Madonna wants to get pregnant

January 20th, 2010 // 101 Comments

Somehow I missed this one: Apparently Madonna wants to get knocked up by her Chippendale’s version of Go! Diego! Go!, according to The Sun:

The Queen of Pop – who already has four kids – has consulted doctors about conceiving another child at the age of 51, pals said.
Brazilian Jesus, who at 22 is less than half Madge’s age, has told her that becoming a father would be “his greatest adventure”.
She is said to have agreed he would make a “fantastic dad” and told friends: “I have endless love in my heart for another child.”

I don’t know who these doctors are, but they should probably tell Madonna the only thing coming out of her womb is dust and Armageddon on the wings of a Griffin. Not a good idea to get her hopes up unless you thought Haiti looked like fun. Trust me.

Photos: WENN

  1. shes looking good for 60!

  2. marie e.

    Chippendales version of Go! Diego! Go! Hilarious!!

  3. dancy

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  4. timmy the dying boy

    I can picture her spreadin’ ‘em, only to have moths fly out. Kinda like my wallet.

  5. let’s see – madonna hasn’t been in the news for a few days since she announced with great fanfare that she was giving $250,000 to haiti..

  6. Frank

    Can’t wait for the artificially inseminated litter to pop out.

  7. Turtle Lovin'

    I agree with #38- could you imagine when Lourdes gets older what a pretty baby she could make with this guy? I’m 40 but my baby bearing days are long over for sure. I don’t care how good Madonna’s outsides look, those ovaries are like raisins and the eggs have turned to powder by now.

    She does look good for her age, though.

  8. djfred

    There is no way that guy isn’t gay.

  9. tracey

    Madonna must be reading this site, at least she covered up those hideous veiny arms! If she does have another kid, it will belng to Jesus and Lourdes.

  10. hagdonna you re ugly

    lourdes looks like a young kim kardashian, with braces and still pretty decent…. i wonder how she ll turn out to be when she ll be 18 lol !!
    Mad Donna in the other hand… might be getting senile, she s waaaaay to old to have children and date a man half her age !! I think she should focus on the children she stole, bought, adopted in africa ! and give more money to haiti if she wants press attention ! 250 000 bucks only madge !!!???? after 23 years of “succesful” career, selling millions of albums in the world ? Stingy old hag.. LEt your daughter date jesus, they make a better couple !

  11. Crystin

    A. Artificial insemination. The 50-60 yr old moms exist.

    B. Is everyone missing the point? Obviously, if he fathers a child with her (and she is that much older), he will have a handle on her fortune. Even if her children are the sole heirs, he would probably be the child’s caretaker till it was 18 and then who wouldn’t give dear old dad a few grand a month when the money just flows?

    The mag covers and publicity are good points, so is the selfish procedure she’d probably take but “the greatest adventure” he could ever take is the journey to wealth.

  12. Maria

    “why don’t she adopt some Haitian kids, huh? oh, I see, they’re not as exotic as some nig form africa ”

    Some “nig”?! What an ugly thing to say. Hate Madonna to your heart’s content, but why do you call yourself “HelpHaiti” with that kind of attitude?

  13. charles

    WOW! Another virgin birth!

  14. mddiva35

    Madonna has the money to get all the IVF treatment in the world to help her have a baby at 51. If 60 some year old women can still have babies why not. Men are such haters when it comes to women and pregnancy and women who started having babies when they were 15 are jealous they had to start so soon because they didn’t want to be ‘old’ mothers. Madonna is young at heart and has a hot boyfriend. If she wants another child go for it.

  15. Ginger

    He is actually being very smart. He can go ahead and secure his financial future if he fathers a child with her. Selfish and greedy, but smart. I can’t stand Madonna…she seems very self absorbed and fake.

  16. Ginger

    He is actually being very smart. He can go ahead and secure his financial future if he fathers a child with her. Selfish and greedy, but smart. I can’t stand Madonna…she seems very self absorbed and fake.

  17. Tax Payer Patriot

    Who the hell are you kidding? Father Time is a fat fuck.

  18. brad

    25 years later and we’re STILL talking about MADONNA!!! WHAT AN INCREDIBLE SUPERSTAR!! only a handful of stars can stay hot for this long!!!

  19. Dixie Chick

    God he is hot, I would so hit that, but, what kind or moron tattoos his own name on his body? LOL

  20. richard fusilier de la Claire

    Who cares. The sooner Madonna is gone from the scene the better. To me she is not beautiful

  21. Fartso

    She is TOO OLD.

    Does she want CANCER like Elizabeth Edwards?

    She’s past her sell-by date….she should hook up with Gary Busey…he’s past his, too…..

  22. paul scott

    i could careless. i also think that madonna would eat live maggets on live tv if she thought it would get her name in the news.

  23. Stacy

    If you really want to look at it, she already has a fourth child. Isn’t he just a few years older than her daughter?

  24. LI

    men have babies at 51, nobody says anything. she could use an egg donor, no problem. now whether parenting with a 22 year old makes sense, I don’t know. not for me to judge, though.

  25. BiteMe

    Father Time’s momma was probably 13 when she shat him, and so he thinks everyone past 30 is washed up. Newsflash – Madonna has earned more wealth than you will ever see in your miserable life. She has more talent than you ever dreamed of wasting. And here’s the best part – she probably doesn’t even think about what losers think of her, because she is too busy WINNING.

