Madonna attempts to tackle Sarah Palin with political humor: FAIL

October 7th, 2008 // 114 Comments

Madonna “Guns” Ciccone kicked off her “Sticky & Sweet” tour in the U.S. and decided to take a swipe at Governor Sarah Palin that’s so nonsensical it makes Lindsay fucking Lohan sound like Edward R. Murrow. Somewhere, Senator Obama just went “These white women are killin’ me!” Page Six reports:

The Material Mom indulged her Republican-hating ways, shouting, “Sarah Palin can’t come to my party. Sarah Palin can’t come to my show. It’s nothing personal.” Then the kabbalah queen told the crowd, “Here’s the sound of Sarah Palin’s husband’s snowmobile when it won’t start,” followed by a loud screeching noise.

Wow. That was literally the worst attempt at political humor I’ve ever seen in my life. (Including Ross Perot’s existence.) I think I speak for everyone when I say that Madonna should stick to what she knows: Battling the Thundercats as Mumm-Ra, THE EVER-LIVING!

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. oh look its carrot top in drag….

  2. We all know Sarah Palin is a fool–but apparently when it comes to Madonna and political humor it takes one to know one.

  3. It's Me Fuckers!!

    Madonna is awesome. Getting old, but awesome.

  4. diddleysquat

    I would love to hear an isolated track of her playing that guitar live. She looks pretty f*cking stoopid with that thing.

  5. washington

    Madonna: Please STFU. You’re not helping.

  6. Joe

    She looks fucking horrific.

  7. Grunion

    People still pay to watch this shit? Wow. I wonder if she does some religious thing while taking off her clothes. Cause I’ve never seen her do that before or anything.

  8. Hunter

    I think 6 year old cousin was quoted making those same jokes. Bravo Madonna for a) poor humor and b) for still being Madonna…

  9. Hunter

    I think 6 year old cousin was quoted making those same jokes. Bravo Madonna for a) poor humor and b) for still being Madonna…

  10. TJ

    Roller Derby Tranny!

  11. Hunter

    I think my 6 year old cousin was quoted blasting Palin with those jokes. Bravo Madonna for a) poor humor and b) still being Madonna…

  12. Deacon Jones

    Fuck it man, Id hit it after seeing Pic 4. Who gives a shit

  13. Hunter

    Sorry for the excessive comments… the Superficial tends to be screwy with posting comments.

  14. Maddona is as empty as rockin’ obama’s promise of not raising taxes. McCain is no better. Just a couple of liberals who want open borders.

    I find it funny though that of all of Palin’s accomplishments, the lib’s/dem’s hate her guts JUST because she is a conservative. Yet if she was one of them, she would be the female version of rockin’ obama the new messiah. That is the ultimate in hypocrosy.

    Now on to Maddona, too think I used to pretend it was you giving me those hand jobs in high school instead of my girlfriend. As I recall they were both a little chubby back then….

  15. thundercats HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo

    ask me

  16. WTF

    That first picture looks like a scene from “Transsexual Roller Ball”

  17. WTF happened to Madonna? She gets scarier as the years go by. LAY OF THE JUICE!!!
    Vote Grandpa/Gidget ’08!!!

  18. Slut

    Hey Skelator *aka-Madonna* THANKS!! You are just another fagbag celebrity that thinks your opinion matters…guess what… just pushed me even more to vote Palin!!

  19. TUBBO

    Be careful Madonna…..Too many steroids and your balls will shrink.

  20. Sport

    someone tell madonna the world doesnt care about her and her man hands.

  21. veggi

    She need to stop having Trig write her material.

  22. Que

    The Mumm-Ra reference is made of win!

  23. I hate Maddogna

    She’s a hoe….she’s a hoe….in different area codes, area codes HOE! oooohhhh.

    M-Dawg doesn’t really care about politics! She is just stirring up shit because she has an album and show to sell. LAME

  24. Deacon Jones



  25. Lulu

    omg living mummy pics

  26. Dar

    I bet Sarah Palin is really bummed she can’t come watch some washed out, over-the-hill tramp put on a cone bra and simluate masturbation on stage.

  27. pizza faced losers

    Hi ya pizza faced losers!

    Guys, nobody believes your critical comments. We all know that when you saw that top picture, you said “Jesus! How did the Superficial steal my secret fisting fantasy??!!”

  28. Sarah Palin

    Of all people, I should know that OLD IS NOT SEXY! Sure, maybe you have a MILF attraction, but if you act on it without protection your reward 9 months later is a thick-tongued slanty-eyed drooling retard. Bristol’s boyfriend had the right idea – pop ‘em when they’re young and juicy. We’re going to force him to marry her because we’ve always wanted our very own backwoods small-town KFed!!! Wouldn’t it be great if all families were like ours? You betcha!!! (but not the nigs or the spics)

  29. sunshine

    Pic #10 – Madonna and Mr T in “Driving Miss Daisy 2008″ – but why is that hitchhikers paw on Madge’s inner thigh?

  30. Blow Up Doll Lover

    My blow up doll is perpetually youthful and has a great sense of humor.

  31. Rob

    Do these the skanky Ho’s represent the IQ of Obama supporters?

  32. edjc3

    Does anyone else notice that all these dumbshit, obnoxious, high-school drop-out, multi-millionare, Holly wood fools all support Obama/Biden? Hmmm….

    Madonna, Li-Lo, etc. – I wouldn’t trust their opinion if I had to.

    Trendiness on display is such a bore. Bunch of sheep..

  33. Lugh

    That’s a first, I’ve never heard a desiccated corpse speak before, let alone offer sage political advice. Is this the first sign of the apocalypse?

  34. BO

    Vote…What vote?
    Just hit me on my cell phone cool…..

  35. ummm...yeah

    GOD!!!! I will be so fuckin glad when this fuckin election is over!!!!!
    Fuckin idiots on both fuckin sides!!!!!
    STFU Madogga….Jesus, how more fuckin ugly can this bitch get???

  36. Lugh

    That’s funny, I’ve never heard a desiccated corpse speak before, let alone offer political advice.

    Honestly, will Madonna just hurry up and die? Freaking out of touch, whacked-out moonbat.

  37. alex


    Thank you in advance for deleting this ad. I will NOT buy that movie, terrible pop up ad.

    Love your site though, been reading it every day for years!!

  38. edjc3

    Just shut your fucking mouth and entertain me, bitch…

    I don’t need to hear all your political rantings from your wacked-out lifestyle.

  39. mtnbiker

    Wow, Obama just won my vote!!!!!!!!!! Not!!!
    WTF happened to the Material girl? Not so hot now.. ughh.

  40. mamadough

    i think Jesus wouldn’t even mind bitch slapping sarah palin around a little for being so fucking simple. i was waiting for the story to end with, ” and the crowd lit their torches, grabbed their pitchforks, and moved in…”

  41. Maloney

    yea, this makes sense. go be a grandma, i mean a mom, Madge.

  42. Big Joe


    uncalled for, cocksucker.

  43. Geezus, I can’t decide what’s more disgusting…Her wrinkly old hag face, or her veiny, misshapen sinew. Excuse me while I go vomit. You can’t really blame me. The first few seconds of looking at this picture, it appears as if you’re looking at a hideous tranny with muscular arms.

    And Ms. Tranny, in her desperation to remain relevant, has decided to toss herself into the Palin bashing clique. Except she’s too retarded to pull it off. The steroids have corroded her brain. She used to get by on her looks (those who thought she was hot, I guess…), but now her whole body and face have slid down and crashed like an avalanche in an earthquake. SO MANY VEINS!

  44. EveryonePoops

    @6, you said it.

    She probably pretends to play the guitar just like she pretends to sing on her records (thanks, Pro Tools!). She probably even pretends to tune it the same way she pretends to bar or mute or whatever the fuck she’s doing with her ring finger (wtf?!).

  45. Right Fury


    how come McCain wasn’t uninvited too?

    Even if Obama wins you democrats will still be losers.

  46. Tired

    Why is it that these ultra-chic left wing liberals are so hateful. They claim to be champions of free speech and independent thinking unless it disagrees with their own thinking — then they become the antithesis of what they claim to be.

    Madonna is a major loser!

  47. Is it my browser thats effing up or this site?

  48. john

    How dare she say such a thing about our future vice president!
    fyi, madonna sleeps in a tomb that’s why she looks like that, just like why michael jackson looks the way he does cause he sleeps in a gas chamber.

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