Madonna really sucks at adopting

madonna_david.jpgRight after her new baby David was officially delivered to her London home, Madonna reportedly took off and hit the gym. Additionally, “what should have been a quiet, bonding experience with the Malawian baby of her choice, turned into a circus with convoys of 4x4s racing along dirttracks to the Mission of Hope orphanage where [Madonna] handed out signed copies of her books.”

So instead of food or medicine, this egotistical bitch handed out signed copies of her book. To starving Africans. Who probably can’t read. She might as well have given them autographed pictures of herself. Not only that, but the child she chose to adopt still has a father. Instead of saving a true orphan, she chose the one kid that actually has family. She’s doing pretty much every wrong thing you can do when adopting a child. If she was making a pizza, right about now she’d be smashing some glass into the dough and looking for some watermelons for the pizza sauce.

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