    -A huge fan

  26. capitanne

    The retarded lad can have children long after the grim reaper comes for Madonna. Maybe he’s not so dumb afterall. Since Madge’s eggs are too old I bet she harvests them from Lourdes. I would put nothing past her.

  27. Cynda

    Women over 40 have healthy babies all the time. I am so tired of people saying that women over 40 will have problems, many do not and use their own eggs. I have a friend whose mother was 50 when she was born and she is a computer genius. Down syndrome and all of the other problems hit mothers who have children in their 20s and 30 too. In fact many young mothers in their 20s have more problems.

  28. Will

    @6: Just WTF


  30. JT

    You all forgot one main thing: She is not MARRIED to this young playboy, and it won’t last. It’s all about LUST in the beginning, and this will not go any further than a sexual relationship. Grow up people! Now, if she wants to marry him and be legal and not fornicate in the eyes of GOD, then she can have invitro just like all these others women having problems concieving. BUT, not that Madonna is OLD, excuse me assholes, 51 is NOT OLD, just means baby making time is done, by our biological time clocks, that’s all. Who in the hell are you people to judge anyway. You all need to get a life and quit being jealous. Espesilly you F*&%$*# MEN. U can have the kids all you one at a OLD age But women can’t, that’s NOT OK, for MEN and it is all one sided. That is so dam messed up, but that is the way it is b/c the WOMEN has to be able to take care of the kid at an older age. Men, just gets their rocks off and then walk away like F&^%@#* lions. OH, NO WAIT! at least the lions stick around for their offspring. This guy will get bored and move on to the next just like a nasty DOG. If she did get pg the kid would be fatherless within 1 yr. Sick world!!

  31. gator

    WTF? She’s gonna be a grandma within a few years. What is she trying to do compete with Octomom & Kate. Oh yes Madge – you are so young and flexible and you can bend up and smell your crotch with all your famous yoga moves…. now show us another “trick” and squat out another kid (who will no doubtedly be taken away from his father like all the others) Heads up Jesus!

  32. gator

    WTF? She’s gonna be a grandma within a few years. What is she trying to do compete with Octomom & Kate. Oh yes Madge – you are so young and flexible and you can bend up and smell your crotch with all your famous yoga moves…. now show us another “trick” and squat out another kid (who will no doubtedly be taken away from his father like all the others) Heads up Jesus!

  33. Franklin Gonzalez

    1st the name on his back is to remind his male lovers what his name is cause no straight man would wear that in public. 2ndly, Madonna should concentrate on her current children and her recurring marital and fidelity issues and stop having additional children, she can’t seem to stay married long enough to raise one child which are in truth nurtured by nannies not her personally. I’ve seen her in NYC. Rarely, do I see her with her kids. She now has what 2 men to contend with 3 children. Take away her money and she sounds more like a welfare mother tragedy with multiple fathers. Why does wealth seemingly erase the need to be responsible for what you do in your life. I love your music but boy Grrl you are one f’#@ked up person in your personal life.

  34. She has always been crazy what new about this! She needs to get Brittany Spears to Father her child! That just as crazy, as she is can’t happen. She have nothing but the fun of trying. Ann Joiner

  35. Candy Cane

    O my lord……the family should be looking into putting Madonna in a nursing home or at least help the poor woman find her clothes before she heads out. Instead they let her parade around in her underwear!…….lol

  36. LadyGagMe

    What baby would want to be breast fed on powdered milk???

  37. bigtinylittle

    Lose the Luz, Madge. Hell, the guy needed a fake ID two years ago!!

  38. ******KrazyHotKelli**********

    Jezuz haz droppy nipz. Needz to workout. Blezzed be the prophet with firm aureolez.

  39. Annie Loves Anal

    I can just see this bitch coughing up a dust ball out of her snatch and calling it Jesus Jr. The stupid Brazilian fuck will probably believer her, and start dressing it in trashy south American apparel. Got to hand it to Madge though, her not-so-hard-earned money bought her a prime piece of ass. Droopy nips aside. Keep ‘em dumb and hot honey, and switch him out with a younger model when he turns 25.

  40. Shitballs

    When the hell is her daughter going to start looking good? Christ, remember those unibrow & mustache photos?


  41. Kat

    I am 45 years old, and I had my third daughter last April. We all thought I was in menopause, but she was definitely a surprise. I had my other two at 35 and 38 years old. Women do have children over 40, but in my case it is probably pretty rare. I thought my baby days were over too.

  42. Lucy

    You are just a bunch of LOSERS!

  43. Dr. snip

    What a slunt. She should have her vagina sewn shut. No more creatures from this things body should be allowed to escape.

  44. When is she finally gonna go away?

  45. Rebecca

    Wait… Isn’t her uterus like mummified? Seriously how old is too old to shoot another baby out of your vag?

  46. I have to say Madonna is lookin good. Her daughter looks like she’ll be an attractive girl in the future as well.

  47. Sophie

    Oh God,,,,what a disaster that would be. And I agree that even if she had another child, with her obsession with youth and plastic surgery, she is liable to do whatever is necessary to make sure this baby does not negatively impact her body and touring schedule. She is so incredibly vain. I already feel sorry for the children she has. I honestly think she is just a publicity whore at this point. She is not relevant anymore. She just wants to be in the news.

  48. Taco Balls

    # 21 – that is funny as hell. He looks like he’s ready for a date with Ricky Martin. :D haaaahaaaahaaaa

  49. that line would sound fantastic if it didn’t come from a peter pan move,

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