Madonna spotted without wedding ring

May 16th, 2006 // 70 Comments

Madonna was photographed in Los Angeles recently without her wedding ring on, acknowleding that her marriage to Guy Ritchie has a hit rough patch. Her rep insists it’s not a big deal though, saying:


  1. -= ChebyratoR =-

    Man Madonna has hit a rough patch a looooong time ago. Exempt her last album had nice tunes on BUT the video was sikening.

    I was watching Rage on ABC one morning and nearly choked on my cerial when i saw some grandma in a tight costume rolling around

  2. MissFit

    I saw madonna in vegas and she looked really hagged!…Btw im not wearing my ring either, but only cuz, i just don’t feel like it!

  3. miss_paris


  4. ForMeToKnow

    I just registered because I have something very important to say.


  5. miss_paris

    oh was 3rd…BUT YAYA TOP TEN!!! madonna is coolio.

  6. ForMeToKnow

    Oh…now don’t I look like the doof.

    I’m not wearing my ring right now either, and it has nothing to do with anything.

  7. krisdylee

    Are you retarded ForMeToKnow???

  8. kota42

    I haven’t worn my wedding ring in 10 years – but unfortunetly I’m still married and still can’t spell.

  9. Italian Stallion

    @1 don’t know if you were being sarcastic on Tara thread but if not….

    Fa Cube Itches= Fuck you Bitches

  10. -= ChebyratoR =-

    i dont see the red kabalah thing around her neck either.

    wtf is it anyway? I used to wear string around my wrists when i was younger but i didnt go calling it a religion and come to think of it madona was hot to back then :D

  11. -= ChebyratoR =-

    oooh haha nah i didnt know what it was I didnt see the itches bit just the Fa cube. thats prety clever…unlike mine :(

  12. -= ChebyratoR =-

    @11 > @9

  13. ForMeToKnow


    Is that a problem? You don’t allow retarded people here? That’s harsh.

  14. krisdylee

    Everytime I hear any of her songs from Ray of Light album, I feel the urge to hurl… cuz, I used to listen to that when it first came out when I was pregnant and had really bad morning sickness, driving to work with her singing… Seriously, I can’t even look at the old whore now without retching. So, thus, Madonna truly makes me ill.

  15. boo_kitty

    haha yes i agree, i thought rage were supposed to save the more offensive video clips for late at night. and there’s nothing more offensive than grandmothers rolling around on the floor in leotards. well, not in my books.

  16. krisdylee

    Nah, I love retarded people. They’ll do anything for you if you’re nice to them. Plus, they make me laugh.

  17. Ari

    I used to go out without my wedding ring sometimes, because it annoyed me and scratched my kids when they were babies. I got the ring tattoo’d on, and promptly got divorced.
    (OK, so it seemed like a good idea at the time…)


    i hate madonna,she is the perfect definition of the phrase “mutton dressed as lamb”.then she tried to go all posh and british when she married guy,your an old hag slut and you need to stop flashing your privates at the television screen.i have a 50 inch tv so this is especially disturbing for me!!!

  19. IFuckingHateYou

    I’m assuming that the marriage has hit a rough spot because, unlike Tom Cruise, Guy doesn’t love the cock?
    Madonna looks more & more like a cheap tranny hooker every day. I really think she’s had a sex change operation and now has a mighty 9″ cock dangling between her thighs. No wonder Tom Cruise loves her.

  20. PapaHotNuts

    Instead of not wearing her wedding ring, I wish she would get hit by a bus. I understand this doesn’t make sense, but I really want this bitch to get hit by a bus. Or a jet ski. That would be even better if she got hit by a jet ski.

  21. Proteon

    I got to get a good solid perception of Guy Richie this last weekend while watching Snatch and listening to the directors commentary.

    He is a cunt. A whiney, sniffling, Yankophile with no sense of humor and zero verve.

  22. Italian Stallion

    @20 she almost got hit by a train, but it went right through her David Letterman Tunnel, and I’m not talking about her pussy you dirty fuckers……..

  23. Ari

    She could take a hint from another aging ‘musician’ and fall out of a tree while on vacation.

  24. liya

    Hey, Snatch was brilliant. Maybe you just didn’t get the British sense of humour. It s film based on stereotypes. And that was the American stereotype, deal with it.

  25. TaiTai

    She already did fall off a horse, and that didn’t do the trick. Must come up with something more devious and more likely to cause permanent injury. Hey, I know! She can star in another movie directed by her husband! That should kill off both of them.

  26. RichPort

    Why the hell do the Brits call her Madge? They should just call her what she is: a has been Windsor wannabe who blackmails her two hit wonder husband into have sex with her while he cries because she has pictures of his mother blowing a horse. She’ll look like Cher in no time.

  27. Proteon

    #24 Hey Lila your reading comprehension fucking sucks. Snatch was fucking brilliant but if you listen to RICHIE TALK during the movie you’ll learn that a) he himself thought it sucked, b) he can’t bring himself to admit he knows who Brad Pitt is but he mentions his name 100 times during the flick and c) he is a whiney, snivling little Yankphile cunt.

