic dad” and told friends: “I have endless love in my heart for another child.”

I don’t know who these doctors are, but they should probably tell Madonna the only thing coming out of her womb is dust and Armageddon on the wings of a Griffin. Not a good idea to get her hopes up unless you thought Haiti looked like fun. Trust me.

Photos: WENN