Madonna two-timing A-Rod

February 4th, 2009 // 48 Comments

Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez is starting to get pissed about Madonna spending more and more time with 22-year-old Brazilian model Jesus Luz (above). Somewhere Cindy Rodriguez is laughing on top a pile of alimony. NY Daily News reports:

Madonna has been trying to soothe the Yankee slugger by telling him Luz is just a decoy to take the heat off of their own romance. “Madonna pooh-pooed her relationship with Jesus and called it a publicity trick,” the insider confides. “But now that Jesus was spotted out with her kids, she can’t hide her subterfuge any longer.”
So far, the Material Mom’s (r.) relationship with Luz has been uncomplicated. “Jesus comes and goes, but he never stays at her house. He’s certainly not moving in,” says the source. “It’s not like Madge is going to marry Jesus. He’s keeping her warm at night.”

I’m pretty sure Madonna could be pregnant with Jesus Luz’s child and A-Rod would still believe it’s a publicity stunt. Wanna know why? He had sex with Madonna in New Cryptkeeper Disguise therefore failing nature’s IQ test. This technically puts him somewhere between a sea cucumber and Jesus Luz who at least knows not to spend the night. That’s when she feeds.

Photos: Splash News

  1. gpro


  2. Goddess mimi

    First! Hurray for me! Prayers answered daily!
    I soooo adore Madge!

  3. LawnGnome

    When she keeps her clothes on, she actually looks like a decent middle-aged woman…

    Keep the clothes on.

  4. rachel

    Madonna is so nasty.

    who the hell wants to sleep with that? honestly…i think anyone who sleeps with her is doing it for publicity.

  5. Jrz

    So how’s it feel, A Rod?
    Sheeeit…Rule # 1, motherfuckers…if they do it WITH you, they’ll do it TO you…..

  6. joanna

    everything i learned, i learned from madonna. love her!!

  7. Sheva

    Her polluted womb can bear another kid? I thought that was why she went the adoption route.

    Like though how she is scamming A-Rod while banging this other dude. That is so her.

  8. Beth

    “Sheeeit…Rule # 1, motherfuckers…if they do it WITH you, they’ll do it TO you…..”

    Actually, between his shemale stripper affair and this thing with Madonga, I think having something done to him is exactly what A-Rod is looking for.

  9. I just wouldn’t want her sinewy arms holding me down as she rode me…

  10. Madonna is old enough to be Jesus’ mother. Think about that..

  11. Pope Benedict

    “Madonna pooh-pooed her relationship with Jesus”

    Ding…ding…ding…and with the tolling of the bell, services began at Our Lady of the Holy Scat.

  12. Mandy

    A-Rod was so distraught he was seen wandering the streets aimlessly, crying…with mascara running down his cheek…

  13. clx

    He’s a fag. Everyone here in Brazil knows it.

  14. Rick

    If Jesus is spending time with her kids, maybe He can conjure up an electrolysis miracle for Lourdes.

  15. Leo

    What the fuck is she wearing, a kommodo dragon lizard?

  16. Uncle Sam

    He must have a size 12 poop chute if even the Brazilians think he’s gay.

  17. Sully

    I love that Yankee fans have to cheer for an ambiguously gay MVP. You just know he’ll be in the giant hot tub in their new locker room all the time, silently praying that other players will join him. Especially the black ones.

  18. sunshine

    Gives a whole new meaning to: What would Jesus do? Did Madonna trade in her red string Kabalah bracelet for a “WWJD” band?

  19. Rev. Ted Haggard

    Jesus is gay???!!! Hot damn!!!!

  20. just sayin

    Jesus + Madonna

  21. Jrz

    #10, I just got that….very clever.

  22. authorego

    Brazil? She got him on the cheap then.

  23. RichPort's Herpes

    Where do these Latino’s get off naming their kids “Jesus”.

    The only person who should ever be referred to by name as “Jesus” is Biraq Obomma.

