Madonna scolds America

madonna_scolds_america.jpgMadonna has accused American citizens of being afraid of electing a female as president of the United States. She believes Americans are frightened by the concept. She explains: “In Europe and Asia and elsewhere, women have ruled over millions; it’s not an abstract or frightening or out-of-the-box concept. But in America, men are still afraid of women. And women, I don’t think, trust women. I find that amazing.”

Well thank god we have Madonna to enlighten us on these things. Look, having a woman president is a very cute idea, kinda like having a monkey play the harmonica. I’m actually all for a woman President. Hell, I’d even vote for Madonna as President. More specifially, as President of beer-fetching. Or maybe Vice-President of pregnancy. Or Secretary of silence. Now wait, before you twist your Xena costume in a fit of rage, know that I’m just kidding – she’s no longer qualified to be VP of pregnancy.


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