  28. Jacq

    #13 – No, we have little tolerance for stupid people. But, we’ll make and exception and let you both stay.

    #20 – A jet ski could sail right through that gap in her teeth. What about a double-decker bus? That would be pretty funny and appropriately English.

    She’s a fugly bitch and I bet she’s tougher than nails. I simply cannot imagine her being nice, b/c she looks like the type to believe her own hype. GRLTC – can you say beard?

  29. Jacq

    #27 – #24′s a fucking retard. Don’t respond to it. We don’t feed the animals here.

    Can I just ask the obvious? It’s not like we don’t ALL know that she’s married. So what if she doesn’t wear the ring? Just cause I like to get naked doesn’t mean I broke up with my wardrobe.

  30. Jacq

    Oops, that was an accident – didn’t mean to post…
    Maybe her ring, like my clothes, looks better on the floor.

  31. Sheva

    It’s not a big deal to not wear a wedding ring.
    And also that MaWhora was making out with the drummer in her band.

    So what.

  32. Oh Please, all this wedding ring stuff is SUCH B.S. She is trying to fire a shot across his bow. When you are a celebrity you KNOW what the press will pick up on. How could she not read all the speculation about Nick and Jessica when she would show up places without her ring. She knows damn well that if she does that they will be asking the same questions, AND after what Guy’s father just said in the paper she is well aware that her marraige is under scrutiny. She must think we are as dumb as the people who bought her tickets to her tour.

  33. Getitstraight

    “Hmmmm, I’ve got a tour coming up, hmmmmm,publicity, publicity, I’ve got an idea, I’ll take off my ring just like Jessica and Britney, yeah I’ll get photographed for that! It’ll be in all the papers and on TV, yeah, I’m going with THAT.

  34. 86

    I always think Madonna can do no wrong, but her latest efforts are falling flat with me. I prefer her as a 50 year old mother living in England. Staging her next comeback on the heels of her marriage breaking up would be so annoying because when you’re single and alone, you’re always more hungry for attention and it shows.

    Sorry but 50 year olds cant do it like 25 year olds, not even her. I really don’t want to see her become a parody of herself! Maybe she’ll come up with something completely different instead of trying to relive the 80′s?

  35. prideofchucky

    She took off the ring to divert attention away from those grotesque hands of hers.
    EGADS Madonna! David Blaine’s hands were less pruney…

  36. Land-Man

    Take care of your kids and stop trying to be relevant, or I’ll strangle you with the Land-Cock. Oh, and no one will hear you scream b/c the Land-Balls will be gagging your mouth.

  37. I always thought this woman looked hideous, both her body and her face.

    She kind of looks good in this picture. The photographer must have been shocked when developing that pic.

  38. Britney gave up Kaballah and now this bitch isn’t wearing her ring. There is a connection but I don’t care enought to make it…or make one up.

  39. Jacq

    Alexis Arquette looks more feminine.

  40. Moriarty

    Brits call her Madge, because it is short for Madonna.

  41. prideofchucky

    Alexis? Hell, David Arquette looks more feminine!

  42. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    I think it should have been in the prenup that if she started to look more manly than he, that he would automatically get all the money.

    Snatch was fucking hilarious.

    “Do you like dags?”
    “Yeah, you know, dags”
    “Oh, DOGS.”
    “That’s what I said. Dags.”

  43. Get he get compensation for her ruining his career during the divorce? “Your honor, I would like to show you a 5 min. clip from the movie “Swept Away”"

    5 Min. Later

    “The court finds that Ms. Chiconi owes Mr. Ritchie in exes of 20 million dollars.”

  44. Land-Man

    Nice spelling Spindoc, no way you’re a jew.

  45. hendero

    #35 – if she was trying to draw attention away from her “grotesque hands” she’d hardly go around not wearing her wedding ring, because everyone, especially photographers, would notice there’s something missing from her hand and look closer.

    If she was trying to divert attention from her hands, she’d do something like cut her head off. And I’d pay to see that.

  46. pinky_nip

    I’d rather watch Madge from the Palmolive Commercials in concert than this raisin face.

  47. Marital problems? Guy and Madonna? No way. Guy’s just tired of Madge coming home smelling like a bunch of black guys and hawking up 8 oz of cum every morning. I hate how Madonna acts like she’s above everyone and everything with her lousy, faux accent – like we all forgot she’s from Detroit. This bitch slept with everyone from a cabby to the dyke in charge of her first record label to get where she is today – unhappily married to a half-queer, Quentin Tarantino wannabe and churning out the most forgettable pop confections since the Bay City Rollers. She’s really angling to be the Katherine Hepburn of rock. It will be fun to watch this hag struggle with becoming a public fossil. To add to an earlier post, I too would like to see her hit by a bus – one of those British double deckers loaded with Japanese tourists. The only difference being I would give anything to be the one driving said bus.

  48. shankyouverymuch


    Look for it this season on most see T.V.

  49. 86

    I’m soaking in it!!!!!

  50. smokeyrobinson


    “Tarantino wannabe” is so true. It’s amazing Snatch is as good as it is. It’s an aberration for such a douchbag.

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