    Year of our Lord – 2 weeks A.O. (After Obomma)

    I remember back in the year 1 B.O. (Before Obomma) that I didn’t even know who Obomma was, but now he’s my idol and the greatest human being God has ever produced! Yay!!!

  24. gretchen

    #15 that was my first reaction, wtf is her coat made of?!?!?!?!?! Freak!

  25. everyone

    #23: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  26. ishi-san

    @ 23: calm down! I like him, but in the end he is just a man – not a supernatural saint that solved the problems of this world! ….no one can do that!

    @ 11: *lol*

    ‘pooh-pooed’ sounds kinda dirty


    Seriously, that little girl looks like she fell face down on a barber shop floor…

  28. #23 – anon, you can do better than that!

  29. Alexis

    I would do jesus.. oh yeah! He is looking mighty fine to me.

  30. WannaBMadonna

    Damn! He’s fine. Way to go, Madonna. Robbing the cradle — it’s not just for men.

  31. She actually looks surprisingly alright in this pic. The blonde dude on the right looks pretty beat though.

  32. Lee Q.

    This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. back in the late 70s, early 80s, before she was famous, madonna used to troll the hot NYC nightclubs and fuck all of the graffiti artists from the bronx.

  33. lola

    Madonna looks great here. I think wrinkles should come with respect. She is a bit creepy …yes.. but notice how all the SELF MADE rich WOMEN get treated: martha stewart, oprah, rosie O’Donnell, and madonna. Where’s the slack for trump and GATES WHO IS TRYING TO BRING IN INDIAN WORKERS instead of paying fair wages for American workers. WHERE IS THE FAIRNESS! Madonna worked her ASS off to get where she is. She is proud of herself and not afraid of whatever haters may say. She is SELF MADE and deserves some level of respect. She just went through a divorce so she should make up for lost time

  34. Shallow Val

    Jesus Christ, that man candy looks fucking delicious! That’s the smartest choice Madonna’s made in a long damn time.

  35. khole

    that is one good looking man! go Madonna and that’s the new stephen sprouse tribute Louis Vuitton handbag she is always stylin

  36. joanna

    #33 you said it!!

  37. bday

    this is false.madonna is not date a-rod and jesus.she is single.a-rod already said they never date.and she just had a reunion with jesus and all her reunion.she was in the restaurant for 20 minutes.then she left with her son and just said bye.she didnt kiss jesus or even hug him. brazilian press are saying that jesus is gay and he is date steven klein

  38. Melimel

    Why is Madanna wearing a coat made entirely out of rubber car floor mats?

  39. OMG Jesus is beautiful!

  40. kate

    Well, someone said ***sugarmingle. c om*** is a good place to be regarded as a home. many celebrities treat their as their home. They do not exclose themselves. They put so many hot and sensitive news about themselves on that site. I like to know them on that site. But I do not know to talk about what they write. That’s secret for the members on that site. Want to know ur lovers’ life? That’s a good way to read them.

  41. May

    My co-worker knows Jesus in person, and he thinks G-zus is doing her for publicity… but he’s still doing her.

    And he’s NOT gay.

  42. I’m sure she’s having a hard time in america now.
    ……..GETTING OLDER, folks!!

  43. BB

    This entire story makes me vom in my mouth.

  44. Le Pope

    Jesus. Madonna. And no one’s even made a Bible Joke yet? Am I the only one who’s made this connection?

  45. Incest?

    The Madonna is fucking Jesus. That makes my day.

  46. clx

    She’s looks better in pictures when barely nothing of her appears.

  47. Katia

    She makes me puke. He’s like her son. Doesn’t she realise that she makes fool of herself? I dont get it. Lady, you will not stop the time. Have fun with your life but do not pretend to be someone else. You can use all the help plastic surgeon can deliver and all you will get in return can be Zaza Gabor look.

  48. He is a handsome man! Madonna and Stephen Sprouse’s new Louis Vuitton Tribute bag, remains Stylin.

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