Madonna pulls a Britney

March 9th, 2007 // 134 Comments

Madonna took a lesson from Britney Spears’ Guide to Parenting and was caught riding in her Escalade with her 17-month-old son David on her lap. A source says:

“There was no car seat,” a source tells Us. “She sat in the middle row, and they left with David on her lap.” Reps for the legendary singer/children’s book author tell Us that “proper security measures are always taken for Madonna’s children.”

This is Madonna’s idea of “proper security measures”? I know she’s insane, but she might as well replace his favorite rubber ducky bath toy with a toaster. Unless her idea of “proper security” is having her 17-month-old son flying out the windshield of her car. Then yeah, I guess that is pretty secure.


  1. Italian Stallion

    You people are missing the point here. It’s the black baby, seriously, who cares?

  2. jrzmommy

    #51 – you’re right! If she spills him in the car, she can just go back and get a refill.

  3. ZayMama06

    itallion, you’re an idiot. #50, the bus is even worse, jack ass. To all others, shyt happens, and i bet all of you talking have no kids, the ones that do are hypocrites. I guess you missed the words ‘HAD TO.’ It’s funny how so many of you talk about how ‘it’s the law’ and you break them everyday …speeding thrugh yellow lights, yielding instead of stopping at stop signs. Let’s think, that IS putting lives in danger as well. Direct danger. So while you are jumping down Madonna’s throat (literally), and the throats of some of us who have done this because we had to, look at the lives you put in danger everyday by breaking the law with things as simple as this. So I say, you ALL ARE HYPOCRITES!!!

  4. LoneWolf

    This is the kid she bought in Africa, right?

    Let’s see…on the one hand we have Kaballah, faked crucifixion, a book of pictures of mommy naked, and a step sister who dispises him because he’s going to get part of the inheritance. On the other hand we have a quck death from a snapped neck when the car gets in an accident.

    Methinks little Kinta Kunte crawled into her lap and is refusing to leave.

  5. jesseeca

    53, you’re basing your entire argument upon pure assumption, so it doesn’t really make much sense.

    anyway, this is a Law & Order Ripped From The Headlines waiting to happen.

  6. Italian Stallion

    @53 Read your comment again and check your spelling. You’re calling me an idiot? Nevermind, I just realized you must be black too and can’t help the fact that you can’t spell or make any kind of sense………..

  7. Lowlands

    I’ll bet ya she’s willingly to adopt Shaka Zulu,no matter what the price is…

  8. jrzmommy

    Shit….with a “y”……..*shakes head*

  9. imran karim

    malawi officials aren’t going to like this.

  10. Lowlands

    I’ll bet ya Brad pitty is willingly to adopt Shaka Zulu as well…

  11. schack

    i base my argument on a best-selling book, written by not one, but two professors at the University of Chicago, which was just rates the #1 place to go to school by USNews, whose statistics continue to be sound after years of publication, but you say I shouldn’t believe it. And then you criticize whomeverthefuck for not citing any sources?

    Okay, so either there’s no convincing you, with or without sources, or there is, and I’m right. Why don’t you cite your sources, and then we can talk.

  12. schack

    i can’t wait till your kids are diagnosed with ADD and Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder because you’ve been feeding them phenylalanine instead of sugar, and teaching them how to act by running around like a goddamned chicken with its head cut off.

    why would a parent be on this website, anyway? i thought I was getting old for highschool style gossip!

  13. ZayMama06

    We’re bored at work …

  14. schack

    (Professor Steven Levitt, author of Freakonomics, CV:)

    MassachusettsInstitute of Technology

    Ph.D., Economics, 1994

    National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship (1992 – 1994)

    Harvard University

    B.A., Summa Cum Laude, Economics, 1989

    Phi Beta Kappa (1989)

    Young prize for best undergraduate thesis in economics

  15. ZayMama06

    @ #56, I saw the typos but decided not to change them, unlike you I am at work. Also, why are you all so racist on here? And I won’t even comment about the “black” thing. You people are always so quick to jump on that. Call me the N word, too. It doesn’t bother me.
    @ #55, that’s not pure assumption. You know you do that, please stop being so hypocritical. Got cho azz! Din’t Ah?!

    #56, wad dat blak nuff fo’ ya?

  16. Italian Stallion

    @66 I would never call you a nechropheliac, because that’s just plain rude. I just hope little “Zay” grows up to offer something better to society then his mamma does………

  17. ZayMama06

    don’t be mad itallion, you are an idiot. look whose talking …i offer nothing to society and yet you offer racism. so sad, so sad.


    Zay is a girl.

  18. ZayMama06

    oh yeah, that’s not how you spell necrophiliac, wierd how that’s what you think of.

  19. jrzmommy

    Hey I know that dude, Levitt! He’s the one who showed that higher abortion rates eventually reduce crime rates. Stallion you’d love that guy – all we have to do is set up “blacks only” abortion centers and we’d be crime-free in 20 years.

  20. mrs.t

    Jeez, I take my kids to the park for a couple hours and come back to a race riot. When did this debate ever involve race?

