Madonna pulls a Britney

March 9th, 2007 // 134 Comments

Madonna took a lesson from Britney Spears’ Guide to Parenting and was caught riding in her Escalade with her 17-month-old son David on her lap. A source says:

“There was no car seat,” a source tells Us. “She sat in the middle row, and they left with David on her lap.” Reps for the legendary singer/children’s book author tell Us that “proper security measures are always taken for Madonna’s children.”

This is Madonna’s idea of “proper security measures”? I know she’s insane, but she might as well replace his favorite rubber ducky bath toy with a toaster. Unless her idea of “proper security” is having her 17-month-old son flying out the windshield of her car. Then yeah, I guess that is pretty secure.


  1. Lowlands

    Well,when it’s illegal to have the kid on the
    frontseat while driving it’s best to drive backwards then.

  2. Lowlands

    When you’ve to drive forward while transporting the child,it’s most safe to put the child in the trunk.

  3. laura inertia

    #78 “You people breed maniacs like that.” Honey, at least we breed NEAT maniacs. Lee Boyd Malvo was just too messy – didn’t hide the bodies or nothin’, just left ‘em lying around.

    That was sarcasm, in case you didn’t get it. What a stupid term – “you people”. You’re a human being, I presume? Every race “breeds” fucked up flawed people who prey on others. Sorry to ruin your day, but “we” are no different than “you” and “you” are no different than “us”.

    Oh, and it’s my hope that if you speed thrugh yellow lights, yield instead of stopping at stop signs, you don’t do that when you have your kid in the car with you. While a lot of us take chances when it’s just us, part of being a responsible parent means you start thinking of what could happen to your child if you get lazy and go for what’s easy and convenient, instead of what’s right.

  4. herbiefrog

    hello babes : )

    75 no. neither you nor your scientists understand inertia… just one of those mysteries : )

    hey babe : ) …dont often see you here

    now… how to proceed?

    lola wants us to get in touch ?

  5. RichPort

    104. If you were expressing a philosophical argument that man doesn’t completely understand the basic nature of the universe, from the 10-dimensional space-time of superstring theory, to dark matter, dark energy, and the reality of an expanding universe, then point taken.

    In the unlikely event that I give you far too much credit, perhaps it would surprise you to learn that Newton, in the 17th century, and hundreds of millions since have understood inertia quite well. Please, remove your head from your amphibian ass, stop watching Fox and the 700 Club, and read an introductory physics text! This site is dumb enough without evangelical frogs, …

    And yes, the “real” RichPort often expresses a profound enthusiasm for the cock.

  6. herbiefrog

    105. time to wake up babes : )

    been a while : )
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    now plan goes into effect…

    [you've seen what happens if you dont agree]

    so lets work together

  7. ZayMama06

    @ #83, Shut the Fug up! What did people do back in the day? The boy is 17 months, he can sit up, walk run and talk. Calm down. It’s not that serious. You all are just feeding off the hope that these rich celebrities are somehow worse than you.

    @ #85, that person is an idiot. both of them are. They are worse than Madonna and the biggest AZZ whips on the earth. Not only did she ride in the FRONT SEAT with a TWO MONTH OLD, she was FEEDING the child as well! I call that PURE stupidity. By far the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. The dumb broad couldn’t get in the back seat? Compare to what Madonna did …STFU!!!

  8. sexybitch

    #107 “Back in the day” cars were manufactured a lot differently then they are today – they didn’t crumple up like tissue paper. They didn’t have a huge number of large SUVs on the road that could take out a smaller car, let alone tanks like Hummers. They also didn’t have SUVs with a higher CG that roll over easily. They also didn’t have airbags, seatbelts with a shoulder strap and safety glass – want us to go back to those days, too? And, for your info, a lot of kids didn’t walk away from accidents “back in the day” that car seats and all those safety features now help to prevent. Your nowhere argument that’s he’s 17 months means – what? In an accident he’s just a larger projectile with a slightly better understanding of what’s happening to him.

    C’mon, you know there’s no way Madonna can justify doing this – it’s stupid, she’s busted, so why are you kissing her ass? And no, I’m not “just feeding off the hope that these rich celebrities are somehow worse than you”. That’s the stupid lame-ass excuse worshippers post when one of their idols gets caught doing something incredibly dumb. I’d call my best friend on it if she did something like this.

  9. wink


  10. lilygirl

    wow, this is a wild thread, what’s with all the hostility people?

    I mean look, it’s either go flying through a window cause your washed up, junky, slut of a mother didn’t strap your ass in a car seat, or get eatin by some hungry lions in the jungle. Either way this kids in a loose loose situation

    And look, let’s face it, all parents are fucked up in one way or another, they must have been or else our disfunctional, fucked up asses would not be on this web site right now.

    So there.

  11. ZayMama06

    Italian Idiot …fogeddabouit! I have nothing left to say to your ignorant azz. To the broad who tries to justify the maniacs you breed …sure!
    Who ever said Madonna was right for doing what she did? I surely didn’t. I don’t think it’s right, but it’s really not that serious. You guys are losers …hoping these celebrities are somehow worse people than you (like I’ve said before). Yes! Cars were manufactured differently so one commenter does indeed have a point. As I said before, sometimes you have to do what you have to. You all are hypocrites …

  12. ZayMama06

    Your on the web, too, azz wipe. And o yeah, do you have a job? Ever heard of down time? Get a life, loser.

