Madonna still likes horses

madonna_horseagain.jpgMadonna says she’s eager to return to horse-riding despite breaking a bunch of bones last week when she was thrown from her horse. She’s been warned by doctors that her injuries, which include a broken hand and three cracked ribs, could take three months to heal, but says, “I am grateful and overwhelmed by everyone’s good wishes. As soon as the doctors give me the OK, I expect to be right back on a horse and ride again.” If I was thrown off a horse and broke a bunch of my bones, I wouldn’t try to get back on and ride it after I healed. Instead, I’d hunt down that son of a bitch and kick him in the nuts. And then I’d call his mom a dirty whore and sleep with his sister. Although now that I think about it, his sister is probably also a horse, so maybe not. Unless, of course, she’s really hot and has huge horse boobs.

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