    We walked to the park-but I would have strapped them into their carseats had we driven AND I read Freakonomics when it came out 2 years ago…interesting, but not enough evidence to convince me to let my kids loose in the car.

    The racism is retarded. Literally.

  21. Italian Stallion

    @68 you bore me! I was just playing around with you in the first place. The fact that you named your little girl “Zay” is a fucking riot in itself. I’ll be laughing about that one for a couple days, thank you……….

    And I’m not a racist, those black dudes pick up my garbage because it’s their job as garbage men, who’s the racist now? Cunt………

  22. vao

    In Africa, he would never have even had the opportunity to fly out the window of a speeding Escalade, so I guess it’s all in how you look at it.

  23. Shelb

    I have never read Freakonomics, but a PhDs do not change physics. If your car stops abruptly, what happens to the things in the car that aren’t strapped down? That’s right…they continue to move forward. Yes, it is possible that your child could still die in a car seat, but it is a lot less likely. That’s just common sense people.

    I think Madonna got exactly what she wanted…lots of publicity. Isn’t that why she “adopted” the baby?

  24. RichPort

    74. Yes, we understand inertia, and I think most of us would agree that it is statistically safer to be wearing a seat belt in an accident, than to become an unrestrained projectile.
    That said, car seats and seat belts are not mutually exclusive, so you’ve basically proven precisely one thing, … that “common sense” eludes you.

    Oh, and RPLTC, a very, very, very long time!

  25. buttpirate

    “Yes, yes, you’re far darker that that brangelina kid, and, well, I think that makes you better. Why yes it does.”

    As she asks her personal assistant to check the latest copy of The Celebrity Third-World Adoption Handbook for confirmation.

  26. buttpirate

    “Yes, yes, you’re far darker that that brangelina kid, and, well, I think that makes you better. Why yes it does.”

    As she asks her personal assistant to check the latest copy of The Celebrity Third-World Adoption Handbook for confirmation.

  27. ZayMama06

    ‘Zay’ is a nickname you idiot. It’s funny that you make no comments to jrzmommy, and she is purely ignorant. Also @#70, the “blacks only” abortion clinic is a joke. Hmmm, isn’t it you people that cute up bodies and throw them in the woods? I’d take that over a robbery any day. Ask yourself, who is worse. You people breed maniacs like that. Think about it.

  28. ZayMama06


  29. Carsten5577

    It’s obvious that she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about that little negro who should’ve stayed with his family in Afreaka. That’s what usually happens when you don’t have a genetic connection to your offspring.

  30. sid

    Fucking boring. It’s not as bad as driving with the kid.

    Forgot about her kid’s books…I think I’ll go to amazon for a laugh.

  31. NicotineEyePatch

    Cute bodies in the woods?
    What? I thought I hid them pretty well…

  32. ffordegroupie

    schack, I have a news flash for you: a PhD does not make you more intelligent or more accurate. Professors are as prone to biases and errors as anyone else. I also am skeptical of books that claim all medical drugs are evil, that corporations rule the world, that there was a conspiracy against the Kennedys, and other stuff. I imagine you are not, because EXPERTS have written those BOOKS that SOLD WELL, so it MUST be true.

    What’s more, you can quote sales references all you like, but it does not change the facts: if these idiots claim that carseats don’t make any difference, they clearly haven’t seen driving tests, and they probably slept through physics classes. Basic physics tells you that a child is far safer strapped in than loose, and that the higher number of straps on a car seat will restrict movement, thus lessening the possibility of the child suffering whiplash or spinal injuries, let alone being flung across the car. It doesn’t take a genius to see that.

    Oh, and unlike you, I am RELATED to two professors, medical personnel, and both of my parents are PhDs. So obviously I’m less dazzled than you by a graduate school degree and tenure. I’ve also read hundreds of books per year, and not just bestsellers too.

    For the record, few professors make much money. Why do you think they WROTE the book in the first place — to enlighten the masses? Puh-leez, they conveniently left their actual motive out — flash credentials, claim a conspiracy, and you get some good sales.

    And for the record, I don’t need to cite my sources, because I was using something called common sense. Any idiot who’s taken a research class will know perfectly well that you don’t believe what’s in a book JUST BECAUSE IT’S IN A BOOK. You get alternative sources, experimentation, and devil’s advocation.

    YOU have to prove the validity of your citation — when YOU insist that people should believe you, you better have something better than “it was written by professors! It sold well!” to back it up.

    Oh, and it’s not considered intelligent to just believe something because it’s there — people like you are why crap like “The Da Vinci Code” sells. It’s more intelligent to be skeptical until you have something solid, something reliable, and from sources that don’t benefit.

    ZayMama06, and I say you are a Mad Madge fan. Which is to say, an idiot.

  33. Danklin

    #45, you can clearly see she’s in the middle seat. Theres a girl sitting behind her and a seat in front of her and her child. Its not the angle. There is something between them and the windshield….the freakin seat. I highly doubt either of them will go through the seat or the space between the head rest and the roof and slam into the windwhield. They’d have to be driving at over 100 mph for that to even remotely happen.

  34. what’s the real issue here?

    is it madonna’s careless error? is it racial bashing or is it people that make mistakes while typing.

    get real. grow-up.

    for all of you who so what she did is no big deal here’s a wake up call. my best frind and her husband were going shopping. he was driving and she was riding in the front passenger seat feeding her 2 month old son. they were stopped at a red-light when a delivery truck rear ended them, spinning them into on-coming traffic. her son went through the windsheild and into traffic. 2 vehicles trying to miss them ran over her baby boy. we attended his funeral on october 16, 2005. so now you tell me–what’s the big deal?

    so what if she adopted/bought a black baby? hopefully, the baby will have a better life.

    the sexual comments are discusting. you have the real problem.

    and what’s with all the madonna bashing? suppose every bad thing that you have done in your life were “under a microscope” for the world to see. what would people say about you.

    before taking a crack at someone who made an error in their typing, think about how many times you hit the backspace key.

    time for people to grow-up!

  35. RichPort

    Regarding the author of Freakonomics (Levitt):

    ‘In 2004, he was awarded the John Bates Clark Medal, which recognizes the most influential economist in America under the age of 40. More recently, he was named one of Time magazine’s “100 People Who Shape Our World.”‘

    So probably not a retard. But I’m only posting this because I want to get in schack’s panties (as MrSemprini would say: “very nummy!”).

  36. opps, i made an error forgive me all of you critics “think” is supposed to be between who and so.

  37. PrettyBaby

    christie, you really told off all those bad people! Well done!

    On another topic, have you tried estrogen replacement therapy? I hear it does wonders for those hot flashes.

  38. sid

    Christie, it’s time for you to “fuck-off.”

    Note how I placed the hyphen where it wasn’t needed, like she did for “grow-up?”

    Yeahhhh. I rule.

    Whaddya mean what’s with “all the Madonna bashing?”

    She treated popular culture like a stripper pole and did nothing but slide her greased pussy up and down the thing for over 20 years.

    She’s no genius. She and Cyndi Lauper were the big things back in the 80s. I was a Cyndi person. Cyndi dropped off the radar and kept singing. Madonna went on to publish the “SEX” book. It was nothing but the poses you see for phone sex ads in the back pages of Hustler. Nuff said.

    Madonna just had enough sense to exploit herself, to become the media bigwig she wanted to be. Whoop de fucking doo. Fuck off.

    Anyway, I really just checked back in to tell you all that I got back from amazon, and if you go there and search for this book:
    The English Roses

    you’ll get to read angry librarians, moms and schoolteachers tear Madonna to bits.

    A lot more fun than this thread :/

  39. laura inertia

    #61 schack, you pretentious douchebag, why don’t you just diagnose yourself for rampant egomania? “car seats don’t really do that much, statistically”?

    Just last month in Orange County, CA, a car plunged off an overpass and fell 100 feet, winning first place in the accordion look-alike contest. The driver was killed. Her baby, who was in a car seat, lived.

    Somehow I think if he’d been clutching a copy of Freakonomics instead, no matter how credentialled the authors, he wouldn’t have come out alive. As long as even one child is saved by a seat, that’s “statistics” enough for most people.

    And since you want to insist on sources instead of common sense, like most pseudo-academics, here it is:

  40. prettybabt:
    im 23 i dont think i need anything for hotflashes.

    you sure do know alot about her porn advertisements to dislike her so much. people like you are the reason shes the media bigwig she is. so what are you bitchin’ for

  41. opps, i made another error. “y” is supposed to be between the t and the :.

  42. people with your attitude sid are what is wrong with the world today.

    thanks for website laura maybe someone will look at it and start using a carset for their babies.

  43. PrettyBaby

    23? really?

    hmmm…perhaps some Metamucil, then?

  44. sid

    Christie: I knew you were gonna say that, and I thought I might have written your rebuttal for you, but the Madonna bashing on Amazon is really funny, and I wanted to get back to it sooner.

    Yeah, I’ve looked at a few Hustlers. So what? It doesn’t mean I’m raping the neighbourhood pets and children.

    “What am I bitchin’ for?”

    I’m bitchin, you stupid bitch, because this website was made for bitchin.

    And that’s just what I’ll do.

    One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

    Oh-wait, that day was today!

    Christie, you ain’t funny.

    Please, as English maven Madonna would say, “sod off.”

    (laughed at my own joke)

  45. NipsyHustle

    the truth is she had to adopt because her ovaries look like two sad prunes.

  46. RichPort

    … and so do my testes, small, brown, somewhat hairy prunes.

  47. jesseeca

    84, i’ll stand by my assumption that she’s not in the middle. that lady in the red is in the front passenger seat, not next to madonna. madonna is sitting behind the driver. proof in 3 2 1

    and 100 mph is not what it takes for that kid to go flying. haven’t you ever seen those drivers ed videos?

  48. Italian Stallion

    @78 I love how you call me a racist but in your little ignorant replies you say “you people” like three times. Sounds to me like YOU need to rethink who is the racist here…..

    Tell “Cra-Zay” the niglet I said “What up, yo”……….

  49. somechick

    Menopausal bitch looking for attention. She’s such a loser that she’s probably actually jealous of Shitney. Next thing you know she will shave her whole family’s heads including her own and then they will all check into rehab.

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