    *Learn how to spell LOSE, jackazz*

  13. ZayMama06

    *you’re* had to hurry and correct that spelling before one of you called me an ignorant, low life, niglet. LOL

  14. RichPort

    Ignorant, low life niglet.

  15. RichPort


  16. jrzmommy

    Why does ZayMama spell ass with two z’s? What a jurk off!!

  17. jrzmommy

    “don’t be mad itallion, you are an idiot” Italian, with an “o” and TWO l’s….and quite a bit of chutzpah…calling someone else and idiot.

  18. ZayMama06

    because i can spell it how i want. I try not to use too many curse words on here, when i do, I tend to spell them differently for a lesser curse effect.
    RichPort …please. It’s strange that white trailer park trash will try to call some one else out.

  19. ZayMama06

    oh, jrzmommy …you’re right, i did spell italian wrong. you are so desperate to call me an idiot that you ignore the many times i’ve spelled it correctly. goes to show how much of an idiot you are. Loser.

  20. ZayMama06

    jrzmommy, doesn’t your ugly big headed pale son need some attention? get a life.

  21. jrzmommy

    guess a nerve was hit….hey, does Zay mean Child of an asshole in another language? Just wondering.

  22. ZayMama06

    I am so desperate to achieve intellectual superiority over a group of strangers on a gossip website that I shall use the word idiot twice in one paragraph. goes to show you that I am not a loser and that I can spell idiot twice correctly in a row. I am the Intelligencia! I am the Alpha and the Omega of wit! You are all plebes. MUWAHAHAHA……I shall now bang a brick on my skull in victory!

  23. herbiefrog

    grrrrrrrh : )

    hello babes :)
    holiday ?

  24. ZayMama06

    okay, that is just lame to do that. you are gonna make screen name like mine. goes to show that you are the real IDIOT who does IDIOTIC things just to make another person look like and IDIOT. Wow, you are an IDIOT.

    Did I say the word IDIOT enough times for you?

    jrzmommy, please go and get an education, you hit no nerve honey …i don’t get upset over the little things you all say.

    O, and I take that back about a commenter saying cars were built differently back then when they had n o carseats. Do you know why they discontinued manufacturing cars like that? Because people were MORE likely to die in a car crash that many survive today with cars made of plastic. Do some research, buttheads. That was one of the reasons, anyway.


  25. Escribo

    “Madonna pulls a Britney…”

    Wheew…I can breathe again– no crotch shot!

  26. lilygirl

    Zaymama, in 111. you said it would be your last comment and you still posted like 10 comments after that. Calm down! You’re just making yourself look phyco.

  27. lilygirl

    124 aka Zay ddouchebag
    You fucking talk too much!
    Shut The Fuck Up!

  28. ZayMama06

    I can say what i want when i want, YOU shut the fuck up, trailer park trash!

  29. ZayMama06

    I never said that girly, if you were reading carefull, i said i had nothing left to say to that italian guy …wow you’re ignorant.
    And i can say what i want when i want, STFU!

  30. ZayMama06

    I can say what i want when i want, YOU STFU! And if you were reading carefully, you’d see that i said i had nothing left to say to italian stallion. DUH!

  31. Eye-Dish Lass

    I still can’t get past that foreign orphans are the latest Hollywood trend. I bet Mia Farrow is pissed! She got NO PRESS for her zillion adoptions until Woody got a hold of Soon-2-B-Woodiez. And Angelina – if I had 3 kids @ home, one of whom I recently gave birth to, that baby would be WITH ME because that is what you actually call MATERNAL INSTINCT. At least Paris has the decency just to shop for handbags….you leave your 3 kids behind to buy another. Enough already! Why go to Cambodia to get Maddox a playdate? This is unreasonable and played out. And admit it – you just love the press….even though no one cares about anyone but Shiloh. Sorry.

  32. herbiefrog


    we didnt mean…

    try to save them one at a time…

    how expedient of you
    how will you feel
    when its all or nothing ?

  33. yeah, it’s all the rage these days to adopt children and then treat them like accessories….you see, if she put the kid in a car seat the photographers couldn’t see her!

  34. WHO ARE YOU ?

    Hahaha, really makes me don’t understand most people here. Hahaha, many of you said who cares about that, YOU CARE ABOUT THAT !!!! otherwise you wouldn’t write her or read the news, DOUH IDIOTS !!! Madonna did not mae publicity like that. Are you blaming her because of the paparazzis or what ? WTF ! is not her fault you idiots, just for the records, YOU NORTH AMERICAN PEOPLE, YOU ALWAYS think you are right in everything, that you are perfect, hahahaha, poor losers, when your fucking country is one of the most hated in the world ? You hate being descriminated but you discriminate other countries that actually have culture, history, thing that you don’t even have. Many kind people,which you aren’t, even many people more intelligent than you are.
    Who are you for critizising huh ? are u perfect or what ? she wants to do something and she does it, is her life NOT YOURS !!!!
    Madonna is still relevant in America also in your disgusting giant country, but obviously the haters say the opposite cause you are envious of her, that’s all. You know something else ? She is much more successfull than each one of you, you are just pathetical liars.

    You must be frustrated, cuz even Mexico (country that I hate) wins you in football and in many things else hahaha, poor losers, frustrated. Go to hell fucking hypocrites,


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