Madonna protects her kid with string

October 31st, 2006 // 71 Comments




  1. jrzmommy

    commish: what mailbox costs $4K? And what the fuck did he knock it over for? Well….I think the only advice I can give to you is to go get a cute intern who wants to remain on an upward career trajectory to give you a little therapy.

  2. commissioner

    jrz- those fancy ones in the suburbs that have lights, glass blocks and planters. Just hope some fucker doesn’t pick up a brick to toss through a window before I get home.

    The post office called wanting to know where to put the mail and and I said, “stick it in Mr. Commish’s slot”. Of course, they’d have to pull my foot out of it first.

  3. Yeah, God forbid someone might stare at Madonna. Didn’t she spend the first thirty years of her career crying out to be worshipped, and now that she’s fallen into the non-singing, non-acting, baby-stealing portion of her career, she wants to do a 180.

  4. herbiefrog

    i love that picture
    she… looking so
    in charge
    he… looking so inquisitive

    you have to admit
    its a great picture

    thanks babe
    and you son…
    look forward to a great life

    [so what was their pointchunky thighs?

    oops what a giveaway

  5. HughJorganthethird

    Let’s see a life as a kidnapped child-soldier in some African shithole or a life as an accessory to the most self- centred slut in the universe.

    kid’s fucked either way. I hope one day he strangles her with that fucking string.

  6. Laffinmybuttoff

    Amazing, each of the kids have their own nanny and are walking several steps away from Madonna. The paid for one is being held by her but, she wants to keep the evil looks away from him….hmmm
    Hes adorable though.

  7. bunnyhugger

    you know, my mom used to tie a red string around my wrist every time we went to disneyland.
    ah, yes, a helium mickey mouse balloon always kept me safe from the evil eye.

    stupid woman.

  8. I wonder what slave name Madonna has given him.

    “You. You will be Oombata Mutombo Estevez III.”

    “Yes massa.”


  9. Team OJ

    That kid has a look of desperation ,note clenched fist. Hope he goes Tyson on her ass one day.

  10. I wonder if Madonna’s going to adopt an African/Urban accent to appease her newest purchase…

  11. herbiefrog

    #59 i get the feeling that he might just go [for the good of mankind]“tyson” on many people one day

    just caught a little newsnight
    …inspirational [sparkle] :)
    loved the scene with the kids :))
    hey babes

    more please:)

  12. herbiefrog

    #61 politically not physically

    [[read before post in future]]

  13. justme

    Q: What’s the difference between a negro and a bag of crap?

    A: The bag

  14. beifiori

    boy, she’s not wasting time on brainwashing the child, is she?

  15. Why is Madonna so damn friggin’ annoying lately. I mean seriously.. i don’t care about her anymore.. or her stupid adoption.

  16. ffordegroupie

    You know she lied to that poor African guy, because if she said, “Oh no, he’ll be raised in my creepy money-hungry cult” he might not have handed him over.

    And she’s already got the kid wearing her absurd little red string, and dressed like a “homie.” I bet she wants him to rap too.

    I guess she’s holding her new accessory for the moment, since people are pissed at her. But soon he’ll be trotting seven paces back, with the nannies and her other kids.

    And if Mad Madge wants to fend off nasty looks, maybe she should act like a human being for once, and not buy babies just to make herself look like a person worth attention.

    Oh, and nobody would give a damn about Mad Madge’s beliefs, if she would shut up. But she jams them in people’s faces as often as possible, and preaches religious tolerance as she pisses off other religions. Nobody likes a hypocrite — and a preachy one is the worst kind.

  17. RebJam

    Am I the only one wondering with the interviews and photos. .where is Mr. Madonna? Guy Ritchie?

  18. JackUup

    Wow..Richport (and other racist posters) hate Black people so much… you Sure DO like to waste your time posting about Blacks and ‘studiying’ them.
    Are you mad because YOU dont have a life or something. What is the deal with all the racist comments. Why even waste your time? You hate black people so much, why dont you just ignore?? Remember the ‘Bully’ at school?? There was ALWAYS something wrong with THEM … (mentally usuallly) thats why they always picked on people that they thought were ‘less’ than they were. If you learn to love yourself, you wouldnt do that. You hate yourself. Thats why you do it.

  19. yeah, i’m sure that’s gonna help the kid adjust real well

  20. that string looks a little bit